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QAFCO Interview Questions
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why dead weight tester called dead weight tester.

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What is the electronic transmitter frequency.

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how many types of threads are used in mechanical industry

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Qatar fertilizer call me for interview as Instrumentation Project Engineer. Please let me know what kind of question they asked ? ALso they said they will take Written test, any idea about this written test ?

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What is the difference between 2 wires RTD's and 3 wires RTD's.Kindly explain the wiring diagram.

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how to overhaul control valves.what are the proper procedures.

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If a transmitter is installed 10 m below its tapping point how much pressure exerted if fluid is water?

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How to check electrical health of Vibration probe?


What safety precautions you will adopt to work on Steam service control valve?


How to calibrate a temperature transmitter & how a Cold junction Compensation will be carried out?

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what is ICU and ICS in breaker ratings

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If a control valve is hunting means means if we are giving 50% to the cv, the cv will open at 51% then slowly slwoly it will reaches 49% , so what to do for solve this problem. The cv is double acting and mounted for anti surge operation, it having 4 nos. volume booster, one sov, one positioner, etc..?


i have been asked by QAFCO to appear for interview for thy post of Instrument Designer(INTOOLS)..i m engineering graduate with 5 years exp. in design engineering.Will this job profile suit me??i need all ur help n suggestions for thy same?


QAFCO QATAR call me for interview as Senior Network Administrator. Please let me know what kind of question they asked ? Also they said they will take Written test, any idea about this written test


written test: 1) periodical and monthly maintenance are called preventive or panned maintenance. 2) Mechanical seal parts and their material. 3)Urea plant main parts and their construction material details.4)Name diagram of the given turbine5) Turbine nomenclature like API name.6)All types of corrosion like Galvanic and oxide with example.7)Parts of gate valve and its usage. diaphragm gate valve usage. etc.....


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