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Beautiful is for 012345678 9 and a code for similar word containing the same alphabets    0  6
4. Main() { Int i=3,j=2,c=0,m; m=i&&j||c&I; printf(ā€œ%d%d%d%dā€,I,j,c,m); }    0  25
Write a program that produces these three columns sequence nos. using loop statement Sequence nos. Squared Squared + 5 1 1 6 2 4 9 3 9 14 4 16 21 5 25 30    0  98
Write a program using one dimensional array to assign values and then display it on the screen. Use the formula a[i]=i*10 to assign value to an element.    0  75
Write a Program in 'C' To Insert a Unique Number Only. (Hint: Just Like a Primary Key Numbers In Database.) Please Some One Suggest Me a Better Solution for This question ??    0  144
1+(2*3)+(4*5*6)+(7*8*9*10)+... specified input value    0  141
Sir... please give some important coding questions asked by product companies..    0  208
why is printf("%d %d %d",i++,--i,i--);    3  814
In java, why do we set thread priority, when we know that there is no guarantee by which a thread should be execute?    0  464
Why we use J2ME?    1  801
What are advantages of J2ME?    1  657
What are disadvantage of J2ME?    1  609
What is Generic" J2ME architecture?    0  534
Will J2SE applications run on J2ME?If Not Why?    1  644
Will J2ME applications run on J2SE?    1  626
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find level of following tree (state, parent) " J,D I,D H,C E,B F,B G,C B,A D,A C,A A,& K,E L,E L,F M,F N,G O,H P,I P,H Q,I R,J S,K U,P T,L 705
How to palindrom string in c language? 3997
A suduco given & u hv 2 check if it is incomplete(blanks left),or correct or incorrect 962
How to find the list of users who have two codes su01 and pfcg? thank in advance all. 718
write a program using virtual function to find the transposing of a square matrix? 1559
Code for Communicating over Sockets? 876
find out the list of users who have access to all t-codes starts with 'SU'? thanks in advance all. 749
Code for Presenting Parent/Child Data in a Data Grid Row? 1013
write a program for area of circumference of shapes 680
What is the functionality of GetWindowTextLength? 192
Create a class called Accounts which has data members like ACCOUNT no, Customer name, Account type, Transaction type (d/w), amount, balance D->Deposit W->Withdrawal If transaction type is deposit call the credit(int amount) and update balance in this method. If transaction type is withdraw call debit(int amt) and update balance. Pass the other information like Account no,name,Account Type through constructor. Call the show data method to display the values. 2078
plz send code for Ecorps in j2ee frontend:J2EE Backend: DB2 Express 1243
How to Get File Extension? 155
How can I create connection two blue-tooth mobile in j2me. please urgent 823
How to get Filename from Path? 159
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