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Which network design layer provides a connection point for end user devices to the network? access core distribution networkby a networking device    3  3458
I have a doubt regarding including tags in a function. I have written a function in javascript in a html page. The function got called by clicking a button, i want to display the results in same html page by placing tags in the function. (this hmtl page is static page) Is this possible? example:
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Given a circular list of integers (when you reach the end of the list you come back to the beginning), what is the most efficient algorithm to find the smallest integer in the list? For example: circular_list = [22, 52, 66, 82, 5, 8, 12, 19]. 45
iam getting keyword or delimiter error while executing ICETOOL,provide me solution. 919
Is there any way to open notepad within php? 615
plz tell me the exam date for clerks in sbi 725
Which keyword is alias for count keyword in php? 589
Write a function, tokenize_string(input_string, delimiter_list) that returns a list of strings that are separated by the delimiters. For example: tokenize_string("How now, Mrs. Brown Cow") returns ['How', 'now', 'Mrs', 'Brown', 'Cow'] 66
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