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Amex Interview Questions
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What would be your Role in the Project in the Company (US)?


how did you celebrated ur last birthday?

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Why should we hire you?

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why should i join call center

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what is the maximum age limit of any bpo sector

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PLZ Explain me the concept of "CROSS SELLING"? Configuration steps involved?

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What is the difference between provision and payable

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What is the meaning of CT 40/5, 100/5 or in HT lines 100/1 ????????

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how to get second highest salary from a employee table and how get a 5th highest salary from a employee table?

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Where do you want to see yourself in next 5 years?

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What does planning and forecasting mean?

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Valuation of Goodwill and calculation!! question asked in many companies,try to remember the methods..

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why want to join amex

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I have table with ID,PRD_DT,PRD_FLAG,CUST_DT,CUST_FLAG I need to get max date and its corresponding flag for both the date columns. Ex:- 1A,10/3/2015,AC,10/3/2015,XY 1A,10/4/2015,AB,10/2/2015,XZ Output needed 1A,10/4/2015,10/3/2015,XY I have 100 million + in the table so avoid self-join...

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Amex Interview Questions
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