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I m a computer science engg. passout and want to prepare for PSUs but I dont have the idea of the study material which I should study from and the previous Question papers of PSUs,plz help me....    0  336
Discuss any three advantages that digital systems have over analog    4  4439
any one have C-Dot interview question.....its urgent ...if any one hav..plzz share as soon as possible. cdot   0  1271
plz send me the website of dmrc for previous questions papers dmrc   0  579
why clock frequency of microcontroller 8051 is chosen as 11.0592 MHZ? prolific   4  11562
if once can say that after 3 year at which position do you see yourself wipro   2  1831
What Is MAIO and HSN? Explain briefly the relation relation between MAIO and HSN.    1  2934
draw the circuit diagram of a transistor frequency convertor using a tetrode transistor?    0  827
why dose response of a phototransistor depent upon the wave length of the incident light?    0  455
what is a tetrode transisitor ? show the structure of such a device and indicate the polarity of the biasing voltage applied to each element?    0  374
draw the circuit diagram of a transistor frequency convertor using a tetrode transistor?    0  408
what do u mean by 3G? tech-mahindra   8  11466
why cant dc is transferd from one place to another place as ac?    2  1985
sir i did my B.E(E.C.E) with an aggregate of 75.81% nw iam searching for job im interested in getting job in electronic side hw can i know abt interviews.    1  1216
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Un-Answered Questions
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how is one able to tell the unlock code for the mobile phone using the imei 397
Why do we need Interview? 541
I had completed my diploma in electronics and communication. Currently am working with a pvt. ltd. (with two years of experiences) company which makes panel using plc, VFD(drivers) and scada monitoring system. so should i get supervisor licence for my supervisor post??? 329
why do we use soft starters 198
What are the test parameters to check the proper functionlity of TCP/IP protocol. 455
what is a random variable? 1205
Given a light which may blink at a random time. There are two players who has to press a button when light blinks. The person who gets 20 pts first is declared as winner. Design FSM for this gaming event. 684
interface 8085 microprocessor with 4K RAM, 256 bytes RAM, 2K RAM and 6K ROM using decoders and gates? 302
if my one vlan in chennai and other vlan is in hydrabad then how this two vlan can communicate 443
I have recieved an interview call from HECL that is Heavy Engineering Corporation Ltd, Ranchi , Jharkhand. Can you please provide me some Electronics and Communication questions for preparation as early as possible since I am left with just one week. 481
what are the basic courses can be done for ece branch? 397
i want do telecom protocol development course from hyderbad convergence training school so what is the scope after doing that course and will i get a good job after doing the course and what will be the minimum package 403
last Airforce test paper 490
"11101111" when that bit oriented message transmitting from sender to is it calculate parity bit and how is it show bit stream that would be even parity error detection scheme..pls send me an answer..very important,, 445
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