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 Categories >> Engineering >> Electrical Engineering
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what is meant by 3rd hormonics ?    0  159
In CT,which terminal(s1,s2) need to be grounded?    2  1127
220/33kv voltage level having 60MVA rating , which transformer is preferred two winding or auto transformer. why, kindly provide your strong technical valuable views.    1  447
why we measure output of transformer in kva?    1  790
transformer is working or not with supply of DC?    2  500
why can tv operate at low voltage??    1  540
what about GD square and its important for motor design? mnc   0  798
What is the importance of counter based plan & how is it scheduled? tata   0  98
aeroline vibration is present dvc   1  379
galloping in transmission line is due to dvc   2  455
In PT the coil is wound on? dvc   3  570
time constant of RC series circuit? dvc   2  394
in dc transmission the frequency pi is zero, then how it will transmit communication signal?    1  413
what is the correct method for the outdoor termination of 19/33 KV HT cable step by step? finolex   0  136
WHAT IS THE FUNCTION OF SEMICON IN 33KV ht CABLE ? & Is it neccessory to remove the semicon screen from the xlpe insulation at the time of termination & what happen we do not do it? finolex   3  2212
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Un-Answered Questions
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what is the difference between circular wdg & ractangular wdg? 65
An ELHNC 80amp 240v 30mA RCD is tripping periodically, every 30 - 180 seconds is it safe to disconnect the protection circuit? 172
What is notching in dc machine? 92
what is R Core Transformer. how it differs from normal transformers. dont search in net and post the answer. 247
What should be the protection scheme for a 15kw, 3-phase motor working in a lathe machine. 150
what is ratio of copper wire size and current ? 123
As you achieve greater success with the company after some years, Will you like to be a share holder in our company? 399
Define early construction of human being 150
what mean by analog ,digital,numerical meters and relays? say the example? 103
How is The split core current transformer working ? 221
If increased the frequency up to 1000 then what changes shows in voltage? 119
What is relation between transmission lines & Communication lines ? 196
How halogen & merquery lamp works. 140
why you don not show protection and type of isolation in key single line diagram? 138
how to identify conection leads of an unknown electric motor 120
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