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How to answer for "tell me about yoursel interview question"? While telling project experience, whether we should start from lastest to old or old to latest?    3  768
what is the difference between analog and digital communications? which is the efficient communication??    6  10686
can u split the Point code switch(PC) zte   0  214
what is CT?wat r the uses of CT?    4  907
What is the Difference between von neumann and harvard computer architecture? intel   5  3255
light travels faster than sound then why do we hear sound first and not video in telivision?    4  2155
i)if we use f.m for video signals in t.v. what will happen?    3  1186
i/p sec of atransformer is 230V 5a o/p spc is 12v 1a so i/p power will be 1150w o/p power will be 12w then how the power transfer theorm matching with this?? bosch   2  802
Why are there two Ground pins on DIP (Dual In-line Package) of 8086 Microprocessor IC ? reliance   3  1742
Hey all, i have a circuit that contains a diode and 2 resistors here is a link to the image what i am think is that VL = 0.7V because of the silicon diode so IL = 0.7/750*10^-3 = 0.9333 mA and V0 = 0.7V but i am not sure of my answerer    2  333
how to see the MAC address in your server's ARP table? tcs   0  193
how can we get the output of half adder by using 555 timer circuit,give it desired circuit diagram infosys   0  220
how can i calculate increase electrical signal power expected at the photodiode detector output given 2 optical loss coefficients and the distance covered using multimode.thank you.    0  154
Why in TV transmission amplitude modulation is used for Video and FM for Audio. Is is possible FM for Video transmission sail   8  6516
negative feedback connections in flip flop    1  720
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Un-Answered Questions
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what are the advantages and disadvantages of embedded compare to vlsi,dsp? 399
Which Programer/Programing Software Should i use to program Mitsubishi FX Series PLC. PLZ DO ANSWER 149
what is purpose of use stug. 149
HOW CAN I WRITE the SCENARIO , USE CASE , Hierarchical Task Analysis AND PLAN FOR ATM ? URGENT 414
i have been filled the form of AIRPORT AUTHORITY OF INDIA for ATC & ELECTRONICS but this is may i did'nt got exam date .when it will conduct. 260
please guide me from where I got semple of written test solved paper 213
construction of current tranformer 142
how is corona effect can be detected?? 198
How to Create the Node file with 1 E1 (4+4+4). 181
What is the distance from an RF Transmitter that output power is determined? 348
what is the universal communication protocol? 183
1. How many TRXs are supported in Nokia Metrosite 2. What is the command to lock the TRX 3. What is the command to unlock the BTS 4. What is the command from BSC to check the alarm in BTS 5. What is the maximum transmit power of FlexiEdge BTS 6. When Abis link is down, name the alarm that is generated at BSC 7. Orange LED on RRI card is glowing – what is the indication? 8. How many E1s are supported by one E1 card in BTS 9. How many ways one can login to BIO card? 10. What are the different data rates in Abis for Traffic, TRX signaling and OMU 11. BCSU card in BSC can support how many TRXs? 12. What is the command to check list of sites that are down? 13. How many TRX are supported when we use one M2HA card in BTS? 14. Name the different types of power supply card in BTS and the output power of each card 15. Ater interface is between transcoder and MSC – True/False 16. SS7 signaling is used in Abis interface – True/False 17. FlexiEdge BTS has RRI card – True/False 18. From Transcoder to MSC, data rate for each call is 64Kbps – True/false 19. Name different types of TRXs which supports different GSM bands 20. ODU LED shows orange – what is the significance? 485
which modulation is better in terms of power and bandwidth angle or amplitude modulation ??? 292
For how much time F-1 vissa is valid? 201
when do we use capacitor and inductor as strong device 199
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