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how a log ratio amplifier works?    0  356
how a DPAD converts voltage to current? dr-reddys   0  581
How can increase strength of EMF in AC motor? tcs   0  414
Please somebody tell me the call flow for MO & MT call with diagram & complete explaination ?    0  1865
hai iwant RRB previous 5 years question papers    0  347
which book is good for electronics aptitude test? oracle   0  3017
please guide me who to prepare for bel interview...    0  999
which two layers of OSI perform error and flow control functions. how they are different    1  1866
IT-Executive interview in J&K bank. jammu-and-kashmir-bank   1  1393
Why we receive inverted output from transistor when we use it as a Voltage amplifier?    1  1658
what are flag in microprocessor doeacc   5  1518
Consider sinc(x):where sinc(x)=sin (xpi)/xpi. and sinc(x) have max value i.e. unity at x=0 .now if x=0.then pix =0 and sin (pix)=0 at x=0. then above expression sin (xpi)/xpi.should be of 0/0 form i.e. in-determined form. then how sinc(x) is one at x=0. pi is constant.    1  1207
How to test the GSM, CDMA wireless terminals? tcs   0  969
What is the difference between FDM and WDM?    5  14899
how to write test cases?    0  331
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Un-Answered Questions
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WT is technical detail and Function or working of these cards 1. POWER CARDS 2. BB2F 3. Trx 4. BOIA CARD 5. ALARM EXTENSION SYSTEM 6. RRI CARD 7. COMBINER 8. DUPLEXER 422
If R1=R2, then B=0.5, the total time T of square wave in astable multivibrator using op-amp is A T=RC B T=2 RC ln 3 C T=2 RC ln 2 D T=2RC ln (1+ 0.5) 260
Can any one share the training will be in Viven embedded academy Hyderabad for Advanced embedded systems course??? 478
temperature transmitter range o to 100c over range set value 21.6ma if you give source on the field transmitter showing iop out put also 21.6ma but dcs not showing iop samething if you simulat from hart 21.6ma in dcs showing iop how its possible? 758
what is the procedure of a call? MS to MS STD. i want to know about the questions of telecom. plz send me on my mail id. friends also can send me ....... my mail id is 397
How the cellular phone is working? 384
hi all iam going to give AAI tech exam i did my BE in electronics and communication if any one have any sample papers and SYLLABUS for it please plzzzzzzzzzzzzz for my career mail me at 361
1.antenna is passive or active?? add why? 2.diff b/w tch drop & tch block?? 3 diff. b/w sdcch drop & sdcch block?? 424
sir plz send me BPCL recruitment(Engineering Trainee Electronics & Communication) sample question papers & Topics as early as possible 2429
What are the facilities for evacuation/sheltering in nuclear submarrine when any nuclear accident takes place in submarrine? 356
How to Create the Node file with Multi Dropping 307
What's the difference between looping 0s and 1s in K map? 2036
areas for improvement 829
What are the properties of FFT? What happens when you pass a signal of 1000Hz through an FFT????? 622
In automation process timer based automation is best or not? any other possible methods are available 372
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