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what are the processes for register's of ESIC any one suugest me please ?    3  463
on which time a company secretary has filled his compliance in form no.66?    4  748
what is meant by search report of the company n why is it prepared?    0  233
how to start a personal finance company that is not require RBI registration.    2  717
what is equity capital. what is authorised capital. What is debentures. what is paid-up capital. dell   3  1549
what is correct accounting treatment for preliminary exps and pre-operative Expsas per AS 26? or any other applicable AS?    0  343
what is the path of insurance calculation? capita   0  357
How often is the stock market ticker updated? 15sec? 30sec?    0  380
what is holding companies accounts    4  1390
Can I pay to electric company in cash for a quotation where the amount is more than Rs20000? wbsedcl   2  677
Sir, we have a machinery manufectred plant and now we want to ragistration in service tax what is the procedure for this pls help me in detal . we have ecc no. and tin no. already    1  613
can a shareholder or promoters waive his or their right for dividend ? if yes then how and when before or after book closure or in the AGM ? what will be its treatment in accounts?should any provision be there in the Articals of Company for that?    2  1503
what are all the entries for issue of debentures and redemption of debentures ? infosys   2  1853
What is Amalgamation    3  1199
What is the percentage of DA to be cut from an employee salary ? itc-infotech   2  1521
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Un-Answered Questions
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what is meant by search report of the company n why is it prepared? 233
How does a bank or financial institution calculate COGS? What are the 'direct' costs of a loan or deposit revenue operation? 1863
I want to validate Customer credit payment with customer invoice, When billing time, the system check the customer credit payment, if customer credit is lesser than customer bill, system should not allow the billing further process. Can I configure in sap 339
i have cleared c.s inter. for the purpose of training i want to know the companies who are providing training of c.s in punjab state.please help me in this. 346
Information regarding shop & establishment registration of propiertor ship & require document for this 349
1) What is the steps of delisting the listed company 2) How to spliting the listed company shares 3) Which way the company should function when it has paidup capital is equal or more than 5,00,00,000/- (I mean which way the company should do it work in the company Act 1956. Is the company have to appoint a CS and and managing director of a any other things which is compulsory for these kind of company which paid up capital is 5,00,000/- 255
Does provisions need to be subtracted from reserves if net worth is calculated on the basis of share capital based method 187
How to analyse the day to day sensex Points or Forex Values? 574
how to solve the problem of sechdule date problem in sap proframme. 392
Occasionally it is said that issuing convertible bonds is better than issuing stock when the firms shares are undervalued. Suppose that the financial manager of Decent Furniture Company does in fact have inside information indicating that the decent stock price is too low. Decent furniture earnings will in fact be higher than investor’s expectations. Suppose further that the inside information cannot be released without giving away a valuable competitive secret. Clearly, selling shares at the present low price would harm Decent’s existing shareholders. Will they also lose if convertible bonds are issued? If they do lose in this case, is the loss more or less than it would be if common stock is issued? Now suppose that investors forecast earnings accurately, but still under value the stock because they overestimate Decent’s actual business risk. Does this change your answer to the questions posed in the preceding paragraph? Explain. 585
sir i want aao lic exam model question paper 269
what is the path of insurance calculation? 357
what is correct accounting treatment for preliminary exps and pre-operative Expsas per AS 26? or any other applicable AS? 343
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