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How LPG gets liquefied by elevating the pressure?If the pressure is increased the temperature also increases,then how LPG is in liquid form?    1  2772
if the length of a pipe doubled what will be the effect on Pressure in line? isro   7  7762
what is zeroth law ? isro   6  3025
What is control valve ? tcl   2  2294
hi, i have completed Chemical enggneering, plz can anyone provide me GVK BIO company's interview questions. iam attending the interview for the first time..    0  605
what r the question asked in interview of gate,is it related to course?    0  474
how can i prepare for gate chemical in kolkata    0  571
What is the maximum steam pressure that can be generated? cpcl   0  578
What are the most common problems encountered in a valve or bubble cap distillation column? eastman-chemical   1  1527
In a screw compressor air is sucked from atm and mixes with the oil and is separated using separators.Will the viscosity of the oil get affected as moisture in air gets mixed with oil?    1  1859
What is the ignition temperance of Diesel,Petrol&kerosion oil    2  1897
What is the ignition temp. of Aluminum,Coper&Iron.    0  559
which is more effective , a single extraction with a large volume of solvent or several small volume extractions? Explain.    2  2483
What is the iodine value of spent carbon?How iodine value is used to determine the power of carbon to adsorb?    2  2038
What fluid first to be lined up in a heat exchanger whether hot or liquid?why? tcl   2  2547
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Un-Answered Questions
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Hi, I am preparing for Indian Forest Service (UPSC). Can you please help me to get previous years question papers (Chemcial Engineerign) (atleast 5). 2247
is extractive distillationӞH 450
have any one question paper of institute of plasma research center for aptitute as well as technical? 2997
I am pg student of chemical engg. I am intrested Heat Transfer Subject . I want information about advance heat transfer related PG PROJECT 444
sir,please give me some exam paper for referance. Thanks & Regards, 444
How i can calculate heat transfer in reactor at unsteady state and what data should i have? I want equation and process to calculate it? As there is steam or brine in jacket 380
hi i need cpcl written exam question papers if anybody pls help me 2618
PLEASE ANY ONE READ THIS MESSAGE ANSWER ME AT MY EMAIL ID sir i am prepairing for section engineer exam taken by railway my branch is chemical engineering i want previous paper of chemical engineering of section engineer exam taken by railway. please answer me as soon as possible thankyou 396
How to caliculate the boil up rate, dia and height in both packed and tray distillation columns and any referance books for the design. 2936
In a Furnace arch pressure is more than Hearth pressure,then how flue gas travels to stack 1723
types and working of compressor 952
Calculate the line size for a cooling water line with a volumetric flowrate of 1200m3/h of water. Density of water = 1000kg/m3 306
Hi.. Me going to tke test for management trainee(technical) Post I am an chemical engineering student . Can u guide how to prepare for this test.Can u send me test paper pattern..? 915
how does refractive index detector work? 554
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