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When loading data from staging table to interface table , how to reload the invalid record once again ? accenture   3  69
what is po approval hierarchy? cap-gemini   0  32
what is invoice variance in ap accenture   1  85
Prepared transaction for 1000$, Received receipt from customer For 1000$, Transaction and receipt closed. customer returned 200$ worth goods, He wants refund for 200$. how can you achieve this. accenture   2  731
What are the various statuses of Transactions accenture   1  248
1)What cannot be consolidated in GCS? 2) When you setup calendar in GL is it possible to change it? deloitte   0  156
If you are implementing Payables and Receviables in R12?................. What type of data do you select to migrate it from legacy systems? ernst-young   2  557
in the support project, what are issues u faced? igate   0  138
in sql loader,i have 100 records in my flatefile, i want to skip the 80 to 90 records .please help me igate   3  274
Client want to create capital goods assets in PO,Witout using Inventory and he wants to transfer to FA module.what is the steps and how to do.pls explain. oracle   3  710
While doing implementation,Client wants two use 2 Accounting methods for both Sandard Accrual method and Sandard Cash Method.So how we need to map or how need to provide solution. oracle   1  496
Is it same primary ledger data and seconday ledger data should be same or differnt?explain 4i-apps   4  541
What is the difference between Secondar ledger and Reporting Currency Ledger. 4i-apps   3  446
In FA module..Once we added assets...we dont want depreciation few of assets.but other assets we will run dep monthly.So how we can stop dep for few assets. 4i-apps   1  234
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Un-Answered Questions
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Can any one please tell me when and how the a/cing entries will be generated from various modules when the transactions are generated Please help me in this matter Thanks KNRao 190
What is primary set of book? 216
How do you adjust receivables? 161
How to define the contract groups and maintain? 149
How to create service contract? 135
How to co terminate services to the contracts? 352
What are the sub-tabs involved with authoring form? 153
What are the types of setups in apps inventory module 256
Can it be set that the GL date is the Sale Order date or Ship to Date? 167
what is the difference between request group and request security in oracle apps? 1642
Can you pls provide the interview questions on oracle apps SCM.including ASCP module. 1778
If any delivery grouping attributes in a sales order lines are different then what is the impact during pick release in shipping transaction form 484
is it possible to run the interface without using oracle apps? 188
how to create a journal source by user9 227
How do u bridge the gaps in functional understanding of AP,GL,FA. explain with some live examples. 422
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