Oracle Apps Interview Questions
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What is ment by retire asset? How do we retire assets in Oracle applications?

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What are the various Journal Entries generated through fixed assets

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At what level FA is implemented?

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What is the profile used to secure asset register?

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What are the asset types in FA Module?

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What are the different calendars used in FA Module?

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Is FA Supports Multi _org?

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What is ment by Roll back depreciation?

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What are the mandatory flexfiels used in FA?

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What are the depreciation methods used in FA module?

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What is ment by prorate convention?

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What is the use of allow amortized changes check box?

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What is the difference between Quick addition and detail addition?

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What is ment by projection?

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What is ment by what-if analysis?

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Un-Answered Questions { Oracle Apps }

what are the attributes in transaction-id?


how do you describe O2C along with tables


How to auto renew the contract?


difference between tds and income tax (India)


How to define the contract terms and conditions?


What is service availability and how to define?


how to configure the install base?


what are count-threw install base?


How to create a extended warranty from sales order booking?


What is purpose of oracle service contracts?


What are do's and dont's of Interface?


Hi I'm new in ERP - Oracle Application i appriciate if any one help me in this issue i need SQL to get badeget balance Acutal Balance Encumbrance Balance fund Avalable thanx ahmed


How many categories in service contracts what are those?


what is the difference between bonus reserve and bonus expense


6. TDS accounting entry