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you have received excess money from the customer. now you want to refund the excess money. what is the set up for that? conacent   4  6067
you have create a purchase order, it is approved also. now you want to change in the purchase order, hoe can you do that? conacent   2  4067
1) why we need to do Validations when the Standard Conc. Prog or the API will do all the validations 2) How can we display more then 1 column data in a formula column (Ex displaying Empno, Ename, sal data in one Formula column) 3) is it possible to give 2 out paramaters in a function zensar   2  3939
what is the difference between General Calendar and Inventory Calendar?    1  3875
What is the purpose of secondary tracking Flexfeild Qualifier evosys   1  3935
What in Invoice Variance in A.P. evosys   3  5208
what is meant by Drill Down in Discoverer report? why it will be use? oracle   3  6617
How to know the number of invoices generated for one PO from front end (navigation)? oracle   1  3313
How to insert data into two tables using single control file? oracle   3  7964
what is the diff between custom.pll and form personalization? Tell me one example? oracle   4  14509
How to attach the multiple templates in XML Pub Report? intelligroup   2  4751
How to send the e-mail notification in XML Pub Report? oracle   2  3901
what is the back ground program run while transferring data from OM to AR? qwest   4  4674
How to generate XML Report with out using rdf? ust   6  7218
what are the receipt types in Po? ust   2  4698
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Un-Answered Questions
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i want a report for how many operating units in my business group, is this any concurrent request to get this report? plz tel... 440
What is the procedure for requisition import? 2541
What is the difference between SR 60
1. what is receipt class 62
how do you describe O2C along with tables 806
how to create instance from service request? 739
Can it be set that the GL date is the Sale Order date or Ship to Date? 427
Pls tel me the best text book for Oracle Apps 11i Tech? & I want D2K Text book also? 567
What is oracle service contract? 345
encumbrence set ups? 744
List out the tables in basic oracle apllication modules? 1621
what are the instance relationship-types? 322
how install base integrated with deporepair? 770
Plz anybody send me Technical specification for AP Interface 556
What is counters and related with usage products? 406
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