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What is the acronym FAT    1  451
Explain about front drive mechanism in vehicle    0  183
My vendor filled liquid oxygen in our 11000 liter capacity tank. He filled from 1400 MMWC up to 3200 MMWC. I followed the provided conversion table and found that we had been supplied 1800 MMWC liquid which is going to yield 2815 cubic meter. On the other hand, the vendor claims that he supplied as follows:- 5236 cub mtr(3200 MMWC)-2124 cub mtr(1400MMWC) = 3112 cub mtr. I fear that he wants to charge 297 cubic meters extra. He claims that my method was wrong and his was right. He says that this disparity is because of the conical shape of the base of the flask. I will be thankful if somebody can explain me the truth.    0  205
Hi, How I can calculate mass flow rate for an axial fan with diameter "400mm" and speed 1500RPM? thx    0  708
what is the rpm of Turbocharger of Cummins KTA50G3 Diesel Engine?/ Normally What is the rpm of Turbocharger for any 1 MW Engine?    0  569
How to make a vacuum    2  1825
how many types of jacks    0  602
why pneumatic engine is not used now a days    1  3504
If anybody has placement papers for igl , plz send to me as soon my exam is on 12 Jan. My mail I'd is    0  865
How can be calculate discharge of id fan. impeller dia-800 mm,motor capacity 10 hp 2800 rpm,blower opening section 230*130 mm    0  1895
Why taper is provided in keys?why it is provide only one side?what types of stresse induced in keys?    1  2381
How curvature effect is consideed in spring design?    1  771
Why coupling should be located very near to the bearing? Why lap joint not recommended for tensile force?    0  734
What is fit tolerance limit    2  1589
one kg of gas is compressed adiabatically from 1 kg/,1 cubic metre volume and 300 kelvin to 5 kg/,0.5 cubic metre and 400 transfer in this process will be    0  1028
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What are the causes if one cylinder in a diesel engine has a high temperature? 447
what is the fitter 11623
What is the pressure of fuel oil on main engine and diesel generator? 375
"What do you do when in your duty, ME alarm oil mist detect high density?" 364
sir,kindly give brief knowledge about various welding processes like SMAW. GTAW,SAW ,and ASME ,IBR code at my i.d 526
what are the parameters are selected while manufacturing a single cylinder block?what are the different kind of test is conducted on it so that it can withstand with all those condition which required to run the engine efficiently.which force is act when piston slide inside the cylinder. 327
During the ISO/TS Certification Audit the auditor arise the NC in the MRM dept.The NC is MRM is not conducted effectively . What is the CA for that NC? 255
sir, can you give me full idea for computational fluid dynamices and how can work in CFD 313
Who has the most influence in ur life? & in which way? 408
Causes of F.O. Purifier abnormal flow? 302
What are the symptoms of broke piston ring? 319
hello i have a problem !!!! i am studying gait analysis"human walking; and i had only single camera"sony 25 frames/s" and 2 separated force plates, and there is no synchronization between the camera and the force plates!. i wrote a matlab program to calculate joints moment(sagital) using inverse dynamics methode. and there is a problem with the output data!! can you help me. 291
How to convert GSS duct volume in KG for all guages 1425
Plese give us information Service Special Tools for Hydraulic,Trasmission,Main clucth,Rear axle etc for Mahindra Tractor 6030-4WD,Like SST Number,Discription,Price and Dimension or Photograph if u have.Thanks 409
what is air intake system 320
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