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What?s the role of the DataReader class in ADO.NET connections?    2  2255
what are advantages and disadvantages of Microsoft-provided data provider classes in ADO.NET?    1  2168
Explain the three services model (three-tier application).    3  4734
Can you change the value of a variable while debugging a C# application? wipro   1  4462
How do you debug an ASP.NET Web application?    1  2412
Where is the output of TextWriterTraceListener redirected?    1  1562
Why are there five tracing levels in System.Diagnostics.TraceSwitcher?    1  2064
What?s the difference between the Debug class and Trace class?    2  5215
What does assert() do?    1  2051
What does the This window show in the debugger?    2  1215
What debugging tools come with the .NET SDK?    1  3444
Is XML case-sensitive?    3  2761
What?s the difference between and XML documentation tag?    1  2739
How do you generate documentation from the C# file commented properly with a command-line compiler?    1  2139
What?s the difference between // comments, /* */ comments and /// comments? visual-soft   2  3129
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Un-Answered Questions
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update data in an xml file which resides in solution itself, using silverlight 4.0 270
how to add datarow to datatable 382
windows c# using datagridview in edit form sql server 2504
i want o/p 011242110 in c# code. 481
What issues can be faced while delivering code? 432
if we are updating a database using thread, and mean while application crashes or thread being aborted then what will happen in Database? Rollback or Database will be updated? Please explain with different scenario. 580
how to Create a datagridview control with check box column with 8rows in it, the maximum number of check boxes checked should be 3, when user checks the 4th corresponding message should be displayed and check box should be checked. User can uncheck the checked boxes Note: read-only property should not be used 1427
Helo , Help Me , Help Me About : C# Windows Application - Network How To Manage IP Client's Accessiblity To The Internet Share concise Substitute , Minor ISA Server 257
Write a console application and implement the ternary operator to decide whether the age a user entered after being prompted is allowed to vote or not(given that only citizens between 18 and 120 years only inclusive can vote). Use exception handling for non-numerical input. 910
how to create crystal reports give one detail example(i want to view age category report) please give suitable example in my small knowledge 603
What exactly happens when we debug and build the program? 667
what is be the overhead, if i use binary transmission. and will it be sent using xml text or how ? 625
write program in c# using this instructions name avinash varma ,work experiance<2,nochildren his work experiance is higher than 5 years,more than one children one children name is diwakar,number of years of work eperiance at current company is the ratio of children and work experiance is 0.21 to 0.5 656
What is type casting. Explain it with reference to classes. 3095
code for arranging given number in possible permutation ways ex:123,321,312,132,231,213. 648
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