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whats the differece between Exd and Exe iffco   0  2230
what is the minimum voltage require to injure our body?    4  2199
how does a tube light starter works?    2  1354
how does a tube light choke working?    2  2910
explain Xmer    2  1375
why the earth conductor in top of the tranmission line ?    2  1445
why ac current do not save    3  1729
what is the current setting for different relay protection for transformer . crompton-greaves   0  334
why dont we use the same pylon to carry 400 kv plus 220kv and 33 kv ? focus   2  1899
why core of transformer in square or rectangular why not in circle or ellipse if this what happens    2  2680
primary of transformer connected to Dc supply in series with switch, and secondary connected on ammeter, what happens when swith On and OFF. (or) if continuously On and OFF    9  1845
can we use ordinary transformer in place of autotransformer?give reasons also    1  1745
calculation of knee point voltage of current transformer? tata   2  2051
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Un-Answered Questions
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How to calculate that clean water supply in one Day from 150 KLD STP? 301
mention hazard experienced during installation 303
what are the protecyion of transformer & generators 147
Is any generator is developed which is operated with out diesal or other expensive source? 339
how to do the ductor test? 3693
Merits & Demarits of Oil circuit & Air circuit breakers ? 385
How eddy current generation support the idea of train braking? 266
What is the difference between single point and double point bonding. please kindly detail about bonding of cables. 465
by what factor the starting current is used when comparing star and delta connection for motor starting? 404
How RTCC panel is working and give single line diagram for RTCC with transformer? 972
all details of DG UPS HVAC 258
Why space heater is required for each verical bus bar chamber? if one space heater is adequate or not for anti condensation? 590
how we calculate the withstansing current capacity of wires&cables? 260
what is the purpose of silicon dropper used in battery charger? 1475
what is the difference between earth leakage and earth fault? 298
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