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APGenco Accounting AllOther Interview Questions
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where can i get APGENCO jr Accounts officer test question paper

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Material Determination Issue while posting billing document. I am taking about the standard process of SAP. Just try entry with Outcome as A while defining substitute reason and then process the order. It will show both the old and new material with item category as TAX and TAPS respectively. TAX for non- stock item- means as of now the material is not available. TAPS- the new material which has replaced the old material. Now, if you will see the configuration of item category TAX and TAPS in IDES, it would be more clearer as I mentioned in the first update. The only issue is - I am facing a problem in billing. Now if you re-consider my post, I guess it would be more clearer. However, the issue is that in billing its not showing the right price. Please suggest. Configuration - Item category- TAX- Old material. Billing relevance- A Stats- X Pricing- NO Item Category- TAPS- New materail Billing Relevance- A Stats- NO Pricing- Yes Because I want both the material in billing, so billing relevance is A. And I want the price of new material so for TAPS pricing - Yes. But every time I am trying system is taking the price of TAX. Not sure why? If I make it as vice- verse, thinking lets take the price of new material, now the system is taking the price of old .