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Why we use J2ME?    1  91
What are advantages of J2ME?    1  86
What are disadvantage of J2ME?    1  90
What is Generic" J2ME architecture?    0  72
Will J2SE applications run on J2ME?If Not Why?    1  90
Will J2ME applications run on J2SE?    1  83
What is minimum hardware and Software requirements for J2ME?    1  85
Explain Virtual Machine for J2ME?    1  82
List some Property Supported by J2ME?    1  84
What hardware and software requirements of a device that intends to implement the MIDP.    1  84
Explain MIDlet Life cycle?    0  76
What are basics Software's for J2ME applications?    1  80
What is preverifier?    1  78
What is difference between J2SE,J2EE and J2ME?    1  85
Why should we catch super class exceptions?    1  44
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Un-Answered Questions
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write a program using virtual function to find the transposing of a square matrix? 1424
Find out the list of roles which gives access to all t-codes in SAP? Thanks in advance. 650
Bubble Sort. java thereafter the user will be asked to inpout the size of the list,sort the list in ascending order and display the sorted list in a horizontal manner??? 1001
Coding for .NET Delegates? 780
How to Split Strings with Regex in Managed C++ Applications? 1798
Write a routine to implement the polymarker function 2452
Please give me the codes for deadlock(like detecting,& avoiding) in any version of 1389
What is data _null_? ,Explain with code when u need to use it in data step programming ? 1086
How to get Dynamically Linked Comboboxes Set? 794
write a program in java to solve a system of n-variabled simultaneous equations using the guassian elimination method. let the maximum possible value of n be 100. run the program using hypothetical values for a set of 10- variables simultaneous equations. print out the program, the input equation and the results generated by the program. 2018
Common UI for Multiple web applications. Suppose there are 35 websites using same third party controls.These 3rd party controls are made together that all 35 websites can use these controls.If we put all 3rd party controls and use its dll in 35 websites,only class files will be accessable. But I want to use CSS,images also in all 35 websites. how I can design the N-tier solution for this project. 945
Given a table of the form: Product Sold on A 1/1/1980 B 1/1/1980 C 1/1/1980 A 1/1/1980 B 1/1/1980 C 2/1/1980 A 2/1/1980 There are 30 products and 10,000 records of such type. Also the month period during which sales happened is given to u. Write the program to display the result as: Product Month No. of copies A January 12 A February 15 A March 27 B January 54 B February 15 B March 10 C January 37 793
Plrase send project in on hotel management. 872
Design a timer circuit using VHDL which has the following: input : start_timer(ST) output: long_time(LT) short_time(ST) when the timer is triggered by the ST(either 0 or 1) signal the timer should generate two timing signals accordingly.While the long time is going ON the other should be OFF and vice versa. 874
In LSMW , what does the following error mean and how to rectify it : Incorrect interface data for set 78 in method C . This error is occuring in idoc processing step of LSMW. 1120
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