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why only exciting current is shown not primary current in transformer???    0  273
what is thyristor, how is it works sony   0  777
what is thyristor, how is it works    1  1107
when elecromagnatic waves are propogated in a wave guide?    0  332
what happen if rotor earth fault in AVR system?    1  2779
Discuss the effect of sudden loading of an induction motor    0  332
what is carona and how is occur?    5  1776
What is the distance between the EHV lines and also the distance for earth ??    2  4447
why transformer measures in kva    4  2492
which type your UPS on line,off line give the reason? roto-power   2  1345
i have to use generator in my project,which gen. i can use?    1  823
what is the 2MVA distribution transformer efficiency    1  1509
which bridge is used to measure frequency?    2  1533
in cable joints procedure what electrical problems have been solved out ?    1  1265
What percentage netural current is in netural depend upon the phase current    1  926
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Un-Answered Questions
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how we can produce negative DC voltage ? please explain it .,thank u 419
what will be project cost for 100 kv transformer connection under oyt scheme. 814
what is mean by parallel operation of permanent magnet generators 327
Difference between On Line capacitor and Station Type capacitor. 391
what is Different between Bilinear and Unilenier? 468
I am designing new project sub station with 220 kV / 11 kV, 40 MVA capacity. This project have many recifier sets, which can generate 3rd harmonics. Now I have to select vector group of This transformer. To minimise 3rd harmonics, what care should I take in selection of Transformer Vecrtor group? If it is Y-Y with open Delta tertiary then what should be the rating & voltage of Tertiary Winding? 307
best manufacturer for busbar for outdoor switchyard having double bus bar scheme, can any one share technical specification of busbar. 132kv voltage ? 63
For small size, high frequency coils, the most common core material is- a. )Air b. )Ferrite c.) Powdered ion d.) Steel 552
what is stper motor 604
pls someone send me sample question papers along with the key.thanks in advance 505
how to measure earth resistance of a substation 1376
I am having dual speed motor of cromton greaves make of 3.7 KW -1400 rpm and 5 KW - 900 rpm. Please let me know groups and winding connction for rewinding purpose. 455
ult of expression 'document.FrmQF.myem 257
what will be happen if earth point is being used for as a neutral point for raw power , and same will be used for ups earthing 398
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