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Nokia Interview Questions
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Do you know how to joint the H.T and L.T Cables?

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Which is the world?s largest Cell phone company ?

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What are Drift and Diffusion currents?

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what are active and Passive Components?

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What is protocol testing. whether u have used any tool in telecom testing.

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What is the significance of 'above the line' and 'below the line'?

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What is the need for modulation?

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What is the advantage of symbian OS devices comparing with j2me and Brew OS devices???

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for an application which exceeds 64k the memory model should be a)medium b)huge c)large d)none

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Term stickily bit is related to a)kernel b)undeletable file c)none

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what is the working principal of diode

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What is Biasing?

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Which one among the following pairs is not correctly matched? 1 Bachhendri Pal : Mountaineer 2 Bindeshwari Pathak : Social Worker 3 Giriraj Kishore : Literateur 4 Sunderlal Bahuguna : Musicial

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Telecom Company Nokia belongs to with country? 1 Denmark 2 USA 3 Sweden 4 Finland

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Can any one give an example of having high priority and low seveority

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Nokia Interview Questions

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