Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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why do motors burn out? I understand why adding parallel loads to a power source means more current moves through the circuit, and can destroy circuit elements by overheating. What about when you have a vaccuum cleaner intake flush against a floor, a room fan sitting directly against a wall, or a power drill trying to drill through something too hard?




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For 300 MW plant what is the distribution voltage

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in alternator what is use of AVR ? how AVR is operating either AC or DC?

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in alternator how we can give power to rotor ? its power is AC or DC ?

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how can u determine size of the conductor by knowing the voltage level

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why HV test for cables?.why 0.7times?

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What will be the output of t/f supplied with DC sourse?

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what is IP55,IP65

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what do u mean by starting torque? how it should be for a good motor? what is the relation between starting torque and power factor? What is the relation between efficiency and starting torque?

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please explain me about traction application?

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define differential current and restraining current in relays. how to calculate it by mathematically? post the formulaes.

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why the rating of a transformer in kva not in kw.

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why cu losses called cu losses.

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What is the value of nuetral current in star connected load when DC is supplied to it???

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why output is out of phase in case of common emitter?


In TNC switch, is there any 1NO+1NC block ? and if we move over closing position, is ther any affect on trip position or vice versa?


Is there any specialised book to refer about fault level calculation both in MV and LV side??


what is charger supervision and control supervision?


How CFL &T5 tube light glows?


what is the safe meggar values for motor, transformer HT, LT and Cables? IF we want to replace I/C bay at our 220 kv substation which is of 140 mw load capacity bay to be replaced by 400 mw capacity bay.other than CT(1200/1) what are the other equipment i have to replace. why we generally use 3.5 core cable or in other word 1/2 core for neutral and also confirm me that in balance conditiob(3 phase)current in neutral will zero


what is automatic voltage regulator and it is used?


What is process of anneling transformer core


how  do you choose the cable size as per amps rating & the voltage drop for the same.


Is there any abbrevation for STUB in Stub bus protection


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Who are the manufacturer for Nitrogen based Fire Protectio/explosion prevention for Oil Filled Transformers? India and international both?


what is the difference between electrical choke and electronic choke?


Explain the following and how these are working with PLC Unit 1 I/O Module Card 2 Adaptor Card 3 Ribbon Adaptor 4 I/O bus 5 I/O Devices


how can we change the phase angle b/w two phase?