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what is defferance between tubular & automotive plate battery    0  1619
The power required for size reduction in crushing is???    5  3173
The power required for size reduction in crushing is???    2  1622
Which type of drier is used for drying wet material?    3  2516
If the refrigerator is left open in closed room, What will be the effect on room temp.?    2  2617
how interstage pressure of multistage compressor is calculated?    2  4224
What is composition of 18/8 stainless steel?    1  2296
Can anybody suggest the Methods/Procedures for estimation of oxygen, hydrogen, methane, carbon dioxide, CO, etc. in binary or complex gas mixtures?    2  2266
sir,please give me some exam paper for referance. Thanks & Regards, ongc   0  498
what is the main components of air ongc   3  3654
What are demand of crotonaldehyde99% in the worldand its international market ?    0  543
why sphericle shaped vessele used for storage of petrol?    3  2728
Can anyone tell me how to calculate the quantity of a third component added in an azeotropic batch distillation of a known quantity of azeotropic mixture?    1  1780
Why whenever a reciprocating compressor is switched ON or OFF it is put into unloading mode?    0  382
What are advantages using hollow shaft impeller?    0  1788
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Un-Answered Questions
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Calculate the line size for a cooling water line with a volumetric flowrate of 1200m3/h of water. Density of water = 1000kg/m3 339
i am going to appear vedanta written test so plz can any body suggest me for this on 1500
send previousyear question paper for ongc gt 2011 chemical engineering written exam 1581
what is the difference between car seal close/open valves and lock close/open valves? 2099
i am appearing in railway section engg. exam of chemical eng. therefore i want previous papers and study material of chemical eng. 360
Hello i am a chemical engineer presently looking for a job i am applying many jobs in naukri and in all job portals but i am not getting any call or interview so kindly some one help me in this regard soundar 361
i m a frsh chemical engineer now i m confuse to attend the interview so anybody pls send model question papers to this 546
The job profile as a Service Engineer? 903
I will complete chemical engg next yr from a deemed university. Earlier I dropped 2 yrs after std 12th. Then I got 2 yr back while completing engg, due to reasons beyond my control. Will I face any problem while applying for job. More so not many core companies come to our collg for placement. So i want to know which all companies can I apply to get a job? 552
in what way biot number is differ from nusselt number? 3790
hi all i have doe cheical engg, but i have to go for iob po interview so can anybody suggest me abt the kind of qns that can be asked. 497
MY generator water cooler inlet line height - 11 mtr inlet water line height - 7 mtr water come into the line from overhead tank, O/H tank height - 20 mtr the first tapping in the inlet line is 2" line which down to 4 mtr level plateform., second tapping in inlet water line goes to a pump 6" line installed at 4 mtr level plateform, pump capacity 200m3/hr, head- 30 mtr, hp-40. the outlet of pump of 6" water line connected to a header of 6 mtr long of 6" line, on this header the six tapping are connected, 4 nos. 3" line goes to 11 mtr height water cooler the pressure of the line is 0.15 to 0.25 kg/cm2, 2" and 4" pipe line connected to a cooler at 4 mtrlevel plateform. my question is, at 11 mtr height level the quantity of water and flow is not sufficient for my cooler, the temp. of cooler is rises much more. you are requested to suggest the modification of pipe line/ pump for take more water flow and pressure (desired pressure is 1 kg/cm2) 535
What is the ignititon temprecher of Diesel,Petrol&Carosion oil. 1186
which materials can l use if l want to use length wave 680 to 900 in hplc 382
hi sir/madam i need placement paper of last years of DRDO in chemical sream...... send me the question paper as soon as possible on my email address 1174
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