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What is the hindi menning of tubelight ntpc   2  841
What is the hindi menning of AMBULANCE    6  977
hsbc online test related hsbc   3  2179
i want english language questions for bank exams and send questions to my mail id    1  377
234^103+212^108    3  518
what do u know about zen pact tcs   0  905
Why. Use 4 to 20 mA. For instrument transmuter    0  219
what is html    5  588
2.For the Delta- Wye transformation in given figure, the value of the resistance R is. hcl   0  388
I have attended Scientist Entry Test on 7th Sep. Hereby I am submitting paper for Electronics and Communication branch…….. Hope it helps future aspirants…….. drdo   0  198
what is bank reconciliation statement?    2  761
please anyone post the answer for. tell me about yourself? hcl   2  1398
why you selected in finance way dell   0  296
plz send me,capgemini placement paper cap-gemini   1  1198
If a:b=5:6 and b:c=5:6, a:c=? a)5:6 b)36:25 c)25:27 d)38:40 eclerx   14  8257
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Un-Answered Questions
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ability to deal objectively and effectively with detainees on an individual or group basis ,regardless of their nationality religion ,culture,age or gender. 642
I have applied for the post of Executive Interns in RBI.My qualification is B tech Degree in CSE.Could u plz send me the sample question papers for the test? 317
When u loved someone and he/she is trying to throw a grenade in crowed place. What you will do ? you will kill him/her ? For this sentence we need to write an essay altest 1 page.Please help me in this by posting the answers to 223
which type of paragrph questions and answers me 24/7 148
i have worked in a corparate bank for 1 year,now iam attending one interview which is a govt.undertaking bank. my queries is how to answer the question like 1) why you resigned your previous job? 2) what are your expectation in this job? 3)can we say private/govt,security,betterment? 274
Dear friends, Can anybody say preparation method and best coaching centre for ias?? sridhar patro 209
general hr question so asking for interview time company please sir request 213
what is inspection and supervision reports and their uses 262
Identify the sentence(S)that is/are showing the correct use of the underlined words : The word:scathe (1)We are advised to buy a lawn mower and get rid of this scathe once and for all ! (2)With perservance and hard work,you are earninf quite a scathing reputation (3)It was not the judgement,but his scathing remarks that had truly hurt. A) 2 ONLY B) 3 ONLY C)BOTH 1 AND 2 D) BOTH 2 AND 3 E)all three sentences please give 100 examples of this kind of question with answers 73
I have complete Graduation through ignou, can apply for sbi clerical job 270
tell me about your create own plan. 268
hi, please give down link for E book of objective English by RS Agarwal and vikas agarwal at my Email id -- 285
i have applied for aai Jr. executive exam. kindly send me the book name or publisher for the exam 342
tell me something about your self why did you choose the BPOs sector why did you did the BBM 213
I sudhakar i applied for the post of AAI jr. executive ( Electronics) written exam on october. I want to know the syllabus and pattern of the exam in the AAI site there is no information on, please be patient and forward me the syllabus for the exam my friends....... I will be very much thankful to you. my email mailid- 420
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