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Can anyone,please give me the step by step how the testing process work.The order i testing and what documents do we create in what order/phase of the testing.    0  59
what will happen if we give option 5 in update strategy transformation in informatica, as '0,1,2,3' are the numerals for dd_update,dd_insert,dd_delete,dd_reject?    0  141
Can we use OPNQRYF command without using OVRDBF command ?    0  246
If there are 11 versions of a mapping and if you want to keep the latest version and delete the remaining versions .. how do you do it?    0  1060
User flow chart for an ecommerce website    0  1270
Test plan for an ecommerce website.    0  1147
QA Interview Questions AND Answers?    1  1339
What is Configuration mangament spyglass   1  1802
what is the latest version of abintio>    1  1126
can you let me know how to use rosemount hart communicator 375 to communicate foundatiob fieldbus, can we upgrade the software if so where we get free of cost icon   0  958
what is diff between scenario and testcase    1  1004
what rare the failures of v model and waterfall model ?what are the alternate model of v and water model when changes come?    1  1532
Hi Friends I am learning QTP and in preliminary stage, able to write statements with no addl constraints however i am not able to get a solution if there are two options to be selected from the weblist and also when there are options with radio buttons need your help Thanks    0  705
compare/different Waterfall and Rapid Application Development(RAD)    0  3289
what are the thing/problems that occurs during the developing the software..    0  713
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Un-Answered Questions
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Have you ever been involved in Testing? 930
i ma working on a project where i need to accept the requirements in english language and generate test cases for it.the requirment for example is Req002 – Turn the engine off (Engine_fuelling = Off AND Engine_supply = Off) if Key_position = Engine_off. Req003 – Switch on accessories (Accessories_power = On) if Key_position = Acc. Req004 – Switch off accessories (Accessories_power = Off) if Engine_starter = Active how am i goin to design the requirement structure for this and please suggest what will be the positive and negative test cases for these requirements for functional testing 838
What are the activities that you perform while moving VOBs between two different operating systems? 825
what are the artifacts need to be generated during integration 954
In Testing Methodology Why SSIT is called as Software Software Integration Testing? Why we can't call as Software Integration Testing(SIT)? 1234
What is Search Engine Optimization? 832
Can some one please answer the below interview questions. 1.Cut over activities for fixed assets 2.. Cut over activities for inventory posting 3. If you cut the check in RFFOUS_C program will there be any journal entry updated in fi 4. What are + Pay files & have you worked on + pay files 5. A/R - What is the logic behind lock box to receive payments in SAP.How it is connected to FI / How will system recognize lock box?what will be there in BAI file 811
i need a test plan for there is a "VACATION PACKAGES" section on the website.. i am a bit confused about how to create a test plan for that. 1436
I Deleted the rpg sourse?Now how can i tell? what r the files declared in that file. 1207
who are the major stake holders in software integration 833
need of crystal client in sap bo integrationkit? 812
Hi All Can anybody tell me which are the tools used for Build and Release 828
How to designing a spreadsheet to display the QA basic metrics in Excel? 951
SAP fico APP ISSUE( FOR PAYMENT METHOD "X" WE HAVE " PAYMENT PER DUE DAY" CHECK BOX CHECKED. AND WHEN RUNNING THE PROPOSAL 2 invoicecs[ 1) KR 2) RE] both having same due date and picking in two different proposals ...? is there any setting in app for document type wise payment? 1190
what are the qualification measures for integration 915
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