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types and working of compressor iocl   0  483
design calculations for reactor    0  332
can you explain about the design calculations and procedure of boiler    0  414
How to TDS removed found in lab apparatus.    1  622
What is Vacuum? If pressure is less than that of atmospheric, can we call it vacuum? If so some places have less atmospheric pressures, can we call people living there are living in vacuum? isro   5  1953
Hi, few days back i attended an interview. Currently my employment status is contract basis and interviewer didn't ask me abt mode of employment and he is thinking that am permanent employee in this organization and during the time of joining how I would avoid this problem.    1  300
What is the chemical name of Silica gel?    2  1223
sir, kindly explain to me that how to calculate volume of torrispherical vessel which is used in pharma company ss reactor bottom dish volume. thank u.    0  380
can anybody give me syallbus of chemical engineering for section engineer in railway. ccil   0  320
In Galvonised iron and stainsteel pipes, in which pipe friction losses will more and why ?    0  321
Input the Roll Number, Name and marks of a small section of 5 students. Display the marks database of these students in the following format. The "Roll Number" and "Name" fields are left justified with 15 columns, and 25 columns, respectively. The "Marks" field is right justified with 5 columns. Assume the marks are in multiples of 0.5 and are from 0 to 100. Display some spaces between each field appropriately. Roll Number 11001 11050 11081 11225 Y2367 Name FIRST NAME LAST NAME FIRSTNAME2 LASTNAME2 I1. I2. FIRSTNAME3 FIRSTNAME4 M1. LASTNAME4 FIRSTNAME5 MID LASTNAME5 Marks 95 80 88 77.5 89.5 The input can be stored in a file, say, marksdata.txt, and the program can be executed by using ./a.out < marksdata.txt    0  324
Any books are availble to read for industrial promotional officers exam.. Syllabus : PAPER-2 : Subject (Diploma Standard) Applied Science, Engineering and Management 1. MATHEMATICS 2. PHYSICS 3. CHEMISTRY 4. INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT 5. INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING 6. COMPUTER APPLICATIONS & BASICS OF DOS, WINDOWS, UNIX, DB MANAGEMENT, DTP, CONCEPTS OF E-GOVERNANCE INCLUDING E-MAIL, E-COMMERCE, INTERNET, COMPUTER VIRUSES. appsc   3  1901
what is the use of pressure filter? tata   7  1085
What is the characteristic length for slab?    0  719
In Distillation Process heat transfer and mass tansfer will occur or not? alsowhere it will takes place?    2  1283
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Un-Answered Questions
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What are some good estimates for heat transfer coefficients for coils in tanks? 393
send previousyear question paper for ongc gt 2011 chemical engineering written exam 963
wha is Adsorption column chromatography? 56
What is the ignititon temprecher of Diesel,Petrol&Carosion oil. 651
Difference between Synthetic foaming agents V/S Protien based foaming agent? 15
What are demand of crotonaldehyde99% in the worldand its international market ? 231
What step should be taken in process industries if the process variable is oscillating? 439
friends....i have been searching the model paper for HPCL officer trainee for chemical eng....tat apptitude section...if u people got any information regarding tat...please send me to my id is: send me wtever information u knew....thank u.... 395
why do tangential entry require for a cyclone separator? 433
how to decide reflux ratio & its calculation 264
How to caliculate the boil up rate, dia and height in both packed and tray distillation columns and any referance books for the design. 378
Hi. I have completed my masters in chemical engineering from M S University in year 2008 and now going to do MS Chemical engineering in Lamar University. I am planning to appear for interview in two weeks from now. What are the expected questions from VO regarding masters after masters ? and wat should i expect to give reply ? kindly give your suggestions. Thanks 227
how can I find out a sulfuric acid recovery plant disigner? 234
What are advantages using hollow shaft impeller? 899
what is mean by chemical engineering and its scope in industry 574
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