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Explain marquee tag.    1  430
How to create a button which acts like a link?    1  374
How do I link to a location in the middle of an HTML document?    1  380
How to create nest tables within tables in HTML?    1  294
What is the mark element? Can you describe an example of use for this element?    1  307
What is the longdesc attribute? Can you explain its purpose?    1  291
What’s the difference between the meter element and the progress element?    1  404
Is it possible to express a date range using a single time element?    1  260
Is the alt attribute mandatory on img elements? If not, can you describe a scenario where it can be set to an empty value? Does an empty value affect accessibility in any way?    1  296
Can you describe why hgroup was dropped and how the markup can be addressed today with an example?    1  308
Describe when it’s appropriate to use the small element and provide an example?    1  307
Consider the following markup:
London by night
A landscape of London by night
Is it valid? If not, can you explain why?
   1  344
Which network design layer provides a connection point for end user devices to the network? access core distribution networkby a networking device    3  3943
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