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If we have a repeated record in a table. But the repeated record how i can transfer from table to nested table?    0  180
we are inserting,update and delete the data we can do simultaniously, but it will show error in updation? what to do?    4  1270
In interface process we have 1000 records i want to commit every 100 records how? How i can commit every 100 records?    2  3162
we have 10 records. It's occured error in 6th record how can u find and how to rectify that?    2  1382
can we write multiple procedures in package with same name like A p1,p2(parameters) B p1,p2(same parameters)    4  2031
why we can use synonym?    6  3306
what is the difference between varchar and varchar(2)?    4  2525
what are the sql attributes?    2  1102
what is pl/sql table and pl/sql records? what is the use of that? intelligroup   3  2515
In sequence i want to 11 and 15th values how we will write?    0  239
what is instead of trigger. what is the use of that?    3  1677
we have select statement in that two exceptions that returns no value. In that which exception will raise?    2  842
what is mutating table and mutating error and how to solve that?    2  2400
how can we return morethan one parameters in procedure?    2  903
we have 4 managers if one person logon the system automatically displays his siganature and name how? birlasoft   0  304
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Un-Answered Questions
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Substitute receipts and Unordered Receipts 593
how to view the contract-information in install base? 249
How to define the global contract default for renewals? 167
can you explain what documents are prepared as a functional consultant in implementation and supporting projects and also explain functionality of those documents? 329
How to Write off AP invoices which are not paid or in future we dont want to pay? 14
How we print the multi language in report?can any one give me step bye step explanation. 372
Navigation to change the serial numbers from Shipping Transaction form. 623
What is the use of the Default GL Date given in parameters of the Autoinvoice import program? 290
how to view item configuration of install base? 126
How to add coverage level to service contracts? 179
What is oracle service contract? 142
how can develope the po variance and po summary report? with tables mandatory columns and query please? 489
can we get profile values in report without using user exists is it possible how? 242
How are accounts different from parties? 187
what are the item views in instance? 157
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