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what is the difference between elcb and rccb ? trident   0  419
how does it help for selection of a transformer. reddy-labs   1  957
I am an electrical engg and has got selected in wipro should i go there now or try in some core company ? wipro   3  1033
how does it help for selection of a transformer.    0  215
what is the main function of lbb protection    3  1824
is it possible to flow currnet between earth and nutral wire in a circuit???    2  1320
if we run a 3 phase machine on two phase what will happend??? given answer with solid reason please    0  219
What the difference between three phase contactor (coil 110vac) & three phase SSR (control voltage 110Vac)? May I use contactor in place of SSR?    0  316
in a simple IDMT relay we use neutral point of ct for earth fault then what is the requirement of neutral ct and cbct?    0  360
I want to replace the 3 KW DC motor with AC motor so what should be the rating of AC motor? Details Of DC motor to be changed with AC are - Kw - 3, Vf - 310, If - 0.15, Va - 400, Ia - 13, RPM - 2400    0  264
explain with the help of loading capability curve,reactive power generation and absorption from synchronous generator?    0  238
how can we measure rotor current of a 3phase wound rotor induction motor connected to liquid resistance starter    1  842
why we use end termination kit for ht xlpe cables    1  3910
Sir We have a REF relay connected to 10MVA(Y-Y) Transformer.on External earth fault REF relay trips along with earth fault relay.The REF relay has no complant as we tested relay.Why is it happening? kseb   2  1801
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Un-Answered Questions
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Wt is the function of reactive power? How it generates & consume though resultant is zero? 235
In case of salient pole alternator when number of poles are 4 or more than 4 it helps the flux wave to be sinusoid as air gap length is increased from center to tip , but if the number of poles are 2 how does the flux wave is sinusoidal? 461
hi can anyone pls tell me the eee interview core questions asked in l&t 352
Inductor and capacitor........power in one phase and ...... in it another phase. 296
i need the curve duty cycle and amper for (150 kva @50% dyty cycle) transformer turn ratio :19 and vin 400 379
what is the use of static frequency converter and static excitation equipment? and where it is employed? for what? 1676
hai iam arunkumar. i have applied for an section enginner in rrb. i want lat 5 years solved question papers. if u have please sedn it to 269
Hi Friend I am used multimeter to measure the voltage between R Phase(SS1) to R Phase(SS2). In SS1 is connected with UPS loads. But I am getting voltage between these 2 R Phases. Please give some idea friend 248
is that any software calculator to calculate the size of cable 529
While performing stability test of differintial cts how to know the voltage and current on both side of the transformer? 1559
hi if anybody got model questions for cpcl Grade'A' electrical engineer position.send it to my mail please 265
Hoe do calculate the Cable size for Amps rating ? 233
how does grading rings & spacers in transmission line works? Working Principle? 403
Different STANDARDS (BS, IS, IEC etc) gives different informations on CT specification. How they correspons w r t each other (i.e I mean to say BS provides "knee point voltage" but IS does not, then how can i select CT) 348
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