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on which time a company secretary has filled his compliance in form no.66?    4  728
what is meant by search report of the company n why is it prepared?    0  228
how to start a personal finance company that is not require RBI registration.    2  704
what is equity capital. what is authorised capital. What is debentures. what is paid-up capital. dell   3  1527
what is correct accounting treatment for preliminary exps and pre-operative Expsas per AS 26? or any other applicable AS?    0  341
what is the path of insurance calculation? capita   0  353
How often is the stock market ticker updated? 15sec? 30sec?    0  373
what is holding companies accounts    4  1371
Can I pay to electric company in cash for a quotation where the amount is more than Rs20000? wbsedcl   2  669
Sir, we have a machinery manufectred plant and now we want to ragistration in service tax what is the procedure for this pls help me in detal . we have ecc no. and tin no. already    1  600
can a shareholder or promoters waive his or their right for dividend ? if yes then how and when before or after book closure or in the AGM ? what will be its treatment in accounts?should any provision be there in the Articals of Company for that?    2  1477
what are all the entries for issue of debentures and redemption of debentures ? infosys   2  1830
What is Amalgamation    3  1182
What is the percentage of DA to be cut from an employee salary ? itc-infotech   2  1498
A prouduct passed through three stage of the production and product for each stage become the raw material for the new stage further raw material on also added at each stage . During the march 2000, 1000 unit of finishied prouduction produced with following expenditure. A B C material 10000 8000 4000 labour 8000 12000 6000 on cost 5000 4000 2000 inculuded expenses amount to 5200 and to be allocated on the bassis of labour main raw material issue to stage A was worth rs 6400\- prepare the procesing cost account with unit each stage and total cost finishied product the final stage.    1  377
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Un-Answered Questions
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what is rate of service tax and form no. of service tax ? wt rules of service tax a particuler once .? 350
How often is the stock market ticker updated? 15sec? 30sec? 373
How to analyse the day to day sensex Points or Forex Values? 568
Income Tax Department sends cheque for INR 2 Crore as Refund after completion of Assessment for A.Y.2011 - 2012 to a Company. As per IT Return filed for this year I.T. due to Government was INR 60 Lac but was assessed at INR 70 Lac. TDS due to Company was INR 3 Crore which was admitted as INR 2.7 Crore by Government. Government also adjusts Tax dues for A.Y. 2009 - 2010 of INR 40 Lac which was disputed earlier by the Company and Appeal was lying with the CIT. Government pays Interest to the Company amounting to INR 40 Lac. Provision for Income Tax made by the Company in its accounts for F.Y. 2010 - 2011 (A.Y. 2011 - 2012) was INR 50 Lac. What would be the Journal Entry at the time of receipt of Refund of INR 2 Crore from the Government in A.Y. 2014 - 2015 in the books of the Company? 23
how to prepare a MIS report 2192
hat is the meaning of the capital ique,and hat is capital,and ahat is ique 298
Information regarding shop & establishment registration of propiertor ship & require document for this 346
Can anybody tell when sbh dispatches appointment letters for Clerical for people completed medical and scrutiny of documents on 15/08/09? 226
Is it possible to list only a portion of Equity Shares leaving the balance as unlisted? 290
analyses of Cost control 370
what is meant by search report of the company n why is it prepared? 228
How does a bank or financial institution calculate COGS? What are the 'direct' costs of a loan or deposit revenue operation? 1843
when will be appsc exams will held pls give me the dates 514
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