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15. What is the difference between first angle projection and third angle projection?    2  1133
14. What different types of Heat treatment processes and why heat treatment is required?    1  899
13. What are the different types of fits    2  1004
12. What are the differences between IC & CI Engines    3  854
11. How much watt means 1 Hp    3  1134
10. What is difference between welding and brazing    2  770
9. State the difference between unilateral and bilateral tolerance    1  476
7. What are the different types of conventional and non conventional machining processes    0  208
when splined shafts are preferred over keys?    1  575
how we calculate the induced air capacity of id fan of a boiler?    0  340
What is the effect on shunt motor's rotation if the polarity of the field and the armature winding increased simultaneouisly    1  536
An Fuel Tank in circular in shape as 1500mm in dia and 1000mm in length placed in an horizontal position, its possible to find the fuel capacity of tank    2  837
An Rod of 25mm in dia, is bend and made into a circle Ring with outer dia 200mm, then what ll be the length of rod required?    2  644
Why preferred Production than Drilling?    0  690
how to guess size of hole according to size of bolt,say M12?    3  1355
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sir i have to face an interview for marine trainee engineer on 15 sept tell me some related questions which r genrally asked... 3128
"How to check the diode, fuse and bearer switch?" 454
DEAR Friends, If you any of them have previous placement papers or interview papers...plzz forward it to my mail id. ""........... Tank you 397
"In refrigeration, why during operations is running low pressure at the suction side?" 2009
pls ,send me technical questions of jindal steels and power ltd 509
Why in screw & centrifugal compressor using rolor bearing 381
What is acceleration 468
What are the causes of boiler backfire and steps in how to prevent it from happening? 403
i am preparing for motor vehicle assistant inespector please send me old questions papers. 334
How are voltmeter and am meter connected in the circuit? 392
dear sir i want also last five year rrb chandigarh and allahabad aptitude test question and their answered my id is 339
hi i m Divyen . i have completed 10+3 in diploma in mechanical Engineering. so can i apply for student visa for canada? 457
Hello i am appearing for the BHAVINI written exam 2014 for the post of Technical Officer(Mechanical). Can anyone tell me what topics to prepare? 3585
plz get me the placement paper for the hindalco industries Ltd. plz mail it on 10429
What parameters to be reported when we send lubricating oil for shore analysis? 384
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