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What is difference between J2SE,J2EE and J2ME?    1  152
Why should we catch super class exceptions?    1  79
Why does Java strictly specify the range and behavior of its primitive types?    1  69
What is Java Community Process (JCP)?    1  61
What are profiles in J2ME?    1  54
J2ME defines two configurations - CLDC and CDC. Explain them    1  57
What is the J2ME platform?    1  57
What is Telematics?    1  56
What is CDC?    1  62
Given a circular list of integers (when you reach the end of the list you come back to the beginning), what is the most efficient algorithm to find the smallest integer in the list? For example: circular_list = [22, 52, 66, 82, 5, 8, 12, 19].    0  54
Write a function that takes an integer and returns the smallest number that is greater than the given number which is a palendrome. For example, if the input was 111 the next palindromic number would be 121.    0  56
Write a function that takes as input a binary tree, and prints out each level of the tree on a newline. For example: a / b c / / d e f will output: a b c d e f    0  57
Write a function that takes an array of integers and efficiently calculates and returns the Least Common Multiply in python.    0  46
Write a function that takes an array of integers and returns that array rotated by N positions. For example, if N=2, given the input array [1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6] the function should return [5, 6, 1, 2, 3, 4]    0  56
Write a function that takes an unsorted integer array, and returns a three element subset whose sum is zero.    0  51
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Un-Answered Questions
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create a .dll component operation and use created component in another project. required methods events and properties. connect, add,search,data report 868
U hv to enter a range from a and b and search hw many no. of times a pattern n. occurs between the range a and b. Eg :i/p:enter range :0 100 Enter pattern: 13 o/p: the no. times 13 occurred betwwn 0 to 100:1 Eg :i/p:enter range :100 1000 Enter pattern: 13 o/p: the no. times 13 occurred betwwn 100 to 1000: (in this 13,113,131,132,133…139,213,313,…913 all these will be counted) 641
how to pass data between pages using URLs 546
sample code to auto focusing the first field in a form 951
how to pass data between pages using Cookies 661
what is runtime class? 765
create Drop-Down Navigation Menus 667
How to get Filename from Path? 41
create a C-code that will display the total fare of a passenger of a taxi if the driver press enter,the timer will stop. Every 10 counts is 2 pesos. Initial value is 25.00 1621
Which framework is best in php among Smarty, Cakephp, Joomla, Drupal, Zend or Something else...? If any then Why? 4251
Develop a routine to reflect an object about an arbitrarily selected plane 1232
how to take time as input in the format (12:02:13) from user so that controls remains between these columns? 675
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