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Which network design layer provides a connection point for end user devices to the network? access core distribution networkby a networking device    3  3474
I have a doubt regarding including tags in a function. I have written a function in javascript in a html page. The function got called by clicking a button, i want to display the results in same html page by placing tags in the function. (this hmtl page is static page) Is this possible? example:
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I am configuring my anaconda file in linux, i want to use as kickstart file, in post installation how can i edit file or change the content of file and save it. 958
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How can manage theme in php? 738
I'm calling a JS fcn that fires AJAX to a webmethod and returns a boolean. How do I retrieve the return value in the codebehind? (VB) I can set a hiddenfield value in the JS, but if it's async how can my VB know when it's changed? 71
code to keep a page Out of the browser history 583
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How to add flash or *.gif file in edit panel in java? 948
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Given a string=”me,I,myself”; .Using javascript only create an array out of this string and then send a POST request to the url “record.php” without reloading the page. The post key parameters should be n1,n2 and n3 respectively. 1537
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