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The potential energy of a charged conductor is hp   0  1368
The charge of an electron is equal to bsnl   9  5554
The determinant of matrix is    3  1681
A Square matrix each of whose diagonal element is 1 and each of the non-diagonal element is zero is called    7  4078
The conjugate of complex numbers 3 + 2j is    9  4041
Which of these represent two parallel lines:    0  515
X^2 - 4X - 2Y + Y^2 = 4 represents a circle with bsnl   4  3074
What are all the connectors used in the GSM Architecture like Abis is used between BTS and BSC, I need it in detail. rrb   1  1480
what is SSI?    3  1612
what is the value of TEI ist T1?    0  386
how do link aT1 from the 1st BTS to 2nd BTS4? ericsson   0  460
Is fan out of ECL logic family is high?give reason for yes or no?    0  739
What is the chemical composition of the substance used as feed horn? And how many types of feedor are there? hcl   0  402
Hi in PCB design what the formula for the trace with calculation. linkwell   9  10745
what is the rolls rolls of an Engineer?    1  1396
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Un-Answered Questions
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How many hours did the fuse tubelight glow after it connect it to the rectifier circuit? 84
What is the simplest way to maintain the "power factor" of any system? if you have many methods specify all! 293
What will be the call flow in case user doesn't answer the call 500
i need recent placement paper 356
what kind of problem arise when two host share same Harware address? 392
In Telecom, While call set up what are the Masseges will flow from all network element to each other. 521
SIR,i am applying for the if you send some previos sample question -answer i will be higly obliged 544
how can trace the fault in any PCB? what are the steps to find problem & to troubleshoot? 491
working principle of direct digital controllers(DDC Panel) 1749
Which type of control system used in nuclear submarrine newly launched by Govt. of India. 353
i want to held the examination of the gave the condition &prepare to eam &whose subjet are chose 853
areas for improvement 867
4. What is the command from BSC to check the alarm in BTS 485
What is the state if the RED LED is glowing on PWSx card What is the state if the YELLOW LED is glowing on PWSx card 362
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