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tell me about jaipur city genpact   2  8457
recently which movie u seen genpact   1  1049
how was ur last weekend genpact   3  2740
hi, please give down link for E book of objective English by RS Agarwal and vikas agarwal at my Email id --    0  455
hyundai 50 aptitude questions.technical and non technical each carries 25 aps they ask time,average,ratios sums...other side they will ask general questions from automobile,physics,chenistry,thermodynamics hyundai   2  4718
my connected load is 3000 KW. so what is the correct rating and size of my APFC panel?    1  1087
i have worked in a corparate bank for 1 year,now iam attending one interview which is a govt.undertaking bank. my queries is how to answer the question like 1) why you resigned your previous job? 2) what are your expectation in this job? 3)can we say private/govt,security,betterment?    0  551
capital india    1  705
QUESTIONS rr-donnelley   1  1279
how to clearify and solve the english comprehensive questions?    0  432
you have to establish a cosmetic industry in India & how you would like to expand in the middle east ?what role of culture will be there in your HR practices n also highlight an employee management issue you would face n give remedies as to now would you tackle those issues.    0  422
What is the hindi menning of tubelight ntpc   2  2433
What is the hindi menning of AMBULANCE    6  2851
hsbc online test related hsbc   3  4191
i want english language questions for bank exams and send questions to my mail id    1  1062
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Un-Answered Questions
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vertical measure 304
I sudhakar i applied for the post of AAI jr. executive ( Electronics) written exam on october. I want to know the syllabus and pattern of the exam in the AAI site there is no information on, please be patient and forward me the syllabus for the exam my friends....... I will be very much thankful to you. my email mailid- 932
sir please send me last 5 years solved question paper of junior engineer track machine of electronics & communication engineering branch 1556
Dear friends, Can anybody say preparation method and best coaching centre for ias?? sridhar patro 304
Why. Use 4 to 20 mA. For instrument transmuter 445
I have applied for the post of Executive Interns in RBI.My qualification is B tech Degree in CSE.Could u plz send me the sample question papers for the test? 538
A perfect cube is an integer whose cube root is an integer. For example, 27, 64 and 125 are perfect cubes. If x and y are perfect cubes, which of the following will not necessarily be a perfect cube 14
why we need to measure 0.5 micron particals in clean room as used HEPA filters are having 99.97% efficincy. 392
What are the example questions about the interview ? Like what? Weaknesses?? Strengths?? What?? Can you give me some clues? 395
what do u know about zen pact 2581
Com pany C sells a line of 25 products with an average retail price of $1,200. If none of these products sells for less than $420, and exactly 10 of the products sell for less than $1,000, what is the greatest possible selling price of the most expensive product 14
how disable usb device in group policy editor all configure tell me early 873
tell me your family background. 1249
which of the following places was the venue of the 1999 Miss World contest. 525
what should i do i can't remove my weakness? 367
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