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why PH scale range is 14? why it is not less or not greater than 14? solution of HCl or hydrogen containing liquid has a PH. but if the solution is KMnO4 here not hydrogen power does it PH? explain plz....    1  2042
how to design a heat exchanger? tata   3  3118
what is a pschycometric chart and how to use it?    1  1808
In a Furnace arch pressure is more than Hearth pressure,then how flue gas travels to stack    0  1631
three advantages of immmobilized enzymes    1  1087
i am a prefinal year student of polymer engineering .could you please send the latest question papers regarding entrace exam. iocl   0  435
oil field interview question    0  3552
distance education chemical engineer degree aprooved courses any?    1  566
IS BTech chemical distance education degree from JRN Rajasthan vidyapeth by SSK engineering college Tamilnadu aprooved from UGC or AICTE?    1  2429
need the type of technical questions in written test    0  397
what is the PH value for boiler water.    11  5822
why relative humidity is different in different places    2  3258
i need some of the previous year question paper for ongc technical test and if possible let me know about the books to read for test ongc   2  4242
How many days we are store our cement bags?    4  4291
any meter avilable for measureing the Transformer Losses. ( like Voltmeter for voltage & ammiter for currenr )if yes plz give the make & supplier address, Email, Phone number. piramal-healthcare   0  370
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Un-Answered Questions
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What is the Import Procurement Cycle ? and what are the customization steps in SAP ? 3331
can anybody give me syallbus of chemical engineering for section engineer in railway. 639
PLZ ANYONE SEND ME PLACEMENT PAPERS OF I.O.C.L MY ID---- gaurav.nitw.5609@gmailcom 733
Dear sir/madam I am in final year BE chemical engineering.Which companies i can apply .Please guide me.It is very helpful for me 451
have any one question paper of institute of plasma research center for aptitute as well as technical? 2776
why traction voltage is 25kv 421
What diffrence between flush distillation & batch distillation ? 456
hai....i am chandrika. if anybody having test questions for HAL,HPCL,ONGC,IOL...PLS SEND THE QUES WITH SOLVED ANSWERS TO ME TO MY MAIL ID 451
What is the principles of crayogenic expansion turbin 496
which materials can l use if l want to use length wave 680 to 900 in hplc 285
how can i prepare for gate chemical in kolkata 557
whats the allowed tolerance of pipe to pipe butt joint mismatching 313
i am a prefinal year student of polymer engineering .could you please send the latest question papers regarding entrace exam. 435
What is higher heating value and lower heating value? Is it positive or negative? 1105
Hi, I am Gurunathan. I am in need of ONGC, IOCL, DRDO technical test ( chemical engineering)and general aptitude questions. If anyone has kindly post it to me soon. 915
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