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Ordain Solutions QTP Interview Questions
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What is the difference between low level recording and analog recording mode when it will be enabled.

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What is Virtual Object? Plz Explain me with an example?

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how will u do database testing in qtp? how will u do the same with descriptive programming?

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What is object & properties (in QTP)

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with out using import sheet came is it possible to get the excel sheet ?

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difference between recording methods and recording modes in QTP

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what is the framework followed by ur company in qtp

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How can we make a shared object repository in QTP 9?

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what is the difference between link and hyper link?

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Hi PLZ explain User Defined Functions in QTP with eample?

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Diff b/w WEB TESTING AND Client server testing?

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Suppose u write test case in Excel sheet . how u open that test case in Test Director?

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What are the drawbacks of QTP?

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How to capture screenshots of Exceptions/Errors during run- time?

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What are the parameters provided by QTP?

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