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why using eleven's multiple for substations?    2  565
Why CBCT rating is 50/1A    0  231
Which are Electrical componet and Electronics componet??    2  456
should %impedance be high or low in a power transformer? if so why?    0  260
What is the meaning of STAR POINT? Why this important in CT and VT? l&t   2  1862
Why we use a shunt capacitor or synchronizing Motor To Improve a Power factor pls reply me in this mail    4  715
what is use of stater and choke in tube light.? aditya-birla   1  675
What type of core material is used for metering C.T and protection C.T??? bhel   0  208
Why are calling leading power factor is a capacitive load?    1  361
Why are calling lagging power factor is a inductive load?    2  469
what is mean by unity power factor?why are u calling Resistivity load also unity power factor?    2  369
can indirect loading be called as phantom loading?    0  154
difference b/w series¶llel abb   4  1473
Where the ON LOAD TAP CHANGER is provided in the setp up transformer?    2  639
FLP zone Types and Details    1  495
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Un-Answered Questions
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What is Partial Discharge test .Please specify that this test can be test on 11/0.433 KV,630 KVA Transformer. 135
why are use corona ring in high tension line switchgear? 90
Show the schematic arrangement of diesel power station layout and give its principle of operation. 375
What is the ratio of Booster transformer? 234
What is the Surge for 1.1 Phase Induction Motor(For Eg.1Hp) 2.3 Phase Induction Motor(For Eg.1Hp) 3.AirConditioner(For Eg 1Ton) 4.Refrigerator(For Eg 180Ltr or 160kW) 5.Induction Cooker 4. Ceiling Fan 162
what about SAP/MRP regarding manufacturing of electric motors and all drives? 208
Parts of machine and their discription in details with suitable photo 123
why we not used 11kva as a direct our electrnics component. 168
What is the earth treantment procedure? 108
CPC cable .PVC \1C....I want to get sure that type is flexible indoor or to be install on trench. please advice .thanx :) 99
can we use CBCT in neutral of solidly grounded transformer? in place of three phases we can pass only one phase which decreases the size of CBCT? 176
How to decide whether A / B / C / D curve type MCB should be used? 209
what is the grounding Calculation formula? spouse i want to provide grounding to 3phase 18kw motor or i want to provide ground to 3phase 10kva dry type transformere or you give me any exemple...... Thanks. 249
if the armature current in a dc generator is ac ( sinusoidal ) why doesnt the sjhape af armature mmf a sinusoidal (ni) ? armature mmf in case of a dc machine is triangular. 168
How to calculate the External Resistance required for 60HP slipring motor in case no any data of the Motor is available??? 135
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