Finance Interview Questions
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What are the responsibilities of financial manager?

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What P/E ratio?


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What is ROI?

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What is ROE?

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What is meant by Market Capitalization?

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What is Networth ?

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What is dividend?

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What is Retained Earnings?

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What is Book Value?

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What is Face Value?

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What is Shares Split?

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What Is Reverse Split?

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What is Bond?

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Which is the Biggest Stock Exchange in India?


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what is the difference between capital budgeting and working capital management?


Describe the pros and cons of globalization?


Read the case carefully and answer the questions given at the end: CALLS PUT A B C Months of expiration 3 9 3 Continuous yearly risk-free Rate (Rf) 10% 10% 10% Discrete yearly Rf 10.52% 10.52% 10.52% Standard deviation of Stock returns 40% 40% 40% Exercise price Rs.55 Rs.55 Rs.55 Option price Rs.2.56 - Rs.6.20 Stock price Rs.50 Rs.50 Rs.50 Cash Dividend Re.0 Re.0 Re.0 1) Why should call B sell for more than call A? 2) Is the put call parity model working for options A&C? 3) Calculate the Black Scholes values of call A & Call B?


yes any body is there for my question plz help me. what is meant by capital market? plz give me ans in the form of concept,aspects of business,object etc.


meaning of security data pointers


im ravi frm tumkur i did mba in finance.i m seeking job in finance if any body knows abt job vecancies or walk in in bangalore please inform me my cell no is 9986288362 and my e mail id is


What strengths and experiences do you have that support your career aspirations?


hi viewers my name is prapul i would like to know how to prepare for an interview i had done my mba finance


send me all the question whch can be askd in bank interview


what are the expected questions for the excutive position?


the cost of preparing a food plate is rupees 50. the wastage from preparing it is 10%. the average price of a food plate is rupees 100. the fixed cost is 1,60,000. what is the minimum number of food plates should be prepared to break even?


hi, as we know that the indian rupee is depeciating, i what to know why is it happenning, and wat will be the effects in the indian econony?


who are the major players in market providing loans against rent receivables


plz send me capital market aptitude questions? i have interview in oracle financial? its urgent...........


i have done my mba finance ,but i did my graduation in bca .pls give me relevant ans when interviewer ask me question why did u change your feild?