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Indian Railways Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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railway exam in asst loco pilot old test paper

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How to calculate HT XLPE CABLE for 11 kv / 433 v , 1500 kva oil type transformer system? plz provide step by step calculation

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1. transformer design formula ? 2. how to calculate the primary turns and secondry turns ? 3. core types ? 4. how to find the primary current and secondry current ? 5. how to calculate the stacking factor ? 6. range of fulx density ?

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125Kva Dg can take up how much amphere load.

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What is the technical difference between IS:1554 and Indian Railway IRS:S63/2007


While testing a ZCT what parameters have to check or measure?


Which device is provided as backup of Buchholz relay???

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IDMT relay are mostly used for protection against..??? 1)Earth Fault 2)Inter turn fault 3)Overloading 4)None of the above

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What's difference between a400amps lt contactor and a400amps lt circuit breaker

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Railway Basic electrical engg technical question with answer

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