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Hi, Can any one tell me the process of multi organiazation setup. marvel-erp   0  377
Which module is not in multiorg wipro   6  2847
How we will generate balance sheet through r12 tcs   2  2887
Hi,I have 3yrs of recruitment experience at India(recently relocated to UK)with BBM and PGDM-HR qualification. I am interested in changing my career to Oracle(functional), after researching now i end up in dilemma whether to undergo whole HRMS course provided by ORACLE partners or only one topic related to my experince. If possible let me know, for which topic in ORACLE there are good opporunities in UK/US.Please reply, thank you. Regards, Preethi    1  549
What are the matching Po options in AP Invoice Workbench and what is the different b\w them?    1  2081
We have raised the requisition and PO, and also raised the Invoice and made the payment but did not match with PO. What we need to do with that pending PO ? oracle   3  2609
what is the use of matching tab in payables options in Payables module? genesis   1  1637
What is difference between match and quick match? genesis   3  2125
What is the difference between manual payment and quick payment in payables? genesis   2  2271
What is write off Accruals? what is the use of this? genesis   1  1697
what is the difference between position hierarchy and employee hierarchy in purchasing module? genesis   2  2304
What is automatic off set method in 11i? Differentiate between balancing method and account method? genesis   2  1283
What is the difference between Electronic fund transfer and wire? genesis   1  3210
any one can expalin report registration steps? infosys   6  2597
What are the journal entries in O2C Cycle. oracle   3  3835
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Un-Answered Questions
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im interested making my careein oracle financials platform. my bkgund is btech cse,MBA in mkt,hr.having hr work. pls suggest me .wht can i do 204
How to manage the negotiations process in service contracts? 158
If any delivery grouping attributes in a sales order lines are different then what is the impact during pick release in shipping transaction form 515
What is the processes to author the service contract? 191
What is service availability and how to define? 154
Difference between header level tax calculation and line level tax calculation 458
1. when we r doing interface/conversion which things u will take care to improve the perfrmonce?(except bulk collect) 2. In conversion,u r loading the data using sql*loader,I dnt want to use sql*loader,& i have millions of records,Id der any way to load the data withing fraction of time considering best performance. 3. When u r doing conversion,taht using sql*loader u r loading data into staging table,u r writing control file bt I dnt want to use sql*loader,when u r creating con prog that time can we pass all values from flat file using paramere,valuset?how? 4. In flat file u got 50 records,out of 50 ,30 records are proceesed & inserted into base table,after taht clien understood that 1 item having wrong name e.g insted of ABC he given DCE, so can we delete?hw?(client permission is der) i have lot of wrong item name randomly spreaded,can we delete it?hw? 5.after doing validation hw u will follow approach to error out records?if i want to send all the error out records to client daily,whats ur approach? 6. In outbound interface is der any way to load the data(large data-millions of records) except UTL_FILE package? 7. what is parsing? 8. In technical doc.s which section will mention?except code? 9. Do u have any idea about code depository tool? 10.whats is performance tunning,DB link? 11, How u will do RMA? 1147
Scenario: I have 3 AR invoices. 1. Inv1 - $1000 2.Inv2 - $2000 3. Inv3 - $3000 I am ceating receipt for $6000 against the 3 above invoices. Question: Can I reverse the receipt $2000 for Inv2 alone? If so How can I do that? please help. 1421
Can any one list out frequently raised issues by core hr and payroll endusers to support consultant? 250
What is line reference number? 156
Needs some good training/by person/by institure in bangalore on Oracle HRMS module Can one suggest me on this my contact number is 09019859721 413
where does COGS account hit? 33
how to create instance from service request? 166
What are the sub-tabs involved with authoring form? 163
1)I created business group and assigned profile classes in responsibility level, now my question is in GL add operting units page my BG not appering but VISION CORPORATIONS is coming. 2)in purchasing >financial options under human resource tab My BG is not coming but VISION CORPORATION is coming. How to solve this two. 216
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