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What is meant by OTC?    10  5849
difference between Equity Capital and Preference capital? capital-iq   41  43462
what is Preference Capital? hdfc   9  14865
What is Technical Analysis?    6  4224
What is fundamental Analysis?    4  2511
NIKKIE stock exchange belongs to which country? thomson   19  25626
DOW stock exchange belong to which country? infosys   4  6001
What is NYSE?    7  2646
What is NASDAQ?    8  4170
What is accounting management? standard-bank   4  2560
What is financial management?    6  4109
Profit is a Liability or asset?    29  11460
What is Profit?    18  3066
What is Real account? accenture   31  32861
What is personal account?    3  1987
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Un-Answered Questions
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Merger of SBS with SBI, point of in your view. is this good dicition or bad by cent. govt./sbi. 405
Eplain the terms of any recent merger which had taken place in India.(*****)Please any one know about this explain. 348
Examine the marits and Limitations of the obsrvation method in collecting data. Illustrate your answer with suitable example. 258
What is fairtrade?????????????? 194
Do you have an aptitude test for new entrants I would like to take one 190
Suppose to top five gainers on BSE same company can loser on NSE? 223
Can you please give me NCFM DP module question papers other than the questions in 588
what is finance 159
why wns 90
Hiii, i have done mba finance after doing biotech. I am now facing many problems in interview as yhey are asking about my biotech back ground and secondly the questions posed by the interviwers consist of core finance and i can't answer as in mba they teach about each subject superficially? What must i do now? 182
How to calculate the salary as per government? 380
how we calculate the turn over of abank? 317
hi frends, i completed mba in 2008,i worked as finance reseach associate in opi comp through consultancy. now my problem is when iam going other comp inteview they ask me is mab finace candidate selected through consultancy. can any body tell me how can i tell ans this 166
send me all the question whch can be askd in bank interview 198
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