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if there is self ignition in petro engines then why is the need of spark plug in petrol engine ???    1  769
At what principle Air Compressor Works?.. What are the rule governing air compressor operation:    1  896
What are the criterias for selecting piping for different utilities services like cooling water, DM Water, Service Water and Fire Water.Please provide some technical literature on that.    2  669
define Adapter in centrifugal pump.    1  1214
how to calculate bearing size with shaft    2  948
As per api 650 code for new ss tank fabrication,in bottom plate bulge is acceptable? How many bulge acceptable for api 650?    0  423
Are you ready to comply with the employment rules and regulations if your CV is considered for employment?    0  283
T union support factor    0  139
what will be the min curvature ratio for Round Bar dia. 1” size in material grade AISI 4330, Yield strength 115KSI Tensile 140KSI?    0  151
difference between aerofoil meter and orifice meter     0  316
what is punching force required for embossing of depth 3.5mm and diameter 58mm    0  228
If you are scientist to b e and you wish to develop a self-generating power appliances, what would b e the ranking of importance to apply your concept of creating energy using alternator: 1. Washing Machine 2. Motor Water Pump 3. Electric Fan 4. Electric Stove 5. Flat Iron – Which one will b e your foremost and the least at the rank of 1 to 5? Why is that so? Defend your answer.    0  107
mechanical efficiency is high in petrol engines compared to diesel engines but why diesel engines are preferred in heavy duty vehicles    4  1268
what is the dome assembly    0  222
what is the reason of hat and work is not conserved energy?    0  192
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Un-Answered Questions
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Why did you choose this career? 380
what is the procedure to start the turbine? 517
Sir, I need help. I have completed dip. mech engg was working in facilties management ((Dept) for +2 yrs) in real estate, now I want to join in for mechanical industries please suggest me which should I opt for? 933
what is the velocity considering in lube oil drain line for lube of system for steam turbine? 497
Respected sir please send placement paper of bpcl 1086
sir i have to face an interview for marine trainee engineer on 15 sept tell me some related questions which r genrally asked... 3041
how 2 prepae for technical aptitude? suggest me any books r 2759
why we r recommended for pre-action sprinklers @ generator/tx/mv panel room. If any leakage there,that panel will damage. So what is the Logic for pre-action sprinklers there? 399
What is a liquid flooding in refrigeration system? 460
If I can absorb 9,000 lux of sunlight in the bottom of a pool what will the temp rise be per hour, per square foot of absorbing material, per gallon be? Temp of pool deck 115 degrees, water temp 75 degrees, 120,000 lux on the pool deck 530
Is it ABS AH 36 material equivalent to IS 2062 Gr B material. 13358
While finding the velocity of gear B , in case of a simple epicyclic gear train, why do we take tke velocity of gear A to be ZERO(0)if the arm is rotated with speed equal to that of gear A and in opposite direction? 445
Define Fluidised bed boiler ? 554
what is the meaning of rheostat in maximum and minimum position? 966
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