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Write A C++ Program To Input A Number Between 20 To 99 And Display Its Numbername?


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print a semicolon using Cprogram without using a semicolon any where in the C code in ur program!!

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print numbers till we want without using loops or condition statements like specifically(for,do while, while swiches, if etc)!


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Give a oneline C expression to test whether a number is a power of 2?

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How to return multiple values from a function?

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How to access command-line arguments?

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How to read a directory in a C program?

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Find your day from your DOB?

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How to Connect and Insert Record to MYSQL using PHP?

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Given an array of characters which form a sentence of words, give an efficient algorithm to reverse the order of the words (not characters) in it.


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How to read MS-word document in java without displaying junk (unnecessary) data?


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how can u draw a rectangle in C

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How to send e-mail from an ASP.NET application?

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how to return a multiple value from a function?


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how to return a multiple value from a function?


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Code for Using Keyboard Events?


What is full form of PEPSI


create Drop-Down Navigation Menus


Cluster head selection in Wireless Sensor Network using C programming language.


Give the code for Handling Mouse Events?


How to find No of classes,Packages,No of Methods per Classes and Depth of Inheritance for selecting source code in windows form application using c# .net? (Source code is input Program. It may be Java or .net) Please help me..) Thanks..)


write a simple calculator c program to perform addition, subtraction, mul and div.


Code for Communicating over Sockets?


how to convert between arrays and strings


Please give me the codes for deadlock(like detecting,& avoiding) in any version of


Hi, I want the code to fetch multiple rows in REXX using RLX and CURSOR. Can anyone help me?


How can call any javascript function without saying onclick, onchange, onblur etc events in php?


write a code that user can choose/alter Body Text Size


In java, why do we set thread priority, when we know that there is no guarantee by which a thread should be execute?


ArrayList declaration in .net