Oracle Apps Interview Questions
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What is ment by retire asset? How do we retire assets in Oracle applications?

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What are the various Journal Entries generated through fixed assets

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At what level FA is implemented?

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What is the profile used to secure asset register?

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What are the asset types in FA Module?

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What are the different calendars used in FA Module?

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Is FA Supports Multi _org?

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What is ment by Roll back depreciation?

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What are the mandatory flexfiels used in FA?

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What are the depreciation methods used in FA module?

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What is ment by prorate convention?

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What is the use of allow amortized changes check box?

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What is the difference between Quick addition and detail addition?

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What is ment by projection?

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What is ment by what-if analysis?

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Pls tel me the best text book for Oracle Apps 11i Tech? & I want D2K Text book also?


pls send me out bound code of supplers,site,bankiformation code pls as soon as


Can Adjustments be imported?


Plz anybody send me Technical specification for AP Interface


how can i print random rows in plsql table


In support project one ticket alloted which steps follows manualy tell me ?


How to define the vendor contact person?


tell my any difficult situtation you solved in your experience in your company?


what qualification required to learn oracle Apps HRMS


what is the meaning of purchase default and what are the types


what are the different transaction clauses in AR?


What are the Standard Reports and Forms in HRMS?


what is the steps to customization ?


What is the way in which a Trial Balance of a company be loaded into Oracle; assuming that there are no sub-ledger transactions to be loaded?


How to define the contract terms and conditions?