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What are basics Software's for J2ME applications?    1  367
What is preverifier?    1  330
What is difference between J2SE,J2EE and J2ME?    1  257
Why should we catch super class exceptions?    1  155
Why does Java strictly specify the range and behavior of its primitive types?    1  145
What is Java Community Process (JCP)?    1  125
What are profiles in J2ME?    1  110
J2ME defines two configurations - CLDC and CDC. Explain them    1  112
What is the J2ME platform?    1  110
What is Telematics?    1  110
What is CDC?    1  111
Given a circular list of integers (when you reach the end of the list you come back to the beginning), what is the most efficient algorithm to find the smallest integer in the list? For example: circular_list = [22, 52, 66, 82, 5, 8, 12, 19].    0  116
Write a function that takes an integer and returns the smallest number that is greater than the given number which is a palendrome. For example, if the input was 111 the next palindromic number would be 121.    0  131
Write a function that takes as input a binary tree, and prints out each level of the tree on a newline. For example: a / b c / / d e f will output: a b c d e f    0  115
Write a function that takes an array of integers and efficiently calculates and returns the Least Common Multiply in python.    0  98
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Un-Answered Questions
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why nlogn is the lower limit of any sort algorithm? 859
1+1/2!+1/3!+...+1/n! 598
write a code that user can choose/alter Body Text Size 685
Develop a routine to reflect an object about an arbitrarily selected plane 1253
function to combine two or more arrays 664
How we use ajax in through javaScript. Please givee me an example. 1388
how to create a Custom Scrollbar 1036
Create a program to read two random data set in two files named data1.txt and data2.txt manifold contains integer numbers, whereas data2.txt file contains the float type numbers. Simpanlahmasing each into 2 pieces of data that is an array of type integer array and an array of type float, then calculate the average numbers in the second array. 865
Write a function to efficiently convert a floating point number to a rational number. For example, given 0.125 return "1/8" 110
How to Split Strings with Regex in Managed C++ Applications? 1838
how to create a Draggable element 746
In a gymnastic competition, scoring is based on the average of all scores given by the judges excluding the maximum and minimum scores. Let the user input the number of judges, after that, input the scores from the judges. Output the average score. Note: In case, more than two judges give the same score and it happens that score is the maximum or minimum then just eliminate two scores. For example, if the number of judges is 5 and all of them give 10 points each. Then the maximum and minimum score is 10. So the computation would be 10+10+10, this time. The output should be 10 because 30/3 is 10. 690
How can call any javascript function without saying onclick, onchange, onblur etc events in php? 2617
plz tell me the exam date for clerks in sbi 772
How can get all database name using Php and Sql? 740
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