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Ranbaxy Analytical Chemistry Interview Questions
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Describe your field experience sample type collected,sample techniques,field measurements taken and equipment used?


on what basis SOP's can be changed? IF mobile phase ratio is 70:30 to how much % can we change the ratio in HPLC process

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Why sulpuric acid only used to ROI but not used nitric acid and some other acids?

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what is LC - MS ? What its wide use in cro/pharmaceutical Industry

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what is the Bracketing & Matrixing.

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whate is difference between calibration and validation

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Why 1.2% KCl is used for limit of stray light? and why limit of stray light is required in UV calibration?

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why 0.02% solution toluene &noHexane using in uv calibration?

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what is the difference between loss on drying in ordinary oven technique and vacuum oven technique

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in pentoperazole capsules usp why assay value is substract from dissolution

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What is the difference between spectro meter and spectro photo meter?

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How to choose the which salt is suitable for mobilephase


Why we have to take 42gm of sodium hydroxide instead of 40gm for preparation of 1M Sodium hydroxide as per Pharmacopia? Whether it means the formula for calculating molarity was wrong? 

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Ranbaxy Analytical Chemistry Interview Questions

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