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OS memory manegement pages mapping (numerical problem)has been asked.Don't leave any qusetions like doing for other companies.Answer all the questions. rrb   1  2357
1)If a shopkeeper sell 950gm things as 1000gms by cheating the weight then what is his gain in percentage. yahoo   14  3154
Perl qustions,UNIX are at third section. Three sections. 1 & 2 for dsa and c apti and 3rd for (unix and perl) and dbms(only 3 questions).    1  951
Repetaed Questions like 1)finding the unrepeated from 2n-1 nos and 2)finding duplicate no 3)better datastructure for paranthesisi elimination? yahoo   1  1210
what is the smallest bird in world?    11  5969
Brief history of Ambedkar and Baghat Singh ias   0  509
what are the Aptitude questions that are asked frequently in interview? infosys   0  339
What is the opposite of essential    17  5509
SSC ? Grade ?D? Exam ENGLISH ORDERING OF SENTENCES temenos   2  6157
SSC ? Grade ?D? Exam ENGLISH ORDERING OF WORDS quintiles   1  6043
SSC ? Grade ?D? Exam ENGLISH COMPREHENSION iiht   1  6907
SSC ? Grade ?D? Exam ENGLISH CLOSET TEST TEST ? 35    1  1047
SSC ? Grade ?D? Exam ENGLISH CLOSET TEST TEST ? 34    1  1034
SSC ? Grade ?D? Exam ENGLISH CLOSET TEST TEST ? 33    1  981
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Un-Answered Questions
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who is the writeof the Tulja novel 224
please send me the apptitude questions for ongc exam 600
my tds deduction is 654 per month,then how much investment i hve to show ? 246
Identify the sentence(S)that is/are showing the correct use of the underlined words : The word:scathe (1)We are advised to buy a lawn mower and get rid of this scathe once and for all ! (2)With perservance and hard work,you are earninf quite a scathing reputation (3)It was not the judgement,but his scathing remarks that had truly hurt. A) 2 ONLY B) 3 ONLY C)BOTH 1 AND 2 D) BOTH 2 AND 3 E)all three sentences please give 100 examples of this kind of question with answers 83
what improvement make in your unit? 214
Please send all the previous year question on SBI clerical post.My e-mail ID is 293
why we need to measure 0.5 micron particals in clean room as used HEPA filters are having 99.97% efficincy. 211
if rtd temp. is 45 degree then what would be the resistance according.(if you dont have temp. vs resistance chart) 169
what are your areas of strengths 260
which of the following places was the venue of the 1999 Miss World contest. 256
linux advantages and important questions &anwers 348
what is inspection and supervision reports and their uses 265
In SAP MM where the Material Master Data And Vendor Master Data Stored 667
tell me about national and international issue? 201
Sir,plz tell me what topics to prepare for the mangerial aptitude for office under trianee general exam.sir,plz send me as soon as possible 2 my mail-id.My id 292
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