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What is the Month End closing Process in INV, Purchasing and OrderManagement? ibm   1  4316
In a package have predefined exception and user defined exception. while execution which exception will be executed first? why?    1  3114
How to report output like below supplier name date amount abc software jan/11 10000 /* jan month total transactions*/ abc software feb/12 30000 /* feb month total transactions*/ dell computers jan/13 45000 /* jan month total transactions*/ satyam   4  2701
In picking screen, what are the mandatory details to be entered? igate   4  5385
while shipping, under delivery tab if we didn’t mention organization/inventory will the order be back order? igate   1  3933
Scenarios for backorder? igate   3  6036
How do you create purchase order without requisition? Please provide the answer if you know igate   5  4756
1. when we r doing interface/conversion which things u will take care to improve the perfrmonce?(except bulk collect) 2. In conversion,u r loading the data using sql*loader,I dnt want to use sql*loader,& i have millions of records,Id der any way to load the data withing fraction of time considering best performance. 3. When u r doing conversion,taht using sql*loader u r loading data into staging table,u r writing control file bt I dnt want to use sql*loader,when u r creating con prog that time can we pass all values from flat file using paramere,valuset?how? 4. In flat file u got 50 records,out of 50 ,30 records are proceesed & inserted into base table,after taht clien understood that 1 item having wrong name e.g insted of ABC he given DCE, so can we delete?hw?(client permission is der) i have lot of wrong item name randomly spreaded,can we delete it?hw? 5.after doing validation hw u will follow approach to error out records?if i want to send all the error out records to client daily,whats ur approach? 6. In outbound interface is der any way to load the data(large data-millions of records) except UTL_FILE package? 7. what is parsing? 8. In technical doc.s which section will mention?except code? 9. Do u have any idea about code depository tool? 10.whats is performance tunning,DB link? 11, How u will do RMA? cap-gemini   2  5000
Hi all, what are the mandatory sql/plsql commands functional consultant need to know, let me know please.....    1  2125
how to do customization while doing oracle implementation. what is the role of functional consultant in customization?    0  850
During create additions programme,waht is validations checks performed by system? tech-mahindra   0  977
What is use Security list maintain program    3  2727
Difference b/w delete and purge? ntt-data   1  3956
in which circumstances Purchase Order Status will show as "Finally Closed"    2  6075
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Un-Answered Questions
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What are the FAQ's asked Functional consultants in SCM ? If any one knows please send. 3487
we track suppliers information from legacy to oracle apps what is the programe?in technical scenario we use sql loader or adi but in functional what is the program ? 552
In support project one ticket alloted which steps follows manualy tell me ? 775
What is difference between Pricing and Repricing? 398
how can we put sales order is on hold whenever we open the sales order form i want it will automatically go to hold without using credit check.How? 96
Please post the setups required to approve the payable invoice in AP. 517
how install base integrate with asset-management? 346
Explain Customization process? 40
what is VAT claim process? 631
Difference between header level tax calculation and line level tax calculation 1343
how do you describe O2C along with tables 849
How many schemas we have? how many you have used? 457
2. what is receipt method. 124
Hi  Friends this is preetham, i am  searching for job on oracle apps(technical) i put 3 years fake exp, so any one  please could you help me for realtime interview  questions and 9739782164 this is my no srpsrp777@gmail.Com please guys please provide your no for contact i have a doubts i want to clarify 144
how do u explain what are revaluation reserve, revaluation reserve retired, and revaluation amortization accounts 2771
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