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Grouping Rules and Line Ordering Rules    0  332
Can Adjustments be imported?    0  191
Can multiple Sales Orders be invoiced under one Invoice?    0  464
Can it be set that the GL date is the Sale Order date or Ship to Date?    0  174
What is the use of the Default GL Date given in parameters of the Autoinvoice import program?    0  297
How is the GL Date derived by AutoInvoice process? Any set-ups?    1  718
How can the new account combinations be defined when dynamic insert option is not enabled?    2  1107
What is the way in which a Trial Balance of a company be loaded into Oracle; assuming that there are no sub-ledger transactions to be loaded?    0  200
Explain automatic offset in AP.    2  1155
If the COA of the parent and child are difference then how will the consolidation be done?    0  139
What are the pre-requisites for an AP Invoice line to move to FA module?    3  1185
What is the value/Amount Oracle takes for COGS Account (while shipment is done)? What is the value the Oracle taken when the revenue account is created during AR Invoice creation?    0  354
What is the significance of Line Ordering and Line Grouping? Explain.    0  159
If the client is totally dependent on manual on Manual transactions then Is the auto-accounting rules Mandatory?    1  708
There is employee X and employee Y (who is supervisor of X); when Y submits expenses how will the system ensures that this should not go to X even if he has the approval authority.    2  237
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Un-Answered Questions
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how can i print random rows in plsql table 406
how we can stop the transaction for not transfer to the reporting ledger at the time of entering the transaction in pl 19
Explain about Localization (IND & US ) in Oracle Apps ? 746
Provide an overview of AR cash receipt processing. 377
can we use look up type instead of a pofile option?or valueset?is it possible how? 243
Explain Customer Creation and Maintenance Process. Provide samples of customer master records with Payment Terms. 481
What is the difference between Standard Remittance and Factoring Remittance? 564
hi , To viewers and members, this is siva prasad can any one have oracle hrms functional questions & answers pls send to my e.mail Thanks Siva Prasad 363
How to stop the evergreen renewal contracts types? 224
How many item category flexifields you can have for an item and how will you assign an item category flexifields to an item????? 208
How to define the contract terms and conditions? 191
We are using flow manufacturing in oracle to manufacte ATO products. The items reserve to the sales order at the time of Work Order-less Completion. After they are reserved, they cannot be transferred from location to location within the FG warehouse as they are reserved and not available for subiventory transfer. Any ideas on how we can move products around the warehouse without destroying the reservation? 535
when the instance will generate for product? 153
What are the oracle contracts modules? 145
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