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APGenco Mechanical Engineering Interview Questions
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Hi, please share APGenco Assistant Engineer (Mechanical) model question papers.

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thermal engineering


what will happen when petrol pour into diesel engine?

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area under P-V diagram indiacates what?

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Cornot cycle efficiency increase with

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function of fly wheel

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the funtion fly wheel?

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apgenco prevoius question papers


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Un-Answered Questions

Dear Mr B C pal...Can you plz. put some light on principle of operation of Z-Ct in conjunction to its use with 1Cx1000Sqmm HT Cables & Directional Ground Fault / Over Voltage Relays...Regd..Parag v K 9899115632


what is meant by residual over voltage & residual earth fault ?


give me an example of time when u something u tried to accomplish and failed.


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What is architecture?


what is definition of validation? which components are followed give detail?


an upper layer message is split into 10 frames each of which has an 80 percent chance of arriving undamaged.if no error control is done by the data link protocol,how many times must the message be sent on the average to get the entire thing through?


explain about unit testing? in real time?


I have 14 diffrent shape can I use this in architructure design??


what is electronically operated pneumatic valves? give one example


Can any of u help me... How to use Security below listed testing tools 1. XSS Probe 2. SQL Power Injector 3. CAL9000 I have to do security testing using these tools.But I do not have any knowlwdge on this. I am trying to work using Help doc, but use, not able to follow Pls do needful


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How does Regulatory Compliance and Right to Information Act help in the growth of Business Intelligence in India ?


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What is the table & field to identify the no of items (bottles) stored in one case?


APGenco Mechanical Engineering Interview Questions
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