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Ordain Solutions QTP Interview Questions
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what is meant by source control?


how and what kind of vb functions do us ein QTP?

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how can you describe the basic flow of automation with conditional and programmatic logic?

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how can i impliment error handling in QTP?

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how to recall a function in QTP?

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give one example where you have used regular expression?

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how to select particular value from the combobox in the current page which is entred in the previous page editbox after parameterization?

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I need diffrences between Object Identification, Smart Identification, Regular expresion,Low-Level Recording (enables you to record on any object in your application, whether or not QuickTest recognizes the specific object or the specific operation.) I am working on Web Application. In that object caption will change dynamically. For example, consider “Save” button. On clicking save button the caption changing as “ EDIT ”. From above concept which concept I have to use here?

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if you have the same application screen with 7 drop down boxes and approximately 70 values how do you test with QTP?

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when there is a task that gets repeated in multiple scripts what do you do in QTP?

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what is descriptive programming?

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what is the use of descripting programming?

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how to insert QTP to display errors and other description in the test results instead of halting execution by throwing error in the mid of executin due to an error (for object not found)?

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how to write scripts in QTP?

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what is the main process in QTP?

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