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What is the speed of signal in optical fiber ??    3  2731
why we use external oscillator in 8051 microcontroller ?? infosys   2  7787
what is the operation of logic gates when no input is applied    2  2372
how to know working functions of ICs using simple circuits    1  1191
Why we are using One End High ODU and One End Low ODU in Microwave Link?    1  2658
what is isdn.    5  2117
what is meant by a register and what function it is doing?    7  5965
pitch frequency of female?    1  1341
What are the causes of failure of mosfet in an high frequency application?    2  2396
how a choke of tubelight can be used to increse reciving power of antina?    0  424
why u choose ece    4  2739
i am preparing for AAI JR EXECUTIVE exams so plz suggest the objective materail for preparation aai-airports-authority-of-india   0  863
why u join indian army ssb   52  20249
what is a lagging current    3  2063
what is the meaning of crest factor    1  1569
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Un-Answered Questions
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If anybody have technical test papers for HPCL. Pls, mail me on 447
numerical on PCM. 637
how to write test cases? 415
Which of the following amplifier compensates for drift? A Low gain amplifier B High gain amplifier C DC amplifier D Differential amplifier 430
wath is this mining of hlr 594
if building "b" height casts a shadow "f ' feet long . the same day a tree "t" feet height will cast a shadow how many feet long ? a)ft/b b)fb/t c)b/ft d)tb/f e)t/fb 441
if my one vlan in chennai and other vlan is in hydrabad then how this two vlan can communicate 498
Is it possible to isolate a drive by installing a offline ups and also drive should be protected during normal power supply availability and is the use of isolation transformer necessary. 499
i have design dc-dc 3-way isolator circuit,how to test psrr,response time,limit frequency 420
The positive clipper can be easily converted into negative clipper by A Reversing diode and changing the polarity of reference voltage B Reversing diode only C Changing the polarity D None of these 799
please send me rrb gorakhpur je teli question paper 2023
what is the properties of good transformer oil 390
Tell me something about IN call Flow and what is the difference between the flows in both GSM and CDMA technologies? 578
The linearity error for a digital input is indicated by what??? 466
Can someone guide me about the written test paper pattern for s/w engg having exp of more than 3yrs.will it be technical or aptitiude? 370
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