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Philips Interview Questions
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can we use 220 volt 15 w a.c. lamp on 220 volt d.c.

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I need to get the values of the previous to do this?eg: if my cuurent month is may i need to get the datas of the month jan,feb,march.Can it be done in oracle.I tried with date function q but for the month jan its not retriving the previous quarter(oct-dec).how to solve this.plpz anyone help me?

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enlist types of dc generator

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I need to make around 200 calls to test video telephony. Can anyone know how can i automate it.? Thanks

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Write TestCases for mobile

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what is the difference between codes,standards, specification?

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how many units will 100 kvar capacitor consume for one day?

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Advantage and disadvantage of waterfall model,v model and iteration or incremental model?

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How many turns are there in primary winding? (In Transformer)


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