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Slant line with arrow head in NPN & PNP transistor indicate the direction of rrb   22  4594
hi freinds my name is lokesh and i am preparing for bel so anybody having bel question papers can please send to my bel   0  293
what are different type of routing protocols 3i-infotech   3  1468
sun rises in the east,what is information content?    3  1695
speed of optical fibre    3  1423
How emergency call get through without coverage but not other call at that time? airtel   0  273
sir i am completed B.E in 2006 i wrote RRb Section Engineer Exams two times .how to prepare and how is ask previous question paper some previous question paper send through mail id rrb   2  1036
Can u please post some questions of MTNL junior telecom officer exam? lanco   0  1222
For TV transimission in india we use AM for video and FM for audio. why like this? can we use opposite way? sony   4  3594
highest voltage gain can be obtained from a ).CC b).CE c).CB d).Both CE and CB cisco   14  6854
GSM channel bandwidth is a ).200mhz b).200khz c).25 mhz. d.)25 khz cisco   12  13460
Balun is a transformer which changes a). unbalanced to balanced line b). balanced to unbalanced line c). zero to infinite impedance d). input like transformer cisco   3  2484
3.Which type of fading cause serious distortion of modulated signal a)selective fading b)interference fading c)absorption fading d)polarization fading cisco   7  4703
please post me questions for technical interview in tata communications tranformations,    0  1262
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Un-Answered Questions
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also send me aptitude question paper 74
the number of factors of 576?and the logic for this question? 522
How can increase strength of EMF in AC motor? 188
i have been filled the form of AIRPORT AUTHORITY OF INDIA for ATC & ELECTRONICS but this is may i did'nt got exam date .when it will conduct. 255
I have Completed my diploma in Electronics in year 2009.I got low score in TOEFL.SO what should i do to get the visa...I am confident that I will get the visa..But probable chances for getting visa....and i also got I20 and paid Visa interview fees..... 165
Which frequency would a frequency-counter count , if it is connected to an antenna that is recieving several frequencies close to each other in amplitude? 330
please send the last 5 years {{{JUNIOR ENGINEER - ELECTICAL, ELECTRONICS RRB CHENNAI}}} TECHNICAL question papers TO MY EMAIL ID I AM BE APPEARING STUDENT CAN I FILL THE FORM OF SECTION ENGG i have to face written test of rrb for the post of J.E (signal), so please send me the old/model question papers for this post to my e-mail ? electronics).for tecnical test question which book is preferred. Railway recruitment board (Changighar examination 2006 & 2005&2004 question papers. Wtion to Your Friend] RRB which book I have to refer? 253
which taype question pattern in hr round in telecom feild. 350
can we conect lowpass filter before high pass filter in cascade form in band pass filter?(active filter). 413
what is integration,optimization of gsm corenetwork in practice? 344
How to measure 4-20 mA in the live Ckt. r when the equipment is working ( example VFD, PLC).& 4-20mA used in maximum all ckts. 173
send me test pattern of nsn? 284
12. Multiprogramming nd multithreading.. Which of these are better? a.multiprogramming b.multithreading c.depends on the system d.both are efficient 694
what are all the requirements to build a small robot,which can work to certain distance? (please give a detailed requirement) 268
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