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difference Between Cost Accounting and Financial Accounting? saga   56  102485
What is COST Center?    10  18390
What is AMC?    10  16084
What are Mutual Funds? ing-vysya-bank   12  21186
what is the Use of Financial statements to a company?    7  4996
What is BRS? british-airways   61  43486
What is Petty Cash Book? ranbaxy   18  23019
What is meant by OTC?    10  8265
difference between Equity Capital and Preference capital? capital-iq   41  51875
what is Preference Capital? hdfc   9  20958
What is Technical Analysis?    6  7955
What is fundamental Analysis?    4  4559
NIKKIE stock exchange belongs to which country? thomson   19  29562
DOW stock exchange belong to which country? infosys   4  9653
What is NYSE?    7  3405
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Un-Answered Questions
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What is the general format for corporate Guarantee for taking advance? 3196
I am puc failed but present i work in accountant in one co but i handle in accounting is good so what i do in future 412
What is mean by Duty-Draw Back? And what's of benefit under Duty-Drawback?... Please explain. 602
Why bse has 30 index and NSE has 50 index. Why not BSE has 29 or 31 index and why not NSE has 49 or 51 index. why both has a exact 30 and 50 index. 1504
Explain Dr.Hanry markowitz's portfolio selection model. And What are the strengths and weaknesses of Markowitz approach? 2490
what is the limitations of cash credit account 1289
I am using log-returns in a study, and I use CAPM to predict the expected return. When calculating the expected return from CAPM, how do I approach with log-numbers? Do I use log-numbers for interest rate, market return and beta, or only the first two? 1195
mis & qis formats 532
how to invest in mutual fund? what is bita & how it is calculated? 1020
reasons for popularity of consumer credit in india 252
ipls send me the type of interview questions asked in andhra bank clerical interview 797
Hi this is praveen completed MBA with Finance and HR as specializations in 2007 im very much intrested in appearing for group exams? so I want to know when will be the next edition? ie how I need to apply for groups for the 1st time? 437
which types question the aptitude test 2292
what is basepoint 597
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