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what is the meaning of the HT LT transformer? sify   7  26824
how the characterstics of control valve being done    0  242
How PSV sizing being done    0  428
orifice sizing how done, checking & selection    0  226
cable tray sizing & selection    1  1231
how is positive, negative, zero sequence is happen.. how is effect on 3 phase system    0  182
where reactive power is used    0  237
practically What is power factor    5  2785
why we not using 230kv directly why we are stepping down and then stepping up siemens   2  1519
In power point wiring,often,we use less size of earth wire compared to phase & neutral wire and we use big size pin in pug top. how is it justified? can we use small size cable for earthing? hal   3  3876
Please tell me what is the difference between online UPS & OFF line UPS? hal   2  2392
Any body can help me in getting LT panel test procedure. tata   0  352
Differnce between Analog & Digital    1  1389
can a generator with 15AH specified battery for starting can be connected to a battery of greater capacity?    2  899
what are the types of starter ? me   15  65967
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Un-Answered Questions
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what is the pre charge circuit,what will be work which function it will be use plz tell me 181
we need a ntpc previous papers 345
Why we used 690V in ACS 800 drives.Why dont use standard voltage like 415v or 1.1Kv 557
The gauge indicates the number of amps, but what about voltage? How voltage rating (for wire or fuse) determined? 268
what r PID controllers?why they r used?what is there purpose?plz Explain in detail 339
how and where does star and delta connection is used ? 1614
Why in 6 KV XLPE cable termination kit used and why not in 380 V xlpe cable same is not used 617
plz send me the procedure and syllabus for mseb exam 1883
sir,in our plant we r using SATEC PM172E power reading meeters in HT panel side it is monitoring the MB data smart viewer(sever).but last one week we did not get readings inthe server only available in meeter.tell me how communicate meter and server. and also what steps we take for checking. 311
when the time of backcharging the transformer three phases only enough or three phase with neutral is must.from these which one is the best one. 322
What is VCC? 255
Why there are some equipment(i.e:TV) that using 2-pin plug instead of three? What happen if there is current leakage? Are we going to get electric shock?? 355
I am selected in OCL(Orissa cement Limited), but they have a Tech PI round their at their plant.Anybody has any idea that what kind of questions they are going to ask??Please guies help me. I am in serious headache.I have heard that huge elimination is done at there. 2249
Readings of ER300P Trivector meter 2074
What is the reason behind current flow(20 A) in amain earth cable of an SMDB? Is cuurent flow(45A etc) through a neutral cable acceptable? 363
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