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What are Mutual Funds? ing-vysya-bank   12  20016
what is the Use of Financial statements to a company?    7  4786
What is BRS? british-airways   59  42037
What is Petty Cash Book? ranbaxy   18  22404
What is meant by OTC?    10  8021
difference between Equity Capital and Preference capital? capital-iq   41  50791
what is Preference Capital? hdfc   9  20354
What is Technical Analysis?    6  7626
What is fundamental Analysis?    4  4354
NIKKIE stock exchange belongs to which country? thomson   19  29041
DOW stock exchange belong to which country? infosys   4  9315
What is NYSE?    7  3301
What is NASDAQ?    8  5503
What is accounting management? standard-bank   4  3409
What is financial management?    6  5614
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Un-Answered Questions
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Why you quite your job in six months?? 547
what is the difference between cash memo or  credit memo  vs invoice any legal action can be taken against cash or credit memo. 535
how we calculate the turn over of abank? 548
why should be concered with in risk capital budgeting? is the standard deviation an adequate budgeting? is the stansard deviation an adequate measure of risk? Can you think of a better measure ? 397
you are placed a high NPA Branch , how you control the situation. 405
what is mean by Ratio analysis in the orgnations? 638
Hi to all Q: how you will evaluate yourself in excel if any the range one is worst and five is excellent. Mail if you know the answer to 474
im mba (finance+retail) iv sem student.. im realy confused that how to find right job which helps to make my bright carrere.. i don't have any type of guidance that is a big problem with me.....i can't go with marketing area im preparing for banking sector also with my self study. should i join any coaching? pls give me suggest me a right way... 752
by which international certificate special import concession can be achived 392
please send aptitude 10 year question paper of wipro &tcs 558
what are the main component of bailout funds? what are the limitations of bailout fund? 467
1) what do you mean by " expressly admissible expenses" ? 2) how do you gross up the value in the following cases-- (a) net interest received on bank deposites. (b) net amount received on winning from lottery. 1887
Explain the importance of organizational, culture and political issues in the proces of merger integration 1014
Compare the product life cycle theory with the Hecksher Ohlin theory. Describe the structure of world trade organization. 994
In order to attract deposits, banks offer various types of products with distinguishing features. As a student of banking law do you observe any challenge/threat from money laundering for banks in this struggle? Discuss. 695
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