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What speed you will select to drill 10 mm. In MS Plate ? igcar   1  928
If we heat the rod what will happen,draw stress & strain curve before after heating ? igcar   0  570
How to check temperature controller?    0  363
If you want to provide water or any chemical @ 50 meter height how much head will you prefer for any selected pump...consider it is M.S much friction loss will be with calculation. reliance   0  548
What is the difference between saturated steam and super heated steam....explain in mechanical terminology... nirma   3  3116
i am trying to select the correct grade steel for a shaft that will have a flap on it weighing about 4.5 tons being forced up with hydraulic rams. can someone tell me what grade the shaft should be and if it should be stainless steel or not rainford-emc-systems   2  778
wat is the use of oxygen in power plant turbine? grasim   2  1453
hi friends i am harish and i have a problem plz solve it . . The problem are how to calculate the rpm of mechanical blower if any formula for calculate for this then tell me if drive shaft gear are 40 teeth and driven shaft gear are 70    1  661
difference between stress and pressure?    3  2254
what is the main difference between shaft and axle..?    4  2526
why does bitumen heated from top side bt not from bottom sideā‚¬ punj-lloyd-ltd   0  468
Brief difference between lead screw & Ball screw. arde   1  1045
What is Spillback controller? Where is it used?    1  1676
why vehicle jump after sudden release of clutch. arde   3  3119
M.E.(produtio ) of full form nahar   1  1146
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Un-Answered Questions
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What is residential silencer and industrial silencer? how can we know by looking only that it is the Residential type silencer. 1346
At 50 Centigrade (Fuel oil) what is its cast? 290
Name the indicator diagram. 620
increase in unit speed increases the discharge of impulse turbine how? 1358
what is the reason if a supply air grill located top of the glass and glass is getting sweated.become like mist. 493
"In boiler, what does steam and smoke goes out to the funnel. What reason?" 225
why not a.c supply used to charged the lead acid battery 334
what is the significance of line of action in gear? 307
What is the torque required at M6, M8, M10, M12, M14, M16, M18, M20, M22, M24 M.S&S.S Bolt or give me any chart for this????????? 687
Can some one please show me the design of a POT Bearing. 509
can u give me model question papers for exam preparation . 301
how can i identify various hose fitting threads 364
how to prepare welding procedure specification and pqr 2389
What is the color of flame if the boiler is running in good condition? How about when it is not in good condition? 298
What is the purpose of stern tube? 329
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