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which is more effective , a single extraction with a large volume of solvent or several small volume extractions? Explain.    2  2382
What is the iodine value of spent carbon?How iodine value is used to determine the power of carbon to adsorb?    2  1990
What fluid first to be lined up in a heat exchanger whether hot or liquid?why? tcl   2  2449
To how much height the liquid willbe thrown out to atmosphere from a pump with a discharge pressure of 5bar tcl   4  2228
Why chlorine cylinders are laid down horizontally?    3  2355
A cylindrical vessel of 10m height has water upto 6m and is under a pressure of 15bar.What will be the pressure at the bottom most point of the vessel?    4  2432
i am going to appear vedanta written test so plz can any body suggest me for this on    0  1392
What does Dew point -40C mean in an air drying unit.    4  3852
How does a chemical get ignited without external heat source on reaching its auto ignition temperature    1  1434
what is the purpose of knockout drum in SRU?    3  3163
What is meant by surging in compressors? cpcl   5  4576
How to calculate the quantity of steam lost due to pinhole leak in a steam line of known pressure and line size? cpcl   1  2789
What would happen if the suction pressure is low in a boiler feed water pump? cpcl   6  6139
colour of flame is blue as well red. why? oxford   1  1394
what is the PH of earth? does earth is neutral like ph value 7 for water indicating water is neutral?    0  2255
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Un-Answered Questions
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need the type of technical questions in written test 410
How to caliculate the boil up rate, dia and height in both packed and tray distillation columns and any referance books for the design. 2826
oil field interview question 3704
motor vs pump 70
i'm a chemical engineer with an aggregate of 80% and i'm going to attend for TCS next week...if i encounter a question like this how i have to answer... WHY YOU CHOOSE SOFTWARE RATHER THAN YOUR CORE COMPANIES? 427
Hi, I am in need of interview questions from Engineers india limited in chemical engineering.if any one has kindly post it to me soon. 3652
Hi, This is Naveen, plz if anybody have experience of IOCL interview, send me question. 1323
how much inducation voltage shows in 11 kv 571
Where the Induced draft, forced draft & balanced draft furnace are to be used? Selection of furnaces are based on which criteria? 1314
my qualification is industrial biotech. i was read about many chemical engineering subject as a allied like unit operation, chemical thermodynamics, chemical reaction engineering , mass transfer and separation, downstream processing and principle of chemical engineering. and i have 2 yrs working exprience on in the field of instrumentation and control... and my query is "can i able work as process technologist" and which subject i want conc. more?........ 524
i am a prefinal year student of polymer engineering .could you please send the latest question papers regarding entrace exam. 444
What is the meaning of the critical speed of a turbine, and what are its effects on the shaft line 136
What are advantages using hollow shaft impeller? 1666
Why in a continuous plant for a Hot standby screw pump system the interlock for auto starting of the other pump ( when the running pump stopped suddenly) is given with header pressure only? why not with flow rate or current of the pump? 84
repected sir i have given gate exam today.......... if i ll get the better rank in that ....what is the next process .....shall i give another one test......or wat....i dint get properlly..... plz help me or mail me on 346
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