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Lupin Analytical Chemistry Interview Questions
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why has inject 5 injection in assay

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what is end capping in hplc coulmn

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Sulphated Ash incresed it will effect on product yield?

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Why water not directed by FID detector 

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What is the principle of HPLC?

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What is the limit of minimum area in in hplc RS anlysis

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Can we interpret accuracy from linearity in method validation?

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What is AV value in test uniformity content ,describe calculation

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Why chromic acid wash is not recommended by USP for glassware cleaning?

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What is excipient in drug product?

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What is the name of the detector used in TOC?

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What is FDA form 482c?

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What are the concentration limit for class-1 residual solvents in ICH ?

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How does HPLC Calculate Void volume?

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