Finance Interview Questions
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What are the responsibilities of financial manager?

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What P/E ratio?


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What is ROI?

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What is ROE?

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What is meant by Market Capitalization?

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What is Networth ?

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What is dividend?

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What is Retained Earnings?

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What is Book Value?

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What is Face Value?

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What is Shares Split?

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What Is Reverse Split?

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What is Bond?

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Which is the Biggest Stock Exchange in India?


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What is SEBI?

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Describe the pros and cons of globalization?


what is alpha of stocks


what is the limitations of cash credit account


im mba (finance+retail) iv sem student.. im realy confused that how to find right job which helps to make my bright carrere.. i don't have any type of guidance that is a big problem with me.....i can't go with marketing area im preparing for banking sector also with my self study. should i join any coaching? pls give me suggest me a right way...


Hiii, i have done mba finance after doing biotech. I am now facing many problems in interview as yhey are asking about my biotech back ground and secondly the questions posed by the interviwers consist of core finance and i can't answer as in mba they teach about each subject superficially? What must i do now?


how to make a best portflio and its compartive each other and why chosen the different different portfoili. explain with examples?


what are the expected questions for the excutive position?


send me all the question whch can be askd in bank interview


I would want to know detailed information on derivatives Could please help me


I want the sample question paper of po exam of sbi?


What strengths and experiences do you have that support your career aspirations?


hi i m tarun from gr.noida i m p.g.d.m.(finance)i want know what is the work as a finace and what is the differernt between c.a&m.b.a.(finance)my id hai. (


Dear sir, please send me previos papers of rbi THANKS


Is there any relations in between Sensex and foreign currency values? like if the sensex increased then the value of Rs goes up over USD (United state doller)?


I'm an MBA student. I need guidance to prepare for AMAZON COMPANY. can u pls post papers to