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Two methanol-water mixtures are contained in separate tanks. The first mixture contains 40.0 wt % methanol and the second contains 70.0 wt % methanol. If 200 kg of the first mixture is combined with 150 kg of the second, what are the mass and composition of the product? The symbol of weight percent is wt %.    1  401
A distillation column separates 10000 kg / hr of a mixture containing equal mass of benzene and toluene. The product D recovered from the condenser at the top of the column contains 95 % benzene, and the bottom W from the column contains 96 % toluene. The vapor V entering the condenser from the top of the column is 8000 kg / hr. A portion of the product from the condenser is returned to the column as reflux R, and the rest is withdrawn as the final product D. Assume that V, R, and D are identical in composition since V is condensed completely. Find the ratio of the amount refluxed R to the product withdrawn D. Hint : Solve the simultaneous equations as follow in order to find the answer (R / D) : 10000 = D + W; 10000 (0.5) = D (0.95) + W (0.04); 8000 = R + D.    2  612
Where barrel pump use?    0  274
why screw compressor use for ammonia compression?    0  239
Chemical Engineering Energy Balance - Please match the term A - E as follow with the stated definition : A. Yield. B. Selectivity. C. Relative saturation. D. Molal saturation. E. Absolute saturation. i. Answer : ? (moles of desired product formed) / (moles that would have been formed if there were no side reactions and the limiting reactant has reacted completely). ii. Answer : ? (moles of desired product formed) / (moles of undesired product formed). iii. Answer : ? (relative humidity 40 % means partial pressure of water vapour equals 4 / 10 of the vapour pressure of water at the system temperature). iv. Answer : ? (moles of vapour) / (moles of vapour dry gas). v. Answer : ? (mass of vapour) / (mass of dry gas).    1  368
Chemical Engineering Unit Operation - Which of the sequence below represent a feasible flows of ethanol processing plants using cellulose as starting material? A. raw material --> heat exchanger --> distillation column --> reactor. B. reactor --> distillation column --> raw material --> heat exchanger. C. heat exchanger --> raw material --> distillation column --> reactor. D. raw material --> heat exchanger --> reactor --> distillation column. E. distillation column --> raw material --> reactor --> heat exchanger.    1  256
Question - Chemical Engineering Material - In crystal material, hexagonal crystal system could form 4-digit index in certain direction of solid. For [1(-1)0] direction in the hexagonal crystal systems of particular catalyst applied in fume removal of incinerator, what is the four-digit index for this direction? Hint : The transformation equations between the 3-digit [h’k’l’] and the 4-digit [hkil] indices are : h = (1/3) (2h’ – k’); i = - (h + k); k = (1/3) (2k’ – h’); l = l’. A. [(-1)100] B. [1(-1)00] C. [(-1)000] D. [00(-1)(-1)] E. [(-1)0(-1)0]    1  208
what is difference between open loop system & close loop system by overview.    1  835
motor vs pump    0  363
How can we identify a poisoned food if we are not able to sense it?? . .,(naturally by colour ,smell etc. . .)    1  571
Why chemical became dominant to natural sources????    2  447
solution =2oolitre ,solute =Polyelectrolyte,Solution=water ,we have to prepare 1% much solute And Solvent?    0  433
what is flooding in a column.How do you know flooding has occured?    2  1073
what is the difference between psv and prv?    2  1202
what is meant by runaway temperature in a reactor?    2  709
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