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 Categories >> Engineering >> Chemical Engineering
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what is the main components of air ongc   3  3587
What are demand of crotonaldehyde99% in the worldand its international market ?    0  521
why sphericle shaped vessele used for storage of petrol?    3  2651
Can anyone tell me how to calculate the quantity of a third component added in an azeotropic batch distillation of a known quantity of azeotropic mixture?    1  1738
Why whenever a reciprocating compressor is switched ON or OFF it is put into unloading mode?    0  363
What are advantages using hollow shaft impeller?    0  1758
How does hollow shaft impeller works? Does it based on principle of pitot tube?    0  515
For what ration of Lengh/Dia. of tank (Jacketed tank), maximum heat transfer area is available?    0  472
What is % of piping & equipment cost for a chemical plant having batch process?    0  684
Why water is not directly added to sulphuric acid for dilution?    8  7565
1.How a chlorine leak is detected? 2.What would happen if excess chlorine is added to water in cooling tower?    3  3681
What is g and gc in a bernoulli's theorem? tcl   2  5246
how can I find out a sulfuric acid recovery plant disigner? ongc   0  737
How LPG gets liquefied by elevating the pressure?If the pressure is increased the temperature also increases,then how LPG is in liquid form?    1  2897
if the length of a pipe doubled what will be the effect on Pressure in line? isro   7  8362
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Un-Answered Questions
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What are demand of crotonaldehyde99% in the worldand its international market ? 521
i have done B.TECH in doing MBA . why you doing mba why u have not join any job. 703
What are some good estimates for heat transfer coefficients for coils in tanks? 641
Do you have recombinant protein expression experience? Explain? 1023
The process conditions of the fuel gas are as follows: Temperature = 25 deg C Pressure = 4 bar g Calculate the line size for the fuel gas supply line to the superheater 434
In Pressure Sfety Valve(PSV) 2" by pass line why given for process units. 137
distillation types (vacuum, azeotropic, steam, extractive) 627
Calculate the line size for a cooling water line with a volumetric flowrate of 1200m3/h of water. Density of water = 1000kg/m3 322
How to caliculate the boil up rate, dia and height in both packed and tray distillation columns and any referance books for the design. 622
I am pg student of chemical engg. I am intrested Heat Transfer Subject . I want information about advance heat transfer related PG PROJECT 463
hai please please if any one have useful test related and interview based question plz send me at i will be thankfull 370
hi all i have doe cheical engg, but i have to go for iob po interview so can anybody suggest me abt the kind of qns that can be asked. 489
sir i am appearing in railway exam of section engineer and my branch is chemical engineering i want previous question paper of section engineer of chemical branch please tell me as soon as possible my email id is THANKYOU 407
y we do not differ b/w atomic mass and atomic wieght? from 474
What is minimum flow required of NG having BTU value of 920 btu/scf for flame stability of LBTU gas of BTU value 220 BTU/SCF against the flow 80KPPH. 501
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