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which type of paragrph questions and answers me 24/7    0  426
what has given you the greatest sense of accomplishment in life    0  497
on selling an article for 480 a trader lossess 4% in order to gain 10% he must sell that article for? with explanation please    2  1354
if rtd temp. is 45 degree then what would be the resistance according.(if you dont have temp. vs resistance chart)    0  467
the average marks obtained by 22 candidtes is 45 the average of the first 10 is 55 while that of the last 11 is 40 the marks obtained by the candidates are    2  1780
tell me about your what did work in unit? tcs   1  2032
why are you best of friend.    1  1096
tell me about your create own plan.    0  572
where still you go?    0  457
tell your self image?    0  419
what is the different between moism, nexlism andcuminnism?    0  609
tell me your family background.    0  1328
what improvement make in your unit?    0  446
tell me about national and international issue?    0  392
why are you want join army?    0  312
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Un-Answered Questions
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please send some sample or previous papers of karur vysya bank engineering recruitment 886
linux advantages and important questions &anwers 1001
what are your areas of strengths 527
i need section engineer previous question papers.if anybody have it plzzz send to my email id 451
ability to deal objectively and effectively with detainees on an individual or group basis ,regardless of their nationality religion ,culture,age or gender. 1490
you have to establish a cosmetic industry in India & how you would like to expand in the middle east ?what role of culture will be there in your HR practices n also highlight an employee management issue you would face n give remedies as to now would you tackle those issues. 482
why do used bucolzh relay in 1000kva transformer 1641
how to introduce ourself ? 576
I have complete Graduation through ignou, can apply for sbi clerical job 566
7,12,40,222,1744,? 1873
why we need to measure 0.5 micron particals in clean room as used HEPA filters are having 99.97% efficincy. 436
general hr question so asking for interview time company please sir request 514
Please send all the previous year question on SBI clerical post.My e-mail ID is 650
How to decrease High Utilizatoin On Cisco 2800 seriase Router ? 620
hi, please give down link for E book of objective English by RS Agarwal and vikas agarwal at my Email id -- 511
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