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M.E.(produtio ) of full form nahar   1  1119
why we use air blower instead of air compressor in STP Plant.?    1  2813
welding electrodes consumption    1  1224
welding electrodes consumption per ton of structural steel fabrication    3  5299
Advantage of hollow shaft over the solid shaft    3  2925
What does SAE-40 represents? and what is a multi-grade oil?    1  1604
How do you define mechanical efficiency in case of compressor? How it is different that of an IC engine?    0  347
Hello i want to design a portable 1/4HP pressure washer pump like elgi reciprocating pump which are being used in service station.what are the design aspects to taken in to consideration for making new pump.    0  253
Hiii...I am from instrumentation dept in last plant and now in new plant management transferrd me to turbine dcs and which way I can prepare for dcs operation...time is just 1 month...???    0  197
What is meant by stages in turbine....what is there purpose....????    2  1504
What is the purpose of jockey oil pump in turbine.generator..????    2  1819
what is the three phase induction motor? what is difference between motor used in household instruments and induction motor? essel   0  297
Which bearing offers lowest friction?    4  2778
Question for in dmrc    0  285
Pipe Lin Question reliance   1  1275
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Un-Answered Questions
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What is the purpose of liquid receiver IN the refrigeretion system 669
IN AC mechanical fuelpump what stands for AC? IN SU mechanical fuelpump what stands for su? 1055
Instead of having individual transmission what is the benefit of unified transmission? 901
what is draft and draft loss?in a boiler,how is draft created? 289
What will be the cause of the loose compression in a cylinder? 726
Hello there, Im a Mechanical Engineer. I passed out in 2010 and have worked for 6 months in the Middle East as a Trainee Engineer. Im now in India and due to appear for an Interview for a firm in the Middle East. The post is of an Automobile Engineer. Im kinda nervous as to what to prepare for the interview. The training which I got was in different areas ranging from technical to managerial aspects. What I mean to say is that that was more of a crash training, where I couldn't stick to one section alone. The interview which Im attending is more of a technical one. What I would like to know, how and what I should be preparing? I have two weeks for the preparation. Should I go through the normal automobile aspects or everything in random. PS: I have excellent communication skills, the one area in which I'm very confident. 246
Is it the relation between friction and power losses ? is it relation among stress, friction and power loses in cicular ring ? 430
Difference be betwin Fe-500 as per IS 226-1975 & IS 2062-2006 910
What is the importance of Prandtl Number in heat transfer?. Compare the prandtl numbers of Air, water and Liquid metal. If prandtl number is more what do you understand?. Will you provide fins to enhance heat transfer when prandtl number is less?. 2031
What are the procedures in paralleling D/G? 328
I'm a first year student of B.E Mechanical Engineering... How should i prepare myself for getting selected in campus interviews from now itself...? What books should i refer....? 265
Company insists on a joining bond to protect the investment made in recruiting, training and mentoring employees. Are you willing to make this commitment ? -1 year for candidates > 5 years experience -2 years for candidates with 2-5 years experience -3 years for candidates with 0-2 years experience 175
What materials are used for engine propeller? 378
when do we use roller bearing, deep groove ball bearing, angular bearing, sealed bearing, semi sealed bearing, unsealed bearing, anti friction bearing, journal bearing, thrust bearing 372
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