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is there any chance to get shock from the transformer oil at the time of maintenance due to its dielectric property. . ? bhel   5  2628
Is there any reason that a vertical motor can not be mounted horizontally ? I happen to have one and would like to use it horizontally to save money by not buying a new horizontal motor.    1  924
mounting of bucholz relay engle on transformer    4  1175
what is the acceptable earth resistance value ?    4  7595
how many types of motor can be used in washing machine    0  383
How to select transmission line type (i.e. 11kv or 33kv) for new established industries    0  365
why are the likely reasons for bochholz & pressure relays oprate due to a internal fault but not differential relay ?    2  1206
trasformer ratting bhel   2  1469
Hello friends., my question is related to testing of current transformer... A Ct having knee point voltage of 750 volts., and I have two step up transformer's of rating 230 v to 440 volts., can I obtain the value of 750 volts by using the two transformer's.... If yes then how could I connect the transformer's to obtain knee point voltage?? thank you in advance abb   1  1468
What is the technical formula to calculate the load taken by a motor in Amperes ?    1  1324
what happens to a turbo alternator if it get trip and 1 out of 3 poles of circuit breaker in close condition wbsedcl   1  1469
if 12v battery get discharged for 2 months after if we put charge it will charge again?how much time it will take to charge?    0  226
what is meant by dedicated earthing?    1  1234
What safety precaution are to be taken for avoiding electric hazards ?    0  271
What are the Application of CT & PT ?    2  1907
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Un-Answered Questions
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What are the applications of different multistage amplifiers?Plz also write advantages of these amplifiers? Thaaaaaaaaanx 1248
what is earthing transformer? draw the winding dia.of earthing transformer. 119
what is the difference b/w UHVDC and HVDC(LIGHT)? 1360
How to calcualte the total number of cells required for particular UPS of some X KVA with 3 and 5 hours back-up? 419
How much current will a 5 HP delta connected motor at no load will take?Is tat need a starter 2964
Why squirrel cage motor can only use with low starting loads ? 362
What is the difference between rated and per unit in transformer? 438
what are the standard IR values should be of R-E, Y-E, B-E, R-Y, Y-B, B-R of VCB in closed condition and in open condition for 500KVA & 1000KVA transformers. and what is the acceptable range when tested by 5000V megger. 321
What is the pro & con of having 11kv & 33kv incoming, and what is the adv & disadv. of converting from 11kv to 33kv. 534
What is the purpose of stablization resistor in high impedance bus bar protection 337
If a transformer primary winding operates at 240v, the secondary at 120v and the load is 1500w & the transformer is rated at 92% efficient, what's the current flowing through the primary winding of the transformer? What is the formula for finding this? 324
If there is no problem with the electronic circuit and regulator then why the motor start rotating at low value of regulator with full speed both at laod and no load??? and if my judgement of circuit is wrong then what is your openion? 368
what is the difference between an alternator and a synchronous motor 401
can we start slipring motor on star delta like we start induction motor ? if yes where will we connect ? 340
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