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What?s the role of the DataReader class in ADO.NET connections?    2  2244
what are advantages and disadvantages of Microsoft-provided data provider classes in ADO.NET?    1  2163
Explain the three services model (three-tier application).    3  4712
Can you change the value of a variable while debugging a C# application? wipro   1  4439
How do you debug an ASP.NET Web application?    1  2402
Where is the output of TextWriterTraceListener redirected?    1  1556
Why are there five tracing levels in System.Diagnostics.TraceSwitcher?    1  2056
What?s the difference between the Debug class and Trace class?    2  5204
What does assert() do?    1  2036
What does the This window show in the debugger?    2  1210
What debugging tools come with the .NET SDK?    1  3429
Is XML case-sensitive?    3  2746
What?s the difference between and XML documentation tag?    1  2723
How do you generate documentation from the C# file commented properly with a command-line compiler?    1  2131
What?s the difference between // comments, /* */ comments and /// comments? visual-soft   2  3117
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Un-Answered Questions
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What framework is used for performance testing/load testing? 428
how to add datarow to datatable 380
There were a lot of questions asked, so I will list the topic (and add a what is "topic" and know pros/cons). Extreme programming, what is a transaction, various SDLC design approaches, what is a namespace, define a good test case, what is a stored proc, webservice? design patterns? linker? compiler? access modifiers? stack vs. queue? arrays vs. linked lists? sorting algorithms? recursion? OOP principles? 493
if you do have a stack overflow profile.what is your ranking? 417
2. What happened when BO object has been called? 425
what is generics? can u explain 5 to 6 examples on generics that covers class,method,structure,list,delegates? 386
4. Describe the process when we send a request URL? And who is responsible for that? 449
What is type casting. Explain it with reference to classes. 3083
Helo , Help Me , Help Me About : C# Windows Application - Network How To Manage IP Client's Accessiblity To The Internet Share concise Substitute , Minor ISA Server 255
Where test director stores its data ? Database ,Local file etc...? I need to read this data from Visual Studio 2005 c# client. Regards 390
1. What is lazy loading? 2. What is delay signing? 3. How to transfer view object to presenter in MVP? 4. How to create a generic class? 5. What is Ajax object? 6. What is explicit interface implementation? 7. I1, I2 interfaces have same methods (say PrintName) explicitly implemented in class C1. Now how to call PrintName method from I1? 8. I have a list of Customers. List the customer with maximum orders using LINQ. 550
what will be the output of the given below coding. using System; public class Exercise { static void OddNumbers(int a) { if (a >= 1) { Console.Write("{0}, ", a); a -= 2; OddNumbers(a); } } public static int Main() { const int Number = 9; Console.WriteLine("Odd Numbers"); OddNumbers(Number); Console.WriteLine(); return 0; } } 1211
how to create crystal reports give one detail example(i want to view age category report) please give suitable example in my small knowledge 600
What issues can be faced while delivering code? 428
i want o/p 011242110 in c# code. 479
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