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Atos Origin SAP ALE IDocs Interview Questions
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what is the difference between template and table in smart forms?

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Atos Origin SAP ALE IDocs Interview Questions

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Hi All, I have 1.6 years of experience in cognos in India. I always wanted to do a MS program to earn some money in US. But I think I am little late in taking the decision. As If I have to write my GRE it will be August or September of 2012 and will have to apply for fall 2013 as fall 2012 admissions are almost done now. So my concern is how will be my career do if my MS is at this stage,. i,.e. 3 years experience in Cognos and 2 years MS program in and again looking for job in U.S. Have I been too late in taking the call? I heard that MIS (Managing Information Systems) is having very good placements now. So guys, please advice me in taking the decision to have a good career and also in terms of earning money as I have few financial problems to solve (which I am hoping to solve when I get job in US after completion of my MS program). Thanks a lot friends. I really appreciate and thank one and all for their valuable comments in this site.


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