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Turbo charger driven by.............? and wat its speed bhel   7  5210
who in india do the natural frecquency test on turbine blades associated-engineering   1  1456
why...? turbo charger used in DG....? infosys   6  2347
How can an internal combustion engine be used for refrigeration?    2  2438
How to run AutoCAD lips? What is the uses of lips?    1  3067
sir, I am applied RRB chennai,for Section engineer (mechanical),Pls mail 2007,2007 & 2008 years solved question papers.My Mail Thanking you rrb   0  481
materil used in bearings national-engineering-industries   4  2371
i am studying B.Tech 3rd year i want to write group exams. but i don't know about group-1,2,3,4 exams can u tell all the details about group 1,2,3,4 exams and what are the requirements to atttend the exams and how many rounds and what are the subjects we have to look into and what are the posts related to the group-1,2,3,4.    1  1321
how can i access syllabus of different psu.plZ help me    0  671
The stage below saturation is called? Cox chart is used in ....Distillation, evaporation, drying r none? tce   3  5022
The stage below saturation is called? tce   5  3270
Cox chart is used in ....Distillation, evaporation, drying r none    1  2587
i wish to join BHEL company,i need questions in faced your interview bhel   0  611
hai this is sreenu...i also applied for the post of PO in syndicate bank..    0  338
Why do we use compressor in pumps for pumping water through borewells? Submersible pump is enough then why do we go for this method?    4  4321
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Un-Answered Questions
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Give the safety precaution when working in a high place. 389
What device installed in the F.O. system when excess oil return to drain tank? 280
where can find the information on 2R manipulator?and wat is the history of this 2r manipulator? 364
Is it required slip & guide for incliened pipe installation to allow axial expansion. If yes, what type we have to use it 62
junior engineeer (railway previous questions) 305
Critical speed of turbine means the natural frequency and resonance frequency are matching and cause for vibration and noise. which is the natural frequency. how it reflect in vibration. 506
Gearpump is running but discharge valve is closed so, what difficulty in pump? 285
What materials use to make valve body, and What data needs to choose correct valve size 508
Define Fluidised bed boiler ? 497
what are the parameters are selected while manufacturing a single cylinder block?what are the different kind of test is conducted on it so that it can withstand with all those condition which required to run the engine efficiently.which force is act when piston slide inside the cylinder. 315
Enumerate the cause of pumps low delivery of water 375
Please anyone send me previous papers of ONGC (Mechanical Engineering) at my email id Please help me. 499
what type of questions will be there in the written paper of tata motors ? 464
How to shut down and overhaul the centrifugal pumps? 751
What are the causes of emergency stop in a steam engine? 357
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