Hi everyone i want to learn Devops in Hyderabad can anyone please suggest me best institute.

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More Linux Commands Interview Questions

1). What are the situation in process is duplicate is linux box.? 2) Give me 5 situation to kill a process?

1 Answers   Perot Systems,

what is the command To print script arguments

4 Answers   Google,

what is the booting process of linux systen and explain it,is the first process comes under the installation process.

3 Answers   CSC, vsworx, Mind Tree, EA Electronic Arts,

Difference between swap partition and swap file?

4 Answers   IIHT, TATA, Wipro,

how to run the boot loader in the linux.......

5 Answers  

Set the Display automatically for the current new user ?

3 Answers  

what is command for "calj2007"

2 Answers   Google,

How do you read ext2/3 file system in windows?

8 Answers   HP,

how many hard disks can i able to connect to desktop pc and server (IDE & SATA) pls send this ans to my mail : ping2pavan@gmail.com

1 Answers  

how to give a normal user reboot and shutdown permission? Plz also mention the step.

4 Answers  

1.I want to change runlevel but the Users shall not be disturbed?how? 2.Disk have 5gb disk utilization even though files unable to create, why? 3.what are the internal and external command in linux? 4.sar command o/p? 5.how list the open files? 6.what is kernel compiling? 7.How do u See complete configuration in ur system? 8.how will u make a daily updates with cron daily? 9.which port is associated with ttys0? 10.specific some problems linux admin(if u are linux admin)faced and how did u overcome it?

10 Answers   TCS, IBM,

What is trusted/untrusted operating system?

8 Answers