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Tell me some errors names and number what u got while developing the reports?    1  1859
why do we validate the records while developing interface? tcs   3  3082
we have purchased a loptop from the supplier, we have made the payment to supplier through check and the supplier has taken the money from the org. bank and even the transaction has been reconciled with cash management. But due some reason we have returned the loptop to the supplier. Now How this real time scenario will be resolved in the Payable module.    4  3396
What is write off in payables? When do we use? genesis   2  2784
what is the importance of below three profile options? 1.HR Business group 2.HR User type 3.HR Security genesis   3  9476
what are the depreciation methods in oracle financials- fixed assets? hp   1  4680
How can i restrict a user for items selection on Receipts forms?    1  3644
Payment void is disabled for only one specific payment. what will be the problem..if any idea Please guide me acc   2  7598
can you explain what documents are prepared as a functional consultant in implementation and supporting projects and also explain functionality of those documents?    1  1431
In xml report, how to print the headings in every page? sierra-atlantica   1  3932
I want to print output in portrait style?where i have to change the settings? sierra-atlantica   2  2286
i have 100 pages output. i want to print 10 records per page in Template? sierra-atlantica   2  4285
how to change the logo in template dynamically? sierra-atlantica   2  4377
What is inter company Transaction and set ups?    3  6747
What is Recurring Invocie satyam   3  2525
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Un-Answered Questions
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How many categories in service contracts what are those? 321
How to assign the sales credits to the sales person? 543
How to authoring and signing a service contract? 423
In hierarchical structure of a database? we have write query from where we should start? 529
What are the oracle contracts modules? 317
What are the key features and functions of service contracts? 363
how to update party-information for instances? 582
what r issues faced in gl 963
tell me the scenarios of the independent in reports 794
Hello sirs, Can any body could Explain how to raise invoice through Electronic method and later i want to mak payment through cheque method. What set up I Need to do for that. I Faced this question in the interview 2136
I have total 4 yrs experience in one IT company,and loking for a job change. I have one yr expereince in oracle apps - support work(not particularly one module) .and the remaining experience in SQL and PL/SQL . I heard that oracle database , there is no much openings outside. Now I am planning to take training in oracle finance modules- functional . Is it a right decision to learn oracla apps or Do I need to look offers with oracle database only ? 742
how many soft coded key flex field?what are they 1588
how can we put sales order is on hold whenever we open the sales order form i want it will automatically go to hold without using credit check.How? 77
I am using vision database for practicing HRMS modules , can you tell me for payroll processing what patches are required to run the payroll and what patches are required to open the external site visitor page in iRecruitment? Thanks in advance 1353
If customer is makes advance payment against to any SO, how to apply the amount while raising sales order in SO Form? 1381
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