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Indian Overseas Bank BSRB Clerical Interview Questions
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SBI Bank HInts SOlved Question Papers Send Me.

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hi every one i also passed exam and called for interview on 15th october. if any one atten the interview on 13th pls post the question what they are asked plssssssss....

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how to prepare for indian overseas bank clerical exam?

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when will be result of iob clerical recruitment held on feb 1st 2009 will be published?

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sir, i have gone through the clerical recritment exam held by iob on 01-02-2009. i have been called for the interview. so i wanted to know the basic things genrally asked in the interview.


Hi I was through in the IOB written test conducted on 1st Feb 2009. I have called for the interview on 24th April. Any one who attended the interview on 21st and 22nd Please post the questions...It would be very helpful.Thank You.

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can anybody tell me what type of questions are asked in bank of baroda clerical recruitment interview???????? my emailid is

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Hi dear...i too have been selected for the interview of Dena Bank on 23.05.2009..and wanted to know about the all possible questions can be asked in the interview...thsi is my last Plz Plz...Guide me.& helpme....who so ever has faced such interviews earlier...And request to all who are facing interviw on 18.05.09 & 20.05.09 ton post there experinces & questions asked....i would be really oblized...My id is Mail me as soon as possible...


can anyone please let me know when the results of the oriental bank of commerce clerical interview will be announced??


does any body from andhra pradesh has dena bank interview on 19 of this month

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What is the basis for issuing currency notes. How much RBI can issue currency notes.

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hello friends!I completed SBI asstes clerk intrvw on 25th may.I think i might have got less marks in written test.because I have written without any coaching.but I done the interview to the best I can.I am a Btech graduate.2008 passed out.Is there any possibility that i can be selected? I got any info that.IF A PERSON DONE THE WRITTEN TEST WELL,HE WILL BE SELECTED.i there any possibility that i can be selected?

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Express different insurance schemes


In Red Cross is symbolized as 'Red Cross'. In Arabian coutries which is symbolized by ............

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hello, i m in IOB as clerk (joined 23 nov 2009) and i have passed sbi written test of clerical, i m confused whether to show i m in IOB or not in interview, if yes then i have to give NO OBJECTION CERT. pls guide me......


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