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what is the difference b/w different types of BTS like MICRO,MACRO.etc reliance   4  9832
how to work induction mooter    0  263
what is IP 68 & IP 66? ongc   2  7142
What is the current flowing through BTS?    1  1278
what is the base of telephone?    1  1468
steps which are performed in the bios POST codes    0  284
what is the working of silicon controlled resistor    3  2202
How to answer for "tell me about yoursel interview question"? While telling project experience, whether we should start from lastest to old or old to latest?    3  1329
what is the difference between analog and digital communications? which is the efficient communication??    6  29612
can u split the Point code switch(PC) zte   0  498
what is CT?wat r the uses of CT?    4  1492
What is the Difference between von neumann and harvard computer architecture? intel   5  6143
light travels faster than sound then why do we hear sound first and not video in telivision?    4  4769
i)if we use f.m for video signals in t.v. what will happen?    3  1775
i/p sec of atransformer is 230V 5a o/p spc is 12v 1a so i/p power will be 1150w o/p power will be 12w then how the power transfer theorm matching with this?? bosch   2  1313
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Un-Answered Questions
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I applied for Airport Authority of india's Jr Executive (Electronics & ATC).So please anybody Guide & Send me the Previous Questions and syllabus of written Test? My mailID 674
i am kvsivanarayanareddy . i work in mnc company in engineering job. i completed B.Tech in electronics &communication , i want to prepare group 2 exams in ap. pls give me suggetion for preparing group, how iwill start preparation pls send to my mail .which topocis i will concertrate . how i will reach my goal pls suggest to my question. 406
what is frame structher in SDH . 418
working and uses of current transformer? 340
write a program which calculates the frequency of a number between n maximum number 306
What is Cell Splitting? 264
what is the last major networking problem you trouble shoot and solved on your own in the last year? 226
can u provide interview questions of AIRPORT AUTHORITY OF INDIA AIR TRAFFIC CONTROL?? 325
Im Simil,doing 6th semester Electronics & Communication Engineering.After completing my course I would like to be an integral part of Siemens technology.For dat when & how shoult I apply? 543
if i get a job in bsc .what are the main key duties to handle 428
pls what type of questions asked in interview of appsc polytechnic govt lecturers mail to 1294
what is an industrial electronics engineer ? what he does ? what specialities and experties he should have ? what are the difference between industrial electronics engineer & electronics engineer & electrical engineer ? 532
why -48v is used for BTS in telecom? 505
Hai Frds, i want to join in testing tools course, pls sugest good institute. And pls tel about Mind Q institute & phone num of Nareswar Roa sir plss, ple mail me plssssss 215
How can increase strength of EMF in AC motor? 397
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