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 Categories >> Engineering >> Chemical Engineering
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how to design a heat exchanger? tata   3  1592
what is a pschycometric chart and how to use it?    1  928
In a Furnace arch pressure is more than Hearth pressure,then how flue gas travels to stack    0  811
three advantages of immmobilized enzymes    1  515
i am a prefinal year student of polymer engineering .could you please send the latest question papers regarding entrace exam. iocl   0  297
oil field interview question    0  1695
distance education chemical engineer degree aprooved courses any?    1  220
IS BTech chemical distance education degree from JRN Rajasthan vidyapeth by SSK engineering college Tamilnadu aprooved from UGC or AICTE?    1  1245
need the type of technical questions in written test    0  244
what is the PH value for boiler water.    11  2999
why relative humidity is different in different places    2  1741
i need some of the previous year question paper for ongc technical test and if possible let me know about the books to read for test ongc   2  2825
How many days we are store our cement bags?    4  2198
any meter avilable for measureing the Transformer Losses. ( like Voltmeter for voltage & ammiter for currenr )if yes plz give the make & supplier address, Email, Phone number. piramal-healthcare   0  207
i have done B.TECH in doing MBA . why you doing mba why u have not join any job. ibm   0  353
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Un-Answered Questions
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Which chemical is used as antiscalent in RO water treatement plant? 1991
i am going to appear vedanta written test so plz can any body suggest me for this on 800
What are the effects of oils on the properties of Polyolefins? 762
How much steam required for 1MW power production form 30 bar G super heated steam(350 C), outlet of turbine 4.5 bar 303
Hi, I am Gurunathan. I am in need of ONGC, IOCL, DRDO technical test ( chemical engineering)and general aptitude questions. If anyone has kindly post it to me soon. 703
based on percentage problems 127
hello everyone do anyone have interview questions for any chemical industry please email me at 425
i am a student of thapar university final year.can anybody please help me with the exam pattern of the companies:engineers india ltd. ; iocl ; UOP, HPCL. If psbl plz send me the previous years questions on this email id i d be really greatful 459
which reformer efficiencywise best? 292
Re: Sugar Cane Bagasse What are the 1. Specific Heat of Bagasse at 50% moisture, 40% moisture and 25% moisture? 2. What is bu;lk density of bagasse at 50% moisture, 40% moisture and 25% moisture? 3. What is specific gravity of bagasse at 50% moisture, 40% moisture and 25% moisture? 4. What is the specific heat of flue gases generated from boiler fuelled by bagasse? 5. What is the specific gravity of flue gases generated from boiler fuelled by bagasse? 2358
In Galvonised iron and stainsteel pipes, in which pipe friction losses will more and why ? 321
What is the maximum permissible Earth to Neutral voltage in an electrical system. 482
Calculate the line size for a cooling water line with a volumetric flowrate of 1200m3/h of water. Density of water = 1000kg/m3 211
What diffrence between flush distillation & batch distillation ? 282
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