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code to calculate the number of days between two dates    2  2477
code to set the main window's size    0  413
write a code to generate pseudorandom numbes abc   0  512
code to Hide and Show form controls    0  420
write a code that user can choose/alter Body Text Size    0  430
code to create a new window    0  388
code to images to rollover    0  414
code to detect versions of different browsers like internet explorer, netscape, mozilla, opera etc hcl   0  397
create a slide show genpact   1  399
how to determine which Mouse Button was pressed    0  486
how to create Expandable and Collapsible Menus    0  651
how to Scroll a DIV content    0  845
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Un-Answered Questions
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Code to Block submission of form by pressing Enter Key 760
can everyone explain this code Private Sub DrawRect(rectSource As RECT, lngColour As Long) Line (rectSource.Left, rectSource.Top)-(rectSource.Left, rectSource.Bottom), lngColour Line (rectSource.Left, rectSource.Top)- (rectSource.Right, rectSource.Top), lngColour Line (rectSource.Right, rectSource.Bottom)- (rectSource.Right, rectSource.Top), lngColour Line (rectSource.Right, rectSource.Bottom)- (rectSource.Left, rectSource.Bottom), lngColour End Sub 468
give me the small script to add a global page through any domain? 366
code to keep a page Out of the browser history 394
determine which Element received an Event 388
how to get the User's Time of Day 356
how to copy form data between different pages 329
code to sorting an array of objects 432
how to use the GetTickCount() properly and what is that procedure for? 587
How to change winform look? 458
how to create Expandable and Collapsible Menus 651
Create a ViewState Property? 767
what is main difference between array_push and array_pop? 427
How can call any javascript function without saying onclick, onchange, onblur etc events in php? 1078
Keep all the contract numbers in a array and make a loop . Example:12134,5678,91011,1214125 are contract numbers. 430
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