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Indian Bank Interview Questions
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please send the sample question of state bank of india to email id please.......that is quatitative aptitude,general awareness&resoning ability,marketing aptitude/computerknowledge,english,psycometry

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Take this question as challange --> "Candle 'A' takes just four hours to burn it completely and candle 'B' takes 2 hrs. The girth of candle 'A' is just double of candle 'B' with the same height. If Ram lit both the candles in the same time and after how long time the length of Candle 'B' would be just half of candle 'A'?

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hi guys, how to prepare for INDIAN BANK clerk exam,pls gave me any suggestions, abt related on bank exams,prvs examinors on iob done, pls told me how to prepare for exams, abt timings etc.

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The total of the ages sai,kiran and ravi is 93 years .ten years ago the tatio of their ages was 2:3:4 what is the percentage of ravi...(*** plz give explanation***)

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i want some sample question paper for indian bank exam.please send us early as possible

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Hai i am preparing for bank po of andhrabank please send some model papers on po

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