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Challenges faced during upgradation of 11i to R12 satyam   0  1880
Hi All, My name is Prashant ..I want to know good institutes in Bangalore which provide training on Oracle Apps Financials..AP,AR,GL,CM,...Mail me at abm   8  2655
Explain the different levels of Inventory org structure ? sat-infotech   1  3722
segment qualifier types and usage cap-gemini   3  3579
What are the modules covered under oracle finance ibm   5  3570
What is the link between AP and GL in oracle apps R/12? synechron   4  9595
what is use of auto copy button in general ledger l recurring journal and where its effects in the real time process ibm   2  4894
what is exactly oracleapps hr pay roll?what qualities one should have to get into this career.    0  578
could you please post some work around that any body have done in the financial modules.    0  399
what is tuning in oracle apps technical tcs   3  5344
I want to create item in Inv org, why it is not taking,it is taking Master organisation,why give the reason. ptc   2  3532
1)I created a business group BG and assigned profile classes to that and my question is a)In purchasing financial options under human resource tab unable to see my BG but VISION CORPORATION is coming. b)at ledger level operating units page whenevr adding my OUs vision corporations are showing instead of my BG. 3)Tell me after create my BG assign profile classe to my RESP then wht is the next step with BG ntt-data   4  3943
3)If you have awareness sin BG please tell me once i create BG and assingning profile classes to the responsibility then what to do whith that. ntt-data   1  526
1)I created business group and assigned profile classes in responsibility level, now my question is in GL add operting units page my BG not appering but VISION CORPORATIONS is coming. 2)in purchasing >financial options under human resource tab My BG is not coming but VISION CORPORATION is coming. How to solve this two. ntt-data   0  482
What is GL Consolidation Elimination Process in Oracle Apps Functional? cts   2  6843
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Un-Answered Questions
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What are all security levels for accessing the service contracts? 309
tell me the scenarios of the independent in reports 654
If any delivery grouping attributes in a sales order lines are different then what is the impact during pick release in shipping transaction form 1042
How to restrict billing information to AR? 264
What is elimination? 380
What is the procedure for requisition import? 2493
Hi any one plz help me .i need 2 or 3 customized and 2 or 3 development reports on PO module..if any body having plz send me with one by one step ,i mean where u do the customization and wht are the steps u follwed when u do the customization,wht are fields u added or deleted ,How u added or these fields as per clinet requirement and wht are errors u faced .plz send it to my mail id 654
hi , To viewers and members, this is siva prasad can any one have oracle hrms functional questions & answers pls send to my e.mail Thanks Siva Prasad 585
How to perform the renewal manually? 331
What are the types of setups in apps inventory module 511
how to create instance? 369
In any industry when recruitment starts.. how many stages.. 703
what are the setup from scrap in R12.? 392
please any one provide the oracle erp technical interview questions on modules(PO,AP,AR,INV,GL,OM)wise to my mail 1370
what is pay run id ? 365
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