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what is the use of Allow amortized changes in fixed assets    2  5619
What is GRE/legal entity or GRE organisation and its purpose and difference between it and other organisation types?    1  12262
Where we r defining the payment limits. ex:As per my business requirement business have a payment limit is 10000.Where we defined this type of limits. oracle   2  3640
Hi How to transfer the funds one bank to another bank. Ex: i am using bank called citi bank and i want make the paymeny immediately and my bank balance is 0.So i have another bank account called HDFC and now i wnt to transfer funds HDFC to CITI this possible in oracle applications? or when i defined MO i need to implement bank funds transfer moudle.Plz clarify my doubt?. oracle   2  2511
what are the steps to develop a new report? infotech   7  7128
what is meant by boilerplates?    1  3279
what is the error you will get if field is referenced in wrong repeating frame?    1  3022
what is the use of format trigger?a    3  4051
what is mean by confine mode and flexi mode?    2  4388
what is meant by anchoring?    3  4513
how many sections are there in report?    1  3139
how many layout sections are tehre in layout editor?    1  2535
how many groups we can create for query?    3  3514
how will you refer a report column (data column,formula,summery,placeholderr)?    1  2221
what is the use of placeholer column?    3  3251
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Un-Answered Questions
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How to author the service contracts? 602
how to find expired item-instance? 904
What are the different types of excise exemptions? 671
what is the difference between request group and request security in oracle apps? 2786
Do you have knowledge of Inter-Company Invoicing? If yes, explain the process. 483
How to define the status and operations to the service contracts? 462
What is Flow of Account Receivables,Payables and Fixed Assets? 1938
can we use look up type instead of a pofile option?or valueset?is it possible how? 677
how to query the instance? 464
What is articles?what are those and how its working in service contracts? 384
How to copy the contracts? 601
what is the differences between internal requisition and internal sales order? 1013
as a functional consultant what was your role in implementation project and supporting project? 3
How service contracts integrated with other modules? 500
what is VAT claim process? 693
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