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What is payment of Draft, Final and Final Post?    2  744
MOAC setup and which module do the setup? And what is the use of MOAC?    4  1029
What is use multi-currency payment if enable in bank window?    1  412
I have some scenario I enter the invoice euro and make the payment usd , it is possible make the payment? If No why and also enable in multi-currency payment enable in bank window ,that time possible or not?    1  459
Haw many flex field in GL?    3  934
What is 4th c and why use 4th c mandatory?    1  500
I have some scenario if I have 10000 transaction for the reconcile of payment, so what is best idea reconciliation for the payment manual or auto? If say auto way?    1  364
Explain payment process profile?    1  591
some tabs in payable option and financial option?    1  348
How many types of hold? Tell me some hold and how can do solve the hold ?    1  379
What are different types of way in our matching invoice?    1  364
What is difference between auto reconciliation and manual reconciliation?    1  346
What are the important setup in cash management for reconciled the payment ?    0  178
If scenario I assigned default Mo operating unit and Mo security profile is b so what can able to see in operating unit in payable?    1  279
What is Mo security profile and Mo operating unit? Why use this profile option ?    1  330
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Un-Answered Questions
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Write Test Scripts for a telecummunication project on the basis of priority with some examples with regard to AP,GL,FA. 481
How many categories in service contracts what are those? 419
How to define service agreement, warranty and extended warranty, 578
hi, I am Rajesh, i have total 13+ yrs of Exp in IT(Oracle,PL/sql,Developer,Discovere etc) Field,along with Exp in Operation,Manufacturing,Logistics & HRMS. I have worked on Basically 'ORION' Product of 3i-Infotech. with UAE exp, looking for good job in ERP either ORACLE or same ORION Product. if anyone have something pls let me know at 946
I have total 4 yrs experience in one IT company,and loking for a job change. I have one yr expereince in oracle apps - support work(not particularly one module) .and the remaining experience in SQL and PL/SQL . I heard that oracle database , there is no much openings outside. Now I am planning to take training in oracle finance modules- functional . Is it a right decision to learn oracla apps or Do I need to look offers with oracle database only ? 919
What is the procedure for requition import? 570
How do you adjust receivables? 612
how to copy the item-instance? 423
when the instance will generate for product? 448
how to find the instance for null-control item? 827
How to co terminate services to the contracts? 732
How service contracts integrated with other modules? 526
Hi any one plz help me .i need 2 or 3 customized and 2 or 3 development reports on PO module..if any body having plz send me with one by one step ,i mean where u do the customization and wht are the steps u follwed when u do the customization,wht are fields u added or deleted ,How u added or these fields as per clinet requirement and wht are errors u faced .plz send it to my mail id 778
Hi... I have completed my M.B.A in 2012 but I've not any domain experience. I want to learn oracle HRMS is it good for me.How is market for this technology? pls suggest me. 54
how to define instance-statuses? 598
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