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C statement to copy a string without using loop and library function.. persistent   2  3382
How can i find first 5 natural Numbers without using any loop in c language???????? microsoft   2  1818
What is the best way to make wordpress plugin tcs   0  705
write a program to find out roots of quadratic equation "x=-b+-(b^2-4ac0^-1/2/2a"    2  1227
Find the maximum product of three numbers in an array? Eg. 9,5,1,2,3 Max product= 9*5*3= 135 The array can hav negative numbers also.. cts   6  3247
Write a program to convert a decimal number to binary form? oracle   1  1547
C program to print magic square of order n where n > 3 and n is odd accenture   2  2422
How to swap two ASCII numbers?    0  519
how to find reverse of string without string funtion of java.    2  1037
I am attempting to work on a game panel with multi-server support, so in one of the pages there is a dropdown menu with servers on it, this is the part i am having issues with is server 1 is chosen i need access to the username running a script to server 1 chosen i need a script that will realize its been chosen and pop up below with a username thats associated with it because the users differ on each server so i choose server 1 i need a code to pull from the db and choose the user associated with the said server please help..    0  368
How can we write an algorithm for show max and min from two integer inputs ? without using if() , without any functions ...    1  633
Design a timer circuit using VHDL which has the following: input : start_timer(ST) output: long_time(LT) short_time(ST) when the timer is triggered by the ST(either 0 or 1) signal the timer should generate two timing signals accordingly.While the long time is going ON the other should be OFF and vice versa.    0  464
I need your help, i need a Turbo C code for this problem.. hope u'll help me guys.? Your program will have a 3x3 array. The user will input the sum of each row and each column. Then the user will input 3 values and store them anywhere, or any location or index, temporarily in the array. Your program will supply the remaining six (6) values and determine the exact location of each value in the array. Example: Input: Sum of row 1: 6 Sum of row 2: 15 Sum of row 3: 24 Sum of column 1: 12 Sum of column 2: 15 Sum of column 3: 18 Value 1: 3 Value 2: 5 Value 3: 6 Output: Sum of Row 1 2 3 6 4 5 6 15 7 8 9 24 Sum of Column 12 15 18 Note: Your program will not necessary sort the walues in the array Thanks..    0  458
can everyone explain this code Private Sub DrawRect(rectSource As RECT, lngColour As Long) Line (rectSource.Left, rectSource.Top)-(rectSource.Left, rectSource.Bottom), lngColour Line (rectSource.Left, rectSource.Top)- (rectSource.Right, rectSource.Top), lngColour Line (rectSource.Right, rectSource.Bottom)- (rectSource.Right, rectSource.Top), lngColour Line (rectSource.Right, rectSource.Bottom)- (rectSource.Left, rectSource.Bottom), lngColour End Sub    0  469
what does mbln in mblnrects mean? my boolean?    0  565
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JasperETL how to install and create simple project explain me clearly fnds iam wtg for ur rply 1808
how to Auto Scroll the page 431
1.Why does only one copy of a servlet object get created? What happens if you want to remove an old servlet object currently running but do not want to stop the entire servlet engine? 2.How does one servlet object deal with interactions from many browser? (e.g. if your servlet ran an email site, how can it keep track of hundreds of users logging in, reading their mail, etc.) 493
create Drop-Down Navigation Menus 344
Write a C/C++ program that connects to a MySQL server and displays the global TIMEZONE. 1821
Keep all the contract numbers in a array and make a loop . Example:12134,5678,91011,1214125 are contract numbers. 430
Given a spherical surface, write bump-mapping procedure to generate the bumpy surface of an orange 932
Code for Using Keyboard Events? 545
1.What happens to a session object when the browser associated with it is closed? 2. Explain what happens when a servlet is sent a POST request? 3. Why does only one copy of a servlet get created? 4. Explain what happens when a browser requests a servlet? (for the first time) 5.How is information stored in a session object? 342
program to bring a window to the front 370
Which framework is best in php among Smarty, Cakephp, Joomla, Drupal, Zend or Something else...? If any then Why? 1676
Hi, My name is satish kumar dega I am learing QTP I have one doubt. I need to count the radio buttons in a particular page. In QTP how to write descriptive progming and how I will get all the radiobuttons count.In a paricular page having two WebRadioGroups under each group having 3 radiobuttons.I need to count all the radio buttons could you plz help me regarding this one 554
how to get the User's Time of Day 356
how exactly is the lngColour used? 368
program for check the given number is prime or not in 344
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