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When looking at a flanged extension pipe and it is labeled DN20, just what does that mean or intel?    0  826
Hello sir, I am Rajaram. I have finished DME (Diploma in Mechanical Engineering). I would like to attend BHEL supervisor examination. So i want which type of questions can i prepare. & give previous supervisor examinations questions. Reply my mail ( bhel   0  2394
in engine when the engine stops are the pistons were stopped in between or they complete the process. honda   6  5317
If you have a valve with an applied pressure, how do you determine the stress to the closed and open valve?    0  291
When is the maximum load on the lift/elevator,during ascending or descending?Explain. spl   5  3959
Plz, send me last 5 years Question papers with answers of JE RRB. rrb   0  311
hello sir iam atul joshi from mechanical branch. i want to know about the syllabus of technical ques of jindal steel jindal   0  354
What is the need for drafting? cadd   3  2932
why companies are using First and third angle projection? why not second and Fourth? cadd   6  14502
I am presently working as marine engineer on ship & I wish to settle on land. So can you please suggest any short term course with 100% job guarantee?    0  325
can any1 suggest me the books for placement papers. jindal   1  1768
what is the job of mechanical engineer in a cement plant?? jp-group   3  6783
How many volts required to fire spark plug.    18  7218
dQ-dW=1 which of the law is obeyed by the equation hero-honda   6  4997
what is the difference between impact force and sudden force? pls give any example.    0  415
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• How far is your home from the institute? 757
one kg of gas is compressed adiabatically from 1 kg/,1 cubic metre volume and 300 kelvin to 5 kg/,0.5 cubic metre and 400 transfer in this process will be 1071
time vS speed Graph for mechanical press? 398
• Why not 4 phase & 5 phase 540
3-4 questions on optical fiber : data based. 976
How to Track the Inventory Items that are avaliable past 15years. 401
What is vane diagram in centrifugal pump? 477
IN AC mechanical fuelpump what stands for AC? IN SU mechanical fuelpump what stands for su? 1273
What are the ASTM materials used to manufacture boilers? 530
effect of temperature on stainless steel at temp(500C-750C) in respect of the following properties-required for silencer application 1.thermal conductivity 2.heat conduction 3.mechanical strength 4.temperature to weight ratio with values 317
what is the magnetic (electric) center) 356
What is IS standard in case of mode of measurement for ducting 377
why do u ant to join the indian army?? 588
"How to check the diode, fuse and bearer switch?" 409
What type of pump is main L.O. pump? 2706
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