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what is meant by servo motor ? how its operating either AC or DC?    0  583
. Is there a simple method to measure the horsepower of a small motor (1-3 hp) for a non-technical person    2  696
What is Electrical Engineering? l&t   13  3491
for measuring current and etc.,why we use value of 1.732 in three phase calculation. not in single phase.why    3  4622
power generation unit kw/hr or kw/day ?? please answer me    3  716
on whcih cycle does gas turbine works?    2  702
cost of operation of which plant is least?    6  549
how to determine capacitor bank capacity of one plant.. dalkia   2  2236
What is the role and reponsibilities of Electrical Engineers in construction field? l&t   10  8340
whu does the power factor of diesel generator always be 0.8. please explain dalkia   5  3659
In a star(primary) to delta(secondary) transformer,how you take the neutral point? hll   2  1092
What is the difference between automatic & semi-automatic star-delta starters?    3  1441
What is the working principle of MIG welding? and its out put Voltage? l&t   0  585
hi all, can any one tell me a website or document on basic interview questions on plc for a fresh diploma candidate?    1  511
how to checking earth restence with earthtester ntpc   1  308
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Un-Answered Questions
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what is die electric strnth of transformer ? 150
What is clock position of Transformer?what are the clock positions are there?and what is different of them? 377
what is the transiant condition in alternator? and how it can be prevanted? 112
sir pls send the je exam - 2008 and other model question papers.. 234
What is the maximum No. of out going mccbs permitted from an LV distribution paqnel? What is the ampere relation between incomer and out going switch gears/mccbs? 131
what is the function of statics switch in ups and tell me parts 99
What will be the fault current of any system when its generation is 10% of BASE generation( FUll Load )?Will is 10% or the same as full base calculation? 118
please send me latest & previous years question papers for IOCL Technical level questions 268
I want to know how to calculate the size of electricity cable in building? 176
What it the purpose of parallel phasing transfomers?? 99
In siemens PLC, why do we want to move the data ? 356
what will happen if multimeter(selector switch at DC voltage) and terminal at current is connected to DC supply? 82
63MVA,220KV/6.9KV Transformer LV side neutral is connected to Earth pit through NGR. Whether this earth pit required to connect with near by below grouding earth mat or it is to be kept separate? 161
What is inrush current? how can calculateit? what is the affect of it? 135
what is automatic voltage regulator?we can control the vlotage by using fuzzy controller in matlab?why we go for fuzzy? 143
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