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hi all, can any one tell me a website or document on basic interview questions on plc for a fresh diploma candidate?    1  510
how to checking earth restence with earthtester ntpc   1  305
3phase lt motor winding how to checking with megger    1  2314
plz tel me syllabus and exam date 4 jr executive engg (electrical) aai-airports-authority-of-india   0  208
what is Micrologic 6.0A advantages over Micrologic 2.0A    1  1644
what is XF 200/240 V AC for Drawout Breaker.    1  303
how to size a diesel generator set?    1  809
IS diode and blocking diode are the same?..what is meant by blocking diode    1  711
what is surge arresters ?........    7  1006
What is the different between Insulator & Di-electrict?    2  945
what is the different between Switch & Circuit Breaker?    9  5382
What is the function of a pressure Switch in a Substation?    2  1158
can i connect the two phases of scott connected transformer,if not why?    0  154
i want to put single phase load on scott connected transformer,eventhough how to balance the transformer.    0  183
why the earth terminal of the three pin plug we are using bigger than the others?    2  1244
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Un-Answered Questions
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The 3 phase 400 hp 440 volt slip ring induction motor do not take one phase amps why ? The motor is running good condition 177
defult setting in p220 micom motor proction relay for 11kv,640kw,f.l.a.-40a,1440rpm ht motor? 765
How many capacitors using in LT panel as per Govt rules? 167
In cable sizing calculation (determining the max route length of cable) why we choose the shortest length between cable length of full load current Iflc & starting current Istart? 325
star delta starter contorl circuit... drawing.. 182
power transmission pole used one support , that only for support or earthing 104
What we mean by vintage of an engine+Generator? 164
where reactive power is used 125
for a 400kv t/m line with 10 ampere current will corona occur? 138
what is calculation mathod/formaulla for deciding Size of busbar (Copper/ aluminum)for L.T. panel on Various Fault level like 50kA,25kA,10kA 885
while running ,synchronous generator is being turned off.what will happen to the current flow?? 141
how to select energy meter? have any calculation? 161
What is x/r ratio? 281
How to calculate the efficiency of Turbo Generator(Alternator) in general....? 34
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