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Net Solution Interview Questions
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What are the different ways you would consider sending data across pages in ASP (i.e between 1.asp to 2.asp)?

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How to kill cookies from Web page?


Is PHP is procedure oriented or object oriented?

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Which is the Best plateform for PHP?

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What is indexing how many types?

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What is the use of CHAIN and ENDCHAIN statement?

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hi friend generally short forms are asked in Net Solutions paper.i m writing them below

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hi frnds, i m Aman.. i was asked some ques. in an interview which r concerned with Web based Testing.. ques were like, URL Tempory in testing, other was smthin like Gateway in testing?? plz tell me answers of these questions as i dont hav knwledge abt web based testing.. thnx in advance..

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what does Page.IsValid in

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Various types of Page Load functions

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1) Difference between "Delete" and "Concatenate" with reference to databases? 2) Difference between SDLC and STLC. 3) Latest versions of the browsers used. 4) What is URL Tampering? 5) Full form of URL. I don't need the answers. These are just for reference.


Written Paper at Net Solutions: 1) Difference between Smoke Testing and Sanity Testing. 2) Bug life cycle. 3) Write the steps followed in STLC in your company. 4) Define: 1) BVA (Boundary Value Analysis) 2) ECP (Equivalence Class Partitioning) 5) Write test cases for a login screen with following fields/buttons: Username: Password: Login (Button) Cancel (Button)

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What is difference between $x and $$x

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what is .net

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write a program to print [123] [456] [789] note : braces also need to be printed

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