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Question Asked @ Answers Views     Select
code to calculate the number of days between two dates    2  2517
code to set the main window's size    0  419
write a code to generate pseudorandom numbes abc   0  520
code to Hide and Show form controls    0  425
write a code that user can choose/alter Body Text Size    0  439
code to create a new window    0  397
code to images to rollover    0  421
code to detect versions of different browsers like internet explorer, netscape, mozilla, opera etc hcl   0  399
create a slide show genpact   1  416
how to determine which Mouse Button was pressed    0  492
how to create Expandable and Collapsible Menus    0  662
how to Scroll a DIV content    0  851
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Un-Answered Questions
 Question Views   Select
Is there any way to open notepad within php? 312
write a code that user can choose/alter Body Text Size 439
how to copy form data between different pages 343
What is 301 redirects in php? When are we used 301 redirects in our projects? 457
Code to Block submission of form by pressing Enter Key 767
advance the focus to next consecutive fields when Enter Key is pressed 525
create Drop-Down Navigation Menus 356
How to store the iterations value in some variable/ in excel? Dim objExcel, ObjFolder, objPath, objWorkbook, objSheet, ObjFSo, ObjFolderName, strExcelPath Const xlExcel7 = 39 ObjFolderName = "Testing" & Hour(time()) & Minute(time()) &Second(time()) objPath = "D:\" strExcelPath = objPath & ObjFolderName & "\testing.xls" Set ObjFSo = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject") Set objFolder = objFSO.CreateFolder(objPath & ObjFolderName) On Error Resume Next Set objExcel = CreateObject("Excel.Application") If (Err.Number <> 0) Then On Error GoTo 0 Wscript.Echo "Excel application not found." Wscript.Quit End If On Error GoTo 0 Set objWorkbook = objExcel.Workbooks.Add() Set objSheet = objExcel.ActiveWorkbook.Worksheets(1) Dim arr1, arr2, arr3 Set outputLines = CreateObject ("System.Collections.ArrayList") arr1 = 123arr2 = 99 arr3 = 10 outputLines.Add arr1 outputLines.Add arr2 outputLines.Add arr3 outputLines.Sort() For Each outputLine in outputLines WScript.Echo outputLine ' how to store this value in excel/ variable? Next objExcel.ActiveWorkbook.SaveAs strExcelPath, xlExcel7 objExcel.ActiveWorkbook.Close objExcel.Application.Quit This above code is working fine but the qs is is there any way to store the sort data in variables / in the excel and how? 499
I am configuring my anaconda file in linux, i want to use as kickstart file, in post installation how can i edit file or change the content of file and save it. 503
How to access oralce10g data from server to client in LAN? 398
code to set the main window's size 419
Code for using a Hot Key in an ActiveX Control? 563
code to sorting an array of objects 439
how to pass data between pages using URLs 351
Reading which Non-Character Key was pressed 368
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