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MIT COM DCOM Interview Questions
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Hi..Guys, (1). Iam intrested in Webdesinging, can u pls tell me openings for the post of webdesigners in any company.. (2). Pls let me know the new openings in any MNC around Hyderabad.


Why does an induction generator is preffered as compared to synchronous generator in especially a wind energy power production project?


hai! i am a BE(computer science) graduate with 54% of aggregate looking for bank clerk job? in interview they are asking why are you looking for a bank job and what guareente that once you are selected ? plz guide me?


How can I calculate the Mega watts required to run a plant having many electric motors and other electrical components.


what is definition of validation? which components are followed give detail?


what is the service corridor?


what is the difference between somatic hybridization and protoplast fusion?


I want to join to input files and write the matching fields on to an output file but i dont want the output file a sorted one


Is it possible to create an extension table with an intersection table?


what is structure of flower of species of Inula genus ?


If an array is multi-dimensional dynamic array how do you deal with it & provide me some examples?


write a program in c++ for finding the given no. is odd or even without using any airthmatic operater?


Tell me example for Risk,Mitigation,Assumption?


What is the safety of UPS?


difference between mqput and mqput1?


MIT COM DCOM Interview Questions
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