C Sharp Interview Questions
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Hello.. This is kali prasad. i wish to learn C#. kindly guide me in making me expert in c#.

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How to store image file in Sql server database?

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What is value type and reference type?


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What is stack and heap?


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What is the difference between directcast and ctype?

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Explain the difference between a sub and a function?


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Explain manifest & metadata?

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Difference between imperative and interrogative code?

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what are the different ways to cleaning up objects?


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What is a system lock?

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How can you clean up objects holding resources from within the code?


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Explain constructor?


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What is raise event and what is its use?


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What?s the implicit name of the parameter that gets passed into the class? set method?

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How do you inherit from a class in C#?

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2. What happened when BO object has been called?


hi all.... i need code snippets for store and retrive tiff fromat images in sqlserver....... kindy provide it.......


i want o/p 011242110 in c# code.


if we are updating a database using thread, and mean while application crashes or thread being aborted then what will happen in Database? Rollback or Database will be updated? Please explain with different scenario.


What exactly happens when we debug and build the program?


how can one use hcl and c sharp together?


how to create crystal reports give one detail example(i want to view age category report) please give suitable example in my small knowledge


1. Describe page life cycle?


I need code to connect ohter systems in the LAN and i want to display my website image over there and i want explain as a admin through phone. So i need code to access other system using C-Sharp. Any one please help me.Please give me the code. Advace thanks.


Hi Friends, I am going through Siemens Interview Procedure from last 1+1/2 months. I went through 1 written + 2 Technical + 1 Managerial Round process after which I got call from HR informing that "you are selected and we would like to meet you for HR round". HR round was very nominal compared to MR. HR Round last for hardly 5 mins. They told me that you will get the final result on Friday. Still I have not received any feedback from them. Please help!!!


Write a console application and implement the ternary operator to decide whether the age a user entered after being prompted is allowed to vote or not(given that only citizens between 18 and 120 years only inclusive can vote). Use exception handling for non-numerical input.


code for arranging given number in possible permutation ways ex:123,321,312,132,231,213.


how to compare numbers and dispaly the largest ? *first thing I wanted to do is to input how many numbers to be compared *and then analyzed the largest then display it.


why delegate is type safe?


what is .NET framework architecture ??