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Can any one tell me Client Interaction?    1  4285
what is the accounting convention? what are they? ibm   1  4491
What is the difference between invoice price variance and purchase price variance?    4  23168
how to transfer the retained earning amount from curret year to next year? what is the path in apps financial tcs   3  11619
we track suppliers information from legacy to oracle apps what is the programe?in technical scenario we use sql loader or adi but in functional what is the program ? genpact   0  572
where the accounting related data is stored ?    2  2667
what could be the problem if invoice_id is same in ap_invoices_all and ap_invoices_interface. while the Ord_id , invoice_num, and other things is diffrent . oracle   3  7528
hi friends! i need sample codes for oracle apps 11i conversion and interfaces.If u have,plz send me pathway-technologies   2  4817
what dif bett extra information type and special information type? oracle   5  9472
how can we get odd numbered pages in output of a report infosys   2  5087
I have a existing Oracle applicttions and need to bring one of the new business on it. The new business will use GL, AP and FA. We will use existing COA. This business will have 3 sets of books (1- tax book, from April to March; 2- Primary book, from July to June; 3- Reporting book, from July to June); All books will have same currency; HOW DO I TRANSFER DATA FROM PRIMARY BOOK INTO TAX AND REPORTING BOOKS EVERY MONTH? IS THERE ANY STANDARD ORACLE PROCESS WHICH CAN BE SCHEDULED? THE REPORTING BOOK WILL HAVE DIFFERENT DEPRECIATION METHOD SO HOW DO I NOT TRANSFER DEPRECIATION FROM PRIMARY TO REPORTING BOOK AND DO SEPERATE DEPRECIATION IN REPORTING BOOK FOR THE SAME ASSET THAT IS ALSO IN PRIMARY AND TAX BOOK?. HOW DO I APPROACH ON SETTING THESE NEW SETS OF BOOKS? Thank you in advance for your help. oracle   3  4036
what is difference between API and Interface? infogain   2  26680
what is the difference between %_all and %_f tables    1  3379
What are the steps involved in connecting reporting set of books to primany set of books. How to translate from Functional to Reporting currncy every month or daily?    2  3366
what is user exit and wat program do we write in user exit? igate   2  4654
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Un-Answered Questions
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I have total 4 yrs experience in one IT company,and loking for a job change. I have one yr expereince in oracle apps - support work(not particularly one module) .and the remaining experience in SQL and PL/SQL . I heard that oracle database , there is no much openings outside. Now I am planning to take training in oracle finance modules- functional . Is it a right decision to learn oracla apps or Do I need to look offers with oracle database only ? 811
how we can stop the transaction for not transfer to the reporting ledger at the time of entering the transaction in pl 820
What are the different types of excise exemptions? 627
how can we put sales order is on hold whenever we open the sales order form i want it will automatically go to hold without using credit check.How? 236
what are the install base location parameters? 389
how to find the instance for null-control item? 754
how to define transaction-subtypes? 581
Please post the setups required to approve the payable invoice in AP. 538
i want a report for how many operating units in my business group, is this any concurrent request to get this report? plz tel... 481
Do you have knowledge of Inter-Company Invoicing? If yes, explain the process. 445
How to co terminate services to the contracts? 657
What are do's and dont's of Interface? 558
how to create instance? 432
How to auto renew the contract? 445
What are the Standard Reports and Forms in HRMS? 675
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