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Samsung Interview Questions
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What is the difference between Class and Structure?

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What is Difference between thread and process?

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What is the difference between microprocessor and microcontroller?

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What are wrapped classes?

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How to resolve many to many relationship?

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A polygon has 1325 diagonals. How many vertices does it have?

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PHILIPS PLACEMENT PAPERS ________ Placement Paper 2

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What is Namespace?

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Give an example of microkernel.

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Which of the following exposures could be caused by a line-grabbing technique? A. Unauthorized data access B. Excessive CPU cycle usage C. Lockout of terminal polling D. Multiplexor control dysfunction

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Write a floral formula for a flower which has 5 united sepals; a zygomorphic corolla of 5 petals-one large one, two small ones, and two that are united; 9 stamens united by their filaments and one free; and one superior carpel.

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The first Asian Games were held in: (a) New Delhi in 1951 (b) Bangkok in 1952 (c) Singapore in 1952 (d) Kuala Lumpur in 1952

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What is difference between marketing and sales

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how u describe urself? tell us about urself?

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What is the difference between sendRedirect() and forward()? in what situations do we have to use send redirect() instead of forward().

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Samsung Interview Questions

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