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What is initrd image, explanation    1  199
I want to shutdown the application, when system is going down, where will mention    1  193
I was updated patches after that i got kernel panic error, how to resolve the issue and we are unable to login the single user mode also    1  179
What is the difference between smtp and pop3? cordys   2  2701
what is portmapper,pam and xinetd    1  3677
which type of application can be run on linux? and explain what it the use of that? ibm   1  2272
how to find out shared file&dir of FTP ? is there any command for find out are any other way we have? tell me with example? ibm   3  2950
what is kernel parameters? where its located and how would you find it ? oracle   1  3074
what is block device and character device?    1  2618
A system has four NI cards , how do you find out that a particular NI card is faulty without going to the sever ? hcl   1  2583
User unable to login in server then how can u troubleshooting it? Example: server at Bangalore. in that server two users try to login in server from other place. 1st user able to login. but second user unable to login so how can troubleshoot it ? oracle   1  3347
What are the main diff bwn NFS and Samba Servers?    2  16702
What are the main diff bwn Yum & rpm?    5  7449
Explain linux file types tcs   7  8390
how can install Linux OS along with fedora 14 OS in one System    2  2148
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Un-Answered Questions
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Hi All we are porting are application from linux 2.4 to 2.6 .Please let me know what kind of manual balck box testing we can use to test application and how. 627
what is portmapper,pam and xinetd 3677
Boot sequence of linux on embedded platform 1511
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