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am commissioning the trafo without connecting the neutral therefore unbalance will occur what is the alternative solution for this? l&t   0  214
I had attend the ITC (Indian Tobacco Company) interview (For Electrical maintanance).There they was conducted me a written test.And I was passed in that.Now They are going to conduct a Practical Interview in next round.Please help me what practical test they will ask............? itc-infotech   0  4350
What is the reason of using bus-bars on the secondary on the LT transformers?    1  1204
how to introduce yourself    0  349
what will happen if i commission a transformer without connecting the neutral? l&t   2  3483
why the impedence of the transformer is expressed in percentage? dewa   1  2596
how to identified power tranfer line is how much KV???? essar   5  3728
why power generated only 11KV not more than???????? and why power up/down is multification of 11*?=??.??? foe Example 11/33,11/66,66/11KV etc, essar   7  4505
what happen if field of dc shunt motor opens? what is function of putting res. in parallel to one phase of 3 phase IM? the power supplied by 5A source in circuit is given by------Watt.    0  260
calculate multiplication factor of a trivector meter with line ct ratio 200/5A, line PT ratio 11000/110V and meter CT ratio 200/1A and meter pt Ratio 11000/110V.    2  3259
what will happened to give the dc supply to ac transformer?    3  1318
what are the duties of commutator in motor and generator? l&t   6  2783
Can any body explain the operation system of MVWS(May be related to water and fire hydraunt system)? tata   2  1370
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Un-Answered Questions
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How RTCC panel is working and give single line diagram for RTCC with transformer? 921
In ACS 1000 drive we are using 12 pulse converter,why don't use 3 pulse converter. 244
at what basis/standard we have to arrive the current density of aluminium/ copper in busbar? 346
how to calculate slip ring induction motor stator and rotor currents?? 352
How Load Factor, Demand Factor, Diversity Factor etc best applied in designing an electrical circuit? Is it allowed to consider these factors in each and every panel in an electrical distribution system? Can any body suggest a good book for reference? 878
Why does the speed regulating system adopting I controller have no steady-state error? In this single closed-loop speed regulating system, when the input of the I controller Un=0, what is the output voltage of the regulator? What factors do the output voltage depend on? 290
when a pure dc signal is sent through a moving iron meter, what will it read?? dc or rms?? when a variable dc signal is sent through a moving iron meter, what will it read?? dc or rms?? 411
What will be the effect if I use inverter as UPS mood? 389
What is complex power? 465
what would u consider to be the basic purchase order information you would need to proceed with a cable inspection assignment? 248
why the earth is taken minimum in supplying? wather it the proportional factor to getting work any equipment or a power plant? 242
Disadventage of cable-gland earthing if any ? 254
what are the installation procedure of high voltage power transformer,CT,CB&PT? 403
why the check zone and main zone are used for Busbar Protn. scheem? 314
what will happen if frequency is below 50 hz? 171
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