How to become a Model and what are the qualities needed?

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Answer / priya

Any one can become a model. You don't have to be tall,
beautiful, slim, tall, and photogenic, know how to act etc.
You may require some of the above to be on the cover of the
magazine, but you may also have to attain certain skills
talents or features that can make you famous; Your Legs,
Hands and Eyes are just a few examples. Are all movie stars
gorgeous or tall? Being short does not mean you can't be
model, it means if you can't do runway modeling, it does not
limit you to other types of modeling.
Confidence is an importent aspect.

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Answer / praveenbm

hai priya ,

i like the way u explaing to become a model....

it was realy motivating tp readers

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Answer / vivek

You Just Have To Develop Your positive thinking... N .. Try
to Do best for your looks and behaviour and manner.

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Answer / nataliya

Realistically, not many models make it big. If an agent
spots someone they like, they will recruit you. Typically,
you should be tall, thin, and pretty -as stereotypical as
that sounds, it's true. However, it all depends on what
kind of modeling. If you have a beautiful face, you can
possibly be a photo model. Otherwise, good luck. Remember
the purpose of models is to model products. A model should
be a blank canvas for a designer to work on.

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Answer / rohit singh

hi priya,
this is is rohit. iam 6ft 1 inch and i also had a few
thougts about modelling carrer, but unfortunately i am frm a
middle class family so i think its not possible 4 me b'coz
it requires a lot of money.

now 4 u if u are intrested u should 1 st check ur financiak
status, ur get up, and watch the movie fashion and then the
rest is up 2 u.

good luck ..
rohit (09852656197)

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Answer / umar rahim

hai priya, im just breaking in to the modelling industry
aswell.if you need any help give get back to me or
like the others have said you dnt need to be tall or
beautiful or anythin to become a model.
some times beauty des matter.
my email is
its better if youve got hotmail cuz then we can use instant
messaging. and if anyone else need guodence u can contact
me. and priya good luck with your career. i knw it could be
depressing when u can fing good directors and all. just
keep at it and put your heart to it. just contact me and
ill let u knw the procedure of getting in and all da scams
and cons.

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Answer / rahul (rg)

it is an tellent of performing urself and any one can do it
with confedence.

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Answer / rakesh

most vital thing to become a succesful modle is your
confidence and how much time you can devote to it , if you
take it as a side thing than stop wasting your time. it
requires alot of zeal and hard hav e to be very
concious about your diet and regular exercise is one of the
most important thing to keep your body in shape ,which is
the primary requirement to become a modle.

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Answer / joel rey s. carcasona

There are 5 most important qualities a model must possess
for you to rate them as a good model.
1. The walk....a model with a great walk can sell anything.
A beautiful model with a great body and a horrible walk is
usually a waste on the catwalk. an example being Naomi

2. Versatility.....a great model should be able to easily
slip into any role be it sexy, high fashion, commercial,
frumpy, geek...and they shouldnt look like they are example being Lara Stone and Raquel Zimmerman

3. The height......She should be above 5'9....since height
determines how she turns out in pictures and on the runway.
A shorter model tends to be overwhelmed especially by those
massive couture gowns. There are a few exceptional short
models though who have the ability to make themselves appear

4. me a model with great eyes can use them to
achieve anything in a in point Natalia V and
Jessica Stam

5. Confidence.....confidence shows whether in pics, on the
red carpet or even on the runway, this is why models like
Gisele, Karolina, Cindy and Tyra are where they are. Less
confident models tend to look awkward especially in more
commercial settings which are quite lucrative

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Answer / manish sofat

hi,i m manish sofat i think a model should have tall
hight as well as good figure or body if a model have no
talent in this line than it`s ok but he/she should have
attitude and confident, a key to succes.which is very

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