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Wasco Interview 1-the type of transducer that convert mechanical movement into a voltage 2-pump 2500 psi and 100 MG select it 3-modes of heat transfer 4-the difference bet PSIA and PSIG 5-the function of relief valve and no return valve (check valve ) 6-types of bearing general catogires 7-function of bearing 8-compressor surge 9-pump cavitation 10-define critical speed 11-compression ratio decease volumetric ratio ........... 12-using inter-cooling in multi stage compressors to ....... 13-using cascade system in refrigerator function ? 14-define performance and efficiency .    0  406
An engine operates between temperatures of 900 K and T2. And another engine between T2 and 400 K. For both to do equal work, the value of T2 should be bits   3  2474
how the efficency of a coupling is calculated?    0  805
why viscosity is measured in kinematic viscosity.?    0  448
Compare the elasticities of a rubber ball, plastic ball, leather ball and steel ball of the same dia.?    0  431
wat is the need to run a machine without feed???    1  814
is pneumatic cylinder can be used as hydraulic cyclider for same pressure. bosch-rexroth   1  2213
We select 10mm nominal thickness for Elip head of a pressure vesel. The minimum thickness after forming is 8.2mm. (Shell thickness is 8mm. The minimum thickness after forming is satisfied or not with UG-79 (d)(3) in ASME SECTION VIII, Div.1? petrovietnam   0  898
different between friction bearing and anti friction bearing    2  2926
what is the melting point off gun metal bearing and white metal bearing    1  1910
types of law of evoporation acb-group   1  1794
what is the different between brazing and soldering    3  2430
how to measure static charge in processing of expandable polystyrene. explain - Units of static charge lg-polymers   0  342
How to calculate the CFM in the AHU (air handling units.    1  2448
How to calculate the CFM in the AHU (air handling units.    0  255
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what are the advantages of PID controllers compared with those of a PLC 881
for under water excavation works, can i have some standard codes and specifications(international) 244
How cooling Tower height selected 654
Causes of M/E high exhaust valve temperature 279
how vaccum create in watering vaccum oump? 374
why choke is not exactly placed in the middle of the tube light ? 513
How the bearing numbers are allocated? 433
What are reasons for poor machinability for IS 2062 steel 709
book name for the written test of rrb exam 1025
What is the cause of cylindrical liner overheating? 237
what will happen if outlet of electric pump is closed though pump is running? 676
Name two types of leak detectors and the method of application for each? 767
how can i replace annular plats in tanks 272
Identify the parts of indicator diagram? 335
What are the causes of dirty lubricating oil? 289
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