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What are all the connectors used in the GSM Architecture like Abis is used between BTS and BSC, I need it in detail. rrb   1  1441
what is SSI?    3  1536
what is the value of TEI ist T1?    0  379
how do link aT1 from the 1st BTS to 2nd BTS4? ericsson   0  447
Is fan out of ECL logic family is high?give reason for yes or no?    0  722
What is the chemical composition of the substance used as feed horn? And how many types of feedor are there? hcl   0  394
Hi in PCB design what the formula for the trace with calculation. linkwell   9  10269
what is the rolls rolls of an Engineer?    1  1343
wat will happen to the windings if the required current is not given to a stepper or dc motor , but voltage is constantly applied to it below required current?? freescale-semiconductor   0  437
which is effective parallel or serial communication?    6  5104
what is pre-warping in filter design?    2  12996
why is 555 timer called so?    15  20924
Why the shape of OP-AMP is triangular not other shape? tcs   15  11513
Why the input impedance of OP-Amp is so high? tcs   1  657
What is meant by virtual ground in the op amp ? tcs   14  24119
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Un-Answered Questions
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What is the protocol ? 2028
Why every time that I hit the microphone or when I speak louder the amplifier is switched of? 337
how server differentiate different clients ie if you r using http application server listen through port 80 if all client using same http application then how? 543
What are the test parameters to check the proper functionlity of TCP/IP protocol. 410
plz send last 5 year paper set for JE-II(ELECTRICAL)Exam held on few month in mumbai 278
why rs232 is used in uart when there are many rs devices like rs449 etc . what is the main advantage in using rs232 1389
If R1=R2, then B=0.5, the total time T of square wave in astable multivibrator using op-amp is A T=RC B T=2 RC ln 3 C T=2 RC ln 2 D T=2RC ln (1+ 0.5) 270
i want assit.loco poilet sample papers 279
Sir, Plz send the last 5 yrs ques papers for Railway board's section engineer post. Thanks, 298
how does modulation reduce bandwidth 1099
please send the last 5 years {{{JUNIOR ENGINEER - ELECTICAL, ELECTRONICS RRB CHENNAI}}} TECHNICAL question papers TO MY EMAIL ID I AM BE APPEARING STUDENT CAN I FILL THE FORM OF SECTION ENGG i have to face written test of rrb for the post of J.E (signal), so please send me the old/model question papers for this post to my e-mail ? electronics).for tecnical test question which book is preferred. Railway recruitment board (Changighar examination 2006 & 2005&2004 question papers. Wtion to Your Friend] RRB which book I have to refer? 437
How the FM 200 System is work? Just give me a reply about the Fire Incident and then Suppression by FM 200 step by step? Regards, ZahIR Uddin Babar For, BAFFESCO 430
Which type of power plant is more easier to produce electrical power at economical condition? 350
In india What are the best institutes for telecom job oriented training,am e.c.e fresher? 1000
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