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Question 8 - A local utility burns coal having the following composition on a dry basis : Carbon (C) 83.05 %, hydrogen (H) 4.45 %, oxygen (O) 3.36 %, nitrogen (N) 1.08 %, sulfur (S) 0.7 % and ash 7.36 %. Calculate the ash free composition of the coal with reference to C, H, O, N and S.    1  890
can we apply Bernoulli theorem for liquid?    1  442
How many pounds (lb) are available in 1 kilogram (kg), 1 metre (m) has how many feet (ft) and 1 meter (m) has how many inches (in)?    1  497
Chemical Engineering Material Balance - Three hundred gallons of a mixture containing 75.0 wt % ethanol and 25 wt % water (mixture specific gravity = 0.877) and a quantity of a 40.0 wt % ethanol - 60 wt % water mixture (specific gravity = 0.952) are blended to produce a mixture containing 60.0 wt % ethanol. The specific gravity of a substance is the ratio of density of a substance compared to the density of water. The symbol of weight percent is wt %. (a) Estimate the specific gravity of the 60 % mixture by assuming that y = mx + c where y is wt % ethanol, x is mixture specific gravity. Values for m and c are constants. (b) Determine the required volume of the 40 % mixture.    1  940
Two methanol-water mixtures are contained in separate tanks. The first mixture contains 40.0 wt % methanol and the second contains 70.0 wt % methanol. If 200 kg of the first mixture is combined with 150 kg of the second, what are the mass and composition of the product? The symbol of weight percent is wt %.    1  419
A distillation column separates 10000 kg / hr of a mixture containing equal mass of benzene and toluene. The product D recovered from the condenser at the top of the column contains 95 % benzene, and the bottom W from the column contains 96 % toluene. The vapor V entering the condenser from the top of the column is 8000 kg / hr. A portion of the product from the condenser is returned to the column as reflux R, and the rest is withdrawn as the final product D. Assume that V, R, and D are identical in composition since V is condensed completely. Find the ratio of the amount refluxed R to the product withdrawn D. Hint : Solve the simultaneous equations as follow in order to find the answer (R / D) : 10000 = D + W; 10000 (0.5) = D (0.95) + W (0.04); 8000 = R + D.    2  660
Where barrel pump use?    0  286
why screw compressor use for ammonia compression?    0  248
Chemical Engineering Energy Balance - Please match the term A - E as follow with the stated definition : A. Yield. B. Selectivity. C. Relative saturation. D. Molal saturation. E. Absolute saturation. i. Answer : ? (moles of desired product formed) / (moles that would have been formed if there were no side reactions and the limiting reactant has reacted completely). ii. Answer : ? (moles of desired product formed) / (moles of undesired product formed). iii. Answer : ? (relative humidity 40 % means partial pressure of water vapour equals 4 / 10 of the vapour pressure of water at the system temperature). iv. Answer : ? (moles of vapour) / (moles of vapour dry gas). v. Answer : ? (mass of vapour) / (mass of dry gas).    1  395
Chemical Engineering Unit Operation - Which of the sequence below represent a feasible flows of ethanol processing plants using cellulose as starting material? A. raw material --> heat exchanger --> distillation column --> reactor. B. reactor --> distillation column --> raw material --> heat exchanger. C. heat exchanger --> raw material --> distillation column --> reactor. D. raw material --> heat exchanger --> reactor --> distillation column. E. distillation column --> raw material --> reactor --> heat exchanger.    1  274
Question - Chemical Engineering Material - In crystal material, hexagonal crystal system could form 4-digit index in certain direction of solid. For [1(-1)0] direction in the hexagonal crystal systems of particular catalyst applied in fume removal of incinerator, what is the four-digit index for this direction? Hint : The transformation equations between the 3-digit [h’k’l’] and the 4-digit [hkil] indices are : h = (1/3) (2h’ – k’); i = - (h + k); k = (1/3) (2k’ – h’); l = l’. A. [(-1)100] B. [1(-1)00] C. [(-1)000] D. [00(-1)(-1)] E. [(-1)0(-1)0]    1  226
what is difference between open loop system & close loop system by overview.    1  873
motor vs pump    0  370
How can we identify a poisoned food if we are not able to sense it?? . .,(naturally by colour ,smell etc. . .)    1  583
Why chemical became dominant to natural sources????    2  465
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What steps can be taken to avoid stress corrosion cracking (SCC) in steel vessels used for storing anhydrous ammonia? 656
Hi, I want to validate an analytical procedure of a specified impurity, but this impurity is unavailable for me. can I use the API instead of impurity in the linearity test? in Which reference can I find such information? 175
I want to know that what type of questions may be come for fertilizer company for written exam? 606
what is mass flow rate of steam of 7 kg/cm2 pressure in 1 inch id. pipe. 1138
why screw compressor use for ammonia compression? 248
Is four stage graphite steam jet ejector is possible. Any body can provide its design 182
Hello i am a chemical engineer presently looking for a job i am applying many jobs in naukri and in all job portals but i am not getting any call or interview so kindly some one help me in this regard soundar 401
hello sir..iam keen to sit for iocl interview..please forward sample iocl questions to my id: 773
What step should be taken in process industries if the process variable is oscillating? 1026
any meter avilable for measureing the Transformer Losses. ( like Voltmeter for voltage & ammiter for currenr )if yes plz give the make & supplier address, Email, Phone number. 460
What are the effects of oils on the properties of Polyolefins? 1887
How to caliculate the boil up rate, dia and height in both packed and tray distillation columns and any referance books for the design. 712
hi sir/madam i need placement paper of last years of DRDO in chemical sream...... send me the question paper as soon as possible on my email address 1229
why 14.7 pound/inch2 is used in idustries as unit of pressure bcz here not sea level and not a temperature is 0C (zero degree celcius)????????? 539
how can i prepare for gate chemical in kolkata 654
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