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Indian Overseas Bank BSRB Clerical Interview Questions
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Why Banking is preferable for technical students? I completed my B-tech & i was selected for sbi clerical.I have my interview on may 3.

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i have cleared IOB clerk 2011 exam held on 29-05-2011. but there is no information abt interview date, pls if any body have, pls inform me on my mail or my mob no. thanking you. akhilesh kumar 8602927671

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Can anyone say me how to prepare for IOB clerical personal interview.. I hv cleared written test nd called for the next roundd.. can u help me by sayin what all i need to concentrate & prepare?


Hi, I have been shortlisted for IOB Clerical Interview. They have given a biodata format. So i take printout of that biodata and fill it manually or with that format i can prepare my new own biodata. Kindly reply ASAP.

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why u choose only banking sector for job ? and what position u want in this bank in after 5 years ?


hi.I m lila.i have cleared the iob clerk interview through ibps.I am an OBC candidate.but i dont have obc certificate. my form was rejected twice.will they again to submit OBC? will they reject me?what should i do. will they consider me in general now? plz help me out.


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