Chemical Engineering Interview Questions
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Why an electromagnetic flow meter cannot be used for gases, steam and oil flow measurements?

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Why an electromagnetic flow meter cannot be used for gases, steam and oil flow measurements?

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when liquid stored in spherical vessel,equilibrium shift towards liquid.what is the benefit of it?

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hi.i m student of chemical engg. and studying in 5 th can i improve my technical knowledge..can u sugest me a link like book or any website..?

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why should we have to maintain excess air in furnaces and boilers while burning any fuel?


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what is mass flow rate of steam of 7 kg/cm2 pressure in 1 inch id. pipe.



why u opted for chemical engg?

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Why is the freezer placed at the top in a refrigerator, why not at the bottom ?

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Why LMTD is calculated in Heat -Exchanger problems..Why dont we take average temperature??

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How to size the cooling tower sump / basin for any given circulation rate? What is the guideline?


Why Packed Bed is not preffered in seperation process while Tray column is used in Industries predominatly??

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What does extreme points in VLE curve represents??

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how to calculate overall heat transfer coefficient in insulated pipeline? Please give a answer with formula


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What happens when fuel is burned , what are compounds released??

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What is formula for petrol?

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What step should be taken in process industries if the process variable is oscillating?


how much inducation voltage shows in 11 kv


Please describe tar, asphalt and bitumine


hi all i have doe cheical engg, but i have to go for iob po interview so can anybody suggest me abt the kind of qns that can be asked.


design calculations for reactor


send me previous year question paper for ongc gt 2011 written exam


what is the hearth and arch pressure in furnace?


Plz if anybody has placement paper of HAL mail me i m Chemical engg my id


pls send me model paper of NPCIL for executive trainee. and syllabus of executive trainee 2015.


which accomplishments in your present position are you proud of and why?


X is strong but has a very low density (1% of traditional earth materials.) and hence light weight. It is a recyclable material. The compression behaviour of X is strain rate dependent. Higher strain rates result in higher initial modulus and higher compression strength. It can also withstand unlimited number of cycling loading provided the repetitive loads are kept below 80% of the compressive strength. The internal structure of the material includes air-traps which make it poor heat conductor. X is non- biodegradable and chemically inert in both soil and water. Most acids and their water solutions do not attack it; however strong oxidizing acids do. Solvents which attack X include esters, ketones, ethers, aromatic and aliphatic hydrocarbons and their emulsions, among others. It does not support bacterial/fungal growth as well .It also has significant acoustic properties and effectively reduces the transmission of airborne sound. X is combustible and should not be exposed to open flame or other ignition sources. Combustion products are carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, water and soot. Long-term exposure to sunlight causes yellowing and a slight embrittlement of the surface due to ultraviolet light. X is able to withstand the rigours of temperature cycling, assuring long-term performance.


can you explain about the design calculations and procedure of boiler


Why in a continuous plant for a Hot standby screw pump system the interlock for auto starting of the other pump ( when the running pump stopped suddenly) is given with header pressure only? why not with flow rate or current of the pump?


marketing procedure of iocl


Which chemical is used as antiscalent in RO water treatement plant?